WWE NXT Results (11/8) - Women's Tag Team Championship Match, Five Minute Challenge, Joe Gacy Vs. Cameron Grimes

Welