WWE SmackDown Results - Ronda Rousey Issues Open Challenge, The Brawling Brutes Vs. The Bloodline, We Hear From Roman Reigns

Welcome to Wrestling Inc.'s results for "WWE SmackDown" on October 28, 2022, coming to you live from the Enterprise Center in St. Louis, Missouri!

"SmackDown" Women's Champion Ronda Rousey will be defending her title in an Open Challenge. Rousey made it clear last week that she isn't seeking approval from fans, but instead wants to prove herself as the best of the best. She has been a force to be reckoned with since dethroning Liv Morgan at Extreme Rules earlier this month, and now two questions remain: who will the answer the call and will they be able to take down "The Baddest Woman On The Planet"?

Butch and Ridge Holland of The Brawling Brutes will be going head to head with Solo Sikoa and Sami Zayn of The Bloodline in a grudge match. Butch and Holland look to seek retribution for their teammate, Sheamus, after The Bloodline launched a surprise attack on him and smashed his arm between a chair following his match with Sikoa last week. Which team will come out on top?

Legado Del Fantasma's Santos Escobar, Cruz Del Toro and Joaquin Wilde will be taking on Hit Row and a mystery partner of their choosing in trio's action. The two teams have been involved in a bitter feud since Legado debuted on the Blue Brand during the October 7 edition of the show. Last week, Legado vowed to put an end to Hit Row once and for all and short of a partner, B-Fab told Ashante "Thee" Adonis and Top Dolla she had someone in mind to help them out. Who will this person be?

Undisputed WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns will also be addressing the WWE Universe ahead of his title defense against Logan Paul at Crown Jewel on November 5 in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

We are live! Michael Cole and Wade Barrett greet audiences at home as The Brawling Brutes head to the ring. We head backstage to The Bloodline, who are hyping up Solo Sikoa and Sami Zayn. Zayn asks if he can have a word with Jey Uso. He says it's all hands on deck tonight and their hands need to be raised in victory when Roman Reigns arrives at the arena. Jey agrees and the four men head to the ring. 

The Brawling Brutes vs. The Bloodline

Butch and Zayn begin the action. The bell rings and the two lock up. They exchange submissions before Butch hits a shoulder tackle and tags in Holland. Holland targets Zayn's hand, then follows it up with an arm drag. Butch tags back in and the pair deliver the Ten Beats of the Bodhrán. Sikoa tags in and knocks Butch to the mat. Zayn tags back in and delivers a right hand to Butch's head. Butch knocks Zayn to the outside and hits a running knee. Sikoa clocks Butch from behind and sends him spine first into the ring apron.

Back from the break, Sikoa drops Butch to the mat. Zayn and Holland tag in. Holland delivers a triage of shoulder tackles, followed by a pair of clotheslines in the corner. He plants Zayn, then goes for a pin but Zayn kicks out. Zayn hits a back elbow before Sikoa makes the blind tag and hits a super kick. He follows it up with a Samoan Drop, then goes for a pin, but Holland kicks out. Butch tags in and Zayn delivers a big boot. Butch looks to lock in a Cloverleaf, but Jimmy causes a distraction, allowing Zayn to roll him up. Butch kicks out and Zayn hits an Exploder. He looks for the Helluva Kick, but Butch moves out of the way and ascends to the top. Jey pulls Zayn out of the ring and the pair begin to bicker. Sikoa tries to separate the two men as the referee begins the ten count. Holland takes everyone out with a double shoulder tackle before Butch rolls up Zayn for the win.

Winners: The Brawling Brutes

After the match, The Bloodline begin to argue amongst themselves. The Usos stare one another down before Roman Reigns' music hits and he heads to the ring, along with Paul Heyman.

Roman Reigns Chews Out Jey Uso

Back from the break, Heyman hands Reigns a mic. Reigns tells St. Louis to acknowledge him and says he's going to switch things up tonight by acknowledging the elephant in the room. He says that if Jey and Zayn are going to act like kids, then he's going to treat them like kids. He says he believes in fighting in the ring and tells them he wants them to air their issues out.

Zayn says he feels as if there's been a communication breakdown as of late with Jey and says he doesn't understand their beef with one another. He says he can't wrap his head around why he doesn't like him and says he doesn't want to keep going on like this. He apologizes and asks if they can bury the hatchet for good. He offers his hand to Jey, but Jey refuses to shake it and tells him to get his hand out of his face. He says he doesn't like his hair, face, shirt, or the fact that he's around his family because he isn't blood. He says he never will be family and tells him he doesn't belong. He says no one in the group likes him and asks if he'll shed blood for them. Zayn asks why he's yelling (as Reigns wants peace) and Jey says he doesn't give a damn what Reigns says.

Reigns' head perks up and he slowly turns around to face him. Reigns stares him down before Zayn comes to Jey's aid and says he doesn't need that. He says Jey isn't himself and hasn't been very ucey. Reigns asks if that's the problem and says that if he can't find his inner ucey, then he will do something he doesn't like: take the "honorary" out of Zayn's title and make him a "full blown uce." He says that they will also change his name to Sami Uso.

Heyman then plugs Crown Jewel before throwing it to commercial.

Back from the break, we head to a video hyping up The Viking Raiders and Sarah Logan.

At ringside, The New Day head down as Maximum Male Models wait inside.

The New Day vs. Maximum Male Models

Kingston and Mån.sôör begin the action. The bell rings and the two lock up. Mån.sôör poses before Kingston tags in Woods. He delivers a suplex, followed by a splash off the top. Ma.çé tags in and delivers an ax handle. Mån.sôör and Kingston tag in. Kingston delivers a knee, followed by a back breaker and the Boom Drop. He hits a kick to Mån.sôör's head, then follows it up with a splash to his back. Woods tags in and the two hit Midnight Hour for the win.

Winners: The New Day

We then head backstage to Kayla Braxton and Sonya Deville. Braxton asks Deville if she'll be answering Ronda Rousey's open challenge and Deville asks why she would tell her that. She says that Liv Morgan definitely won't be answering the challenge before Morgan runs in out of nowhere and attacks Deville. Officials run in and separate them.

We head backstage to Braun Strowman. Strowman says that there's a saying that someone is always bigger and stronger than you. He says that while Omos might be bigger, he's stronger. He says that the bigger a challenge is, the more he likes it and says there is no bigger monster than him.

Back at ringside, Ronda Rousey heads down and grabs a mic. 

Rousey says the belt is back where it belongs and holds up her title. She says fans are in luck that she's in the mood for an open challenge. She says only the great recognize greatness and tells fans they're too mediocre to even look at. She asks who's feeling lucky tonight.

Emma answers the call and heads to the ring to make her return to WWE!

Ronda Rousey vs. Emma for the SmackDown Women's Championship

Back from the break, the bell rings and the two lock up. Rousey sends Emma to the mat, then sets up for Piper's Pit. Emma escapes and rolls up Rousey. Rousey kicks out and delivers a kick that sends her to the outside. Rousey sends Emma into the ring steps before Rousey looks for a knee. The two women get back in the ring and Emma locks in a Tarantula, but is forced to release it. She delivers a crossbody, then goes for a pin but Emma kicks out. Rousey chokes Emma on the middle rope before Emma fires back with a Russian Leg Sweep. She goes for a pin, but Rousey kicks out. Rousey locks in an ankle lock, but Emma escapes and hits the Emma-mite Sandwich. Rousey rakes Emma's eyes, then delivers Piper's Pit. She locks in the Arm Bar for the win.

Winner: Ronda Rousey

Commentary then announce that two new matches have been added to Crown Jewel. Bianca Belair will take on Bayley for the "Raw" Womens' Championship in a Last Woman Standing Match and The Usos will put their Undisputed Tag Team Championships on the line against The Brawling Brutes. 

We then head backstage to Roman Reigns' locker room. Jey Uso looks to get in, but Heyman stops him from doing so and says he will put in a good word with Reigns.

Back at ringside, Legado Del Fantasma heads down.

Back from the break, Shayna Baszler congratulates Ronda Rousey on her win backstage. Natalya walks in and says that if she had answered the call, she would be the new champion. Baszler then locks in the Kirifuda Lock and takes her out.

