WWE Raw Results (10/31) - Roman Reigns Addresses The WWE Universe, Trick Or Street Fight, Women's Tag Team Title Match

Welcome to Wrestling Inc.'s results for "WWE Raw" on October 31, 2022, coming to you live from the American Airlines Center in Dallas, Texas!

"The Tribal Chief" Roman Reigns is set to address the WWE Universe ahead of his Undisputed WWE Universal Championship match with Logan Paul at the Crown Jewel premium live event this coming Saturday. Paul challenged Reigns several weeks ago during a press conference, but Reigns has been abundantly clear that he doesn't see Paul as a serious threat. What will he have to say?

Brock Lesnar will also be returning to "Raw" before he takes on Bobby Lashley in Riyadh. The two men have been at odds since Lesnar cost Bobby Lashley his United States Championship on the October 10 edition of "Raw" ahead of his defense against Seth "Freakin" Rollins. What message will Lesnar have for Lashley?

Matt Riddle and Otis will be celebrating Halloween in a unique way, as they are set to go head to head in a Trick or Street Fight. Otis looks to get a little revenge on behalf of his Alpha Academy teammate, Chad Gable after Riddle's new ally, Elias, beat Gable in singles competition last week. Who will come out on top?

"Raw" Women's Champion Bianca Belair will be taking on Nikki Cross in a non-title bout. Cross retired from being a superhero after crashing Belair's match against Bayley in last week's main event by levelling the two women, as well as Dakota Kai and IYO SKY (who were at ringside). Will Belair be able to get her revenge?

We are live! Kevin Patrick and Corey Graves greet audiences at home as Bianca Belair makes her way to the ring. Nikki Cross follows.

Bianca Belair vs. Nikki Cross

The bell rings and Belair sends Cross into the corner. She delivers several shoulders to her midsection before Cross looks for a roll up. Belair blocks it and delivers a shoulder tackle. Cross hits a crossbody, then fires off several right hands and kicks. Cross sends Belair into the top turnbuckle face first, but Belair fires back with a back elbow and a drop kick. Belair delivers a Fallaway Slam, but Cross pulls her onto the apron and slams her leg into it. She hits several forearms.

Back from the break, Belair delivers a back breaker to Cross. She follows it up with a bodyslam, followed by a delayed vertical suplex. She looks for her signature moonsault, but Cross gets her knees up. She sends Belair into the middle turnbuckle, then sends Belair out of the ring. She jumps her and looks for a Sleeper, but Belair sends Cross to the floor to break the submission.

Dakota Kai and IYO SKY run down to the ring to distract the referee. Bayley runs in out of nowhere and sends her into the ring post. Cross levels Bayley and SKY, sending them both into the barricade and takes Kai out with a crossbody off the ringsteps. She gets back in the ring and hits the KOD in the ring for the win.

Winner: Bianca Belair

After the match Damage CTRL launch an attack on Belair. Asuka's music hits and both her and Bliss run to the ring to make the save. They hold Belair's hand up after the match.

We then head to a video recapping the events between Brock Lesnar and Bobby Lashley over the last few weeks.

Back from the break, we head backstage to Bianca Belair, Alexa Bliss and Asuka. Cathy Kelley approaches them and asks Belair if her issues with Bayley are over. Belair says things are far from over. She says she knows Bayley has been bragging about pinning her twice, but says she doesn't have to be walking into her Iron Woman Match at Crown Jewel alone. Bliss then says she and Asuka want to settle their score with Dakota Kai and IYO SKY and challenges them to a Women's Tag Team Match later tonight.

Brock Lesnar and Bobby Lashley Come Face To Face

We head to a satellite interview between Brock Lesnar and Bobby Lashley. Lashley is there, but Lesnar is nowhere to be found. Lashley says he isn't surprised that Lesnar isn't there because he's known Lesnar for 20 years. He says he exposed Lesnar at both the Royal Rumble and two weeks ago during their brawl, then calls him a "Bobby Lashley wannabe."

Brock Lesnar's music hits and he heads to the ring.

Lesnar says he didn't come to Texas for a sit down interview, but for a fight, He tells Lashley he didn't get the memo and calls him to the ring. Lashley gets up and leaves to head to ringside.

Lesnar charges at Lashley and sends him to the mat. The two men begin to brawl as the locker room, officials and referees try to separate the two men. The pair are pulled apart as Triple H heads down to direct traffic. Lesnar escapes and charges at Lashley. The pair are pulled apart once again as Lashley is escorted backstage. Triple H says that their match is off if they touch one another again.

Back from the break, Austin Theory heads to the ring, followed by Seth "Freakin" Rollins.

Seth Freakin Rollins vs. Austin Theory

The bell rings and the crowd cheers Rollins on. They lock up before Rollins delivers a chop, then looks for the Pedigree but Theory rolls out of the ring. Rollins trips Theory, then delivers a drop kick through the ropes and delivers a chop. He sends Theory into the barricade gut first, then hits a knee off the announce desk. He tosses Theory back into the ring, then delivers a shoulder to his midsection. The pair spill to the outside before Theory sends him face first into the announce desk and shoulder first into the ring steps.

Back from the break, Theory delivers a splash in the corner. He hits a Fallaway Slam, then goes for a pin but Rollins kicks out. The two men exchange forearms before Rollins gets the upper hand and delivers a kick and a knee. He clotheslines Theory out of the ring, then hits a pair of suicide dives. He looks for a third one, but Theory blocks it and delivers a back elbow. Rollins delivers a Falcon Arrow, then goes for a pin but Theory kicks out. Rollins looks for a stomp, but Theory blocks it. Rollins delivers a super kick, then goes for a pin but Theory kicks out. Rollins sets up for the Pedigree, but Theory manages to roll him up. Rollins reverses the pin and the two go back and forth before Theory manages to hit a modified back breaker. He goes for a pin, but Rollins kicks out.

Rollins hits an enziguri, but Theory fires back with a move of his own that sends him to the mat. He goes for a pin, but Rollins kicks out. Theory looks for A-Town Down, but Rollins escapes and looks for the Curb Stomp. He hits a rolling elbow before Theory delivers a super kick and a forearm. Theory looks for a Pedigree, but Rollins counters it and delivers the Curb Stomp for the win.

Winner: Seth "Freakin" Rollins

We head backstage and see a black SUV pull up to the arena. Roman Reigns gets out of it.

Back from the break, Roman Reigns and Paul Heyman head to the ring.

We Hear From Roman Reigns

Reigns tells Dallas to acknowledge him before telling the WWE Universe that he has Sami Zayn and Jey Uso working on becoming "ucey." He says that for over two years, he's smashed every opponent in his path. He says he's had time to think and has come to the realization that he's the greatest of all time. He says that he refuses to hype up a match with an "outsider" like Logan Paul. He hands the microphone over to Heyman, who introduces himself and hypes up Reigns. He then rags on Paul's previous wrist injury and his training, then continues on to say that Reigns will "smash" him.

The Miz's music hits and he heads to the ring. He then acknowledges Reigns and says he is there to help him. He says no one in the industry knows Paul better than him, but the one thing he couldn't teach him was his right hand. He says his right hand is a real one and mentions that he's been having to deal with "a deranged stalker." He says that the pair can help out one another.

Reigns asks if he's trying to cut a deal and says that doesn't sound too bad. He then asks Miz why everyone keeps talking about Paul about knocking him out before hitting Miz with a Superman Punch. He says everyone should be talking about him knocking Paul out, leaving Paul with no choice but to acknowledge him.

Back from the break, we head to Miz icing his face in the medical room. Cathy Kelley approaches and asks if he's aware that Johnny Gargano has given a tell-all interview. Miz says he's more concerned about getting his match later tonight canceled and says that Gargano's interview is "gotcha journalism." He says if the interview airs, then he will sue WWE. Mustafa Ali walks in. Ali says he was looking forward to their match and says almost everything is bigger in Texas. He tells Miz he has "tiny balls" before Miz tells him he will beat him with a broken jaw.

Back at ringside, Judgment Day heads down, followed by The OC.

Damian Priest vs. Karl Anderson

The bell rings and Priest sends Anderson to the mat. Anderson fires back with a kick to his face, then clotheslines him out of the ring and sends him into the ring post.

Back from the break, Priest sends Anderson to the mat with a suplex. The two men exchange forearms before Anderson delivers a shoulder block and a senton. He follows it up with a spinebuster, then goes for a pin but Priest kicks out. Rhea Ripley distracts the referee as Priest plants Anderson in the ring. He looks for The Reckoning, but Anderson reverses it into a backslide for the win.

Winner: Karl Anderson

After the match, Judgment Day launches an attack on Anderson. AJ Styles and Luke Gallows level them before Ripley low blows Gallows. She dares Anderson and Styles to hit her, allowing Priest, Balor and Mysterio to attack from behind. Priest hits a Razor's Edge on Styles as Balor hits the Coup De Grace on Anderson. Mysterio follows suit and delivers a Frog Splash to Styles.

We head backstage to Omos and MVP. MVP addresses Strowman's comments this past Friday and says that he can flip over all the trucks he wants, but he will never be able to step up to Omos. He says that he's coming to "SmackDown" on Friday and has arranged a surprise for him.

JBL heads to the ring to a massive pop.

We Hear From JBL and Baron Corbin

Back from the break, JBL says it's great to be home in Texas. He praises the state before changing his attitude and saying that Gen-Z folk and millennials have ruined Texas. He says that no one in the arena should be allowed to call themselves a Texan and says they disgust him. He says he will introduce greatness to this state again and introduces Baron Corbin.

Corbin heads to the ring. He says that he has it all and fans have very little. He says that he wanted to say thank you to fans for scrapping their last few dollars to see him in the flesh tonight. He says they probably had to put in a few extra hours at work, but it shows him how much they truly love him. He says everyone knows the truth.

R-Truth's music hits and he heads to the ring with a horse and a cowboy outfit. JBL says he looks ridiculous and Truth says he wanted to wish Dallas a Happy Halloween. He says that he likes JBL and Corbin's costumes before JBL calls him an idiot. Truth says JBL is dressed as a "hostile, steaming, old man." Corbin charges at him, but Truth takes him down a kick. JBL distracts Truth, allowing Corbin to hit him from behind and deliver the End of Days.

Back from the break, we see Damage CTRL talking to Nikki Cross.

We head back to ringside, where things have been set up around the ring for the upcoming Trick or Street Fight.

Matt Riddle (dressed as Ezekiel) and Elias head to the ring, followed by Alpha Academy (dressed as Chip and Dale).

Matt Riddle vs. Otis in a Trick or Street Fight

The bell rings and Riddle sends Otis into the ring post shoulder first. He delivers a kick to his jaw, followed by the Floating Bro.

Back from the break, Riddle delivers a forearm to Otis. Riddle hits a step-up knee, then delivers a right hand. Otis fires back with a shoulder tackle, followed by The Worm. Riddle sends Otis into a steel chair set up in the corner, then hits him repeatedly with a candy corn kendo stick. Gable delivers a clothesline to Riddle, leading Elias to send him through a table. In the ring, Otis slams Riddle into the mat and looks for a Vader Bomb. Riddle moves out of the way before Elias slides a Jack-O-Lantern over his head and delivers the RKO for the win.

Winner: Matt Riddle

We head backstage to Damage CTRL. Kai asks if Alexa Bliss and Asuka will be able to compete after they inflict tons of damage on them. Bayley hypes Kai and SKY up and says they are taking control of the women's division.

Back at ringside, The Miz heads down followed by Mustafa Ali.

The Miz vs. Mustafa Ali

The bell rings and the two lock up. They exchange submissions before Ali delivers a kick. Miz fires back with several of his own before whipping Ali into the corner. Ali hits an inverted atomic drop, followed by several chops and a neck breaker. He goes for a pin, but Miz kicks out. Ali looks for the 450 Splash, but Miz catches him with a boot. He sends him face first into the middle turnbuckle. 

Back from the break, Miz delivers several kicks to Ali and hits a back breaker. He follows it up with several chops, then hits a DDT. He goes for a pin, but Ali kicks out. Ali hits a DDT of his own, but Miz rolls out of the ring. Ali follows him out with a splash before Miz sends him over the announce desk. Out of nowhere, Dexter Lumis appears in the crowd and grabs Miz. Security chases him away before Ali takes advantage, delivering a super kick and the 450 splash for the win.

Winner: Mustafa Ali

Johnny Gargano Gives A Tell-All Interview

Back from the break, we head to Byron Saxton and Johnny Gargano. Gargano says he's known Dexter Lumis for years. He says he has his quirks and came to think of him as a son-in-law. He says their "NXT" family fell apart after the wedding once Lumis lost his job. He says that it took a toll on his psyche and Miz took advantage of it. He says that the night of his return, he heard Lumis and Miz talking and he recorded it on his phone. He plays it and in the recording, Miz says people are buying that Lumis' attacks on him are real and says "he'll pay him the rest of the money later." Gargano says Miz exploited Lumis to have a "Hollywood stalker" and says their first few encounters were primarily them exchanging glances. He says the best way to orchestrate his downfall was to have Lumis attack him to make it look legit. He says that Miz must have stopped paying Lumis and now he's coming after him until he gets what he's owed.

Back at ringside, Bianca Belair, Asuka and Alexa Bliss head down, followed by Damage CTRL.

Damage CTRL (c) vs. Alexa Bliss and Asuka for the Women's Tag Team Championships

SKY and Bliss begin the action. The bell rings and Bliss fires off several right hands and kicks. She steps on SKY, then looks for the double knees but SKY rolls out of the way and tags in Kai. Kai hits a stomp, followed by a pump kick and a scissor kick. She sends Bliss into the top turnbuckle face first, then delivers a running kick and goes for a pin. Bliss kicks out and SKY tags back in. She delivers the double knees before Kai tags back in. Bliss slams Kai into the mat, then hits a senton and goes for a pin. Kai kicks out and Bliss delivers a back elbow. Asuka tags in and sends Kai to the mat. She delivers a series of back fists, then follows it up with a German suplex. Kai sends Asuka to the mat, then tags in SKY.

The two women exchange right hands before Asuka hits a lariat and tags in Bliss. Bliss delivers a right hand to SKY's jaw, then tags Asuka back in. She delivers a drop kick, followed by a baseball slide. SKY hits a Dragon Screw.

Back from the break, SKY rakes Asuka's eyes. Kai tags in and looks for a kick. Asuka rolls her up and Kai kicks out. Bliss tags in and fires off several left and right hands on Kai. She follows it up with a drop kick, then follows it up with the double knees. Asuka tags in and looks for the Arm Bar. SKY makes the save before levelling Bliss with a back breaker. SKY tags in and delivers a drop kick. Asuka locks in the Arm Bar, but SKY escapes and locks in the Asuka Lock. SKY taps, but the referee doesn't see (as Bayley id distracting him). Belair takes her out while Kai delivers a kick to Asuka to break the save. Kai hits a Scorpion Kick as Bayley and Belair brawl on the outside. Bayley delivers a Bayley-to-Belly off a piece of equipment and into a table before SKY looks for Over the Moonsault. Asuka moves out of the way and makes the tag to Bliss. Bliss hits Twisted Bliss for the win.

Winners (and new): Alexa Bliss and Asuka