Hit Row then heads to the ring, followed by their tag team partner...Shinsuke Nakamura!

Hit Row and Shinsuke Nakamura vs. Legado Del Fantasma

Hit Row and Nakamura waste no time going right after Legado. They take them down before Zelina Vega checks on them. B-Fab levels her. 

Back from the break, Del Toro has Adonis in a chin lock. Adonis escapes and Escobar tags in. Escobar hits a clothesline in the corner before Del Toro tags back in and hits a splash off the top rope. Nakamura and Escobar tag in. Nakamura delivers a right hand to Escobar, then follows it up with a chop. The two men exchange right hands before Nakamura delivers an enziguri and trips him. Top Dolla tags in before Del Toro and Wilde charge at him. Top Dolla catches them and drops them both. This allows Escobar to hit a kick, followed by a chop. Top Dolla ascends to the top and hits the Downtown Three. Nakamura tags in and hits the Kinshasa for the win.

Winners: Hit Row and Shinsuke Nakamura

We head backstage to Roman Reigns and Paul Heyman. Heyman tells him to watch a piece of footage and plays a video of two men boxing. Reigns asks why they're watching that and Heyman says it only takes one lucky punch. Reigns says that Logan Paul won't hit a lucky punch before Heyman tells a story that he heard from his doctor about the time Paul broke his hand. Reigns says Paul has only had two matches. Heyman says it's a good time to take up his absence and says he's going to fire up the private jet.

Back from the break, we head backstage to Kayla Braxton and LA Knight. Knight says that he should handle his own introductions from now on. Ricochet walks in and says that he might get a warmer reception if he didn't act like he was God's gift to "SmackDown". Knight says he is God's gift to "SmackDown" and walks off.

Back at ringside, Scarlett and Karrion Kross head down, followed by Madcap Moss.

Karrion Kross (w/ Scarlett) vs. Madcap Moss

The bell rings and the two lock up. Kross delivers a pair of back elbows, but Moss fires back with an atomic drop. He delivers a couple of chops, followed by a forearm. Kross returns the favor before hitting a boot. Moss hits a shoulder tackle off the top rope, then clotheslines Kross out of the ring.

Back from the break, Kross delivers a Northern Lights Suplex and a clothesline. He follows it up with a forearm and an elbow. He goes for a pin, but Moss kicks out. Kross whips Moss into the corner, then delivers a suplex. He goes for a pin, but Moss kicks out. Kross looks for an arm bar, but Moss escapes and delivers a clothesline. He follows it up with a shoulder tackle and a spinebuster, then goes for a pin but Moss kicks out. Moss delivers a Fallaway Slam, but Scarlett causes a distraction, allowing Kross to hit Down The Rabbit Hole and a right hand to the back of Moss' head for the win.

Winner: Karrion Kross

After the match, Kross locks in the Kross Jacket and addresses McIntyre while keeping the maneuver cinched in. He says Moss put up a much better fight than he did because he's not a coward or a hypocrite. He says that history will repeat himself as officials try to separate the two men.

Back from the break, we head backstage to Kayla Braxton and Rey Mysterio. Mysterio says he's excited to be competing for the Intercontinental Championship once again before Imperium comes out of nowhere and attacks him with a chair. GUNTHER finishes him off with a vicious chop.

Back at ringside, Bray Wyatt heads down.

We Hear From Bray Wyatt

Wyatt asks fans if they can feel the energy that he does. He says that when fans cheer, he feels invulnerable. He says that he's no longer hiding behind a mask and says he wants fans to get used to it. He says that he is his real self and says he's proud to be in the ring. He says that for the majority of his life, he's been completely out of his control. He says he has no control over his emotions and at times, they can send him to a very dark place. He says sometimes, he feels nothing at all. He says that's part of what makes him unique and says there's a part of him that likes the fact that he's not afraid to do awful things. He says he knows there will come a time when he's asked to do something horrible.

The masked figure that's been taunting him pops up on the Titan Tron. He says that he's "The Ghost of the Murderer Who Sold The World." The man says Wyatt killed the world and tells him to revel in what he is. He says that he and Wyatt both know he wears the mask and introduces himself as Uncle Howdy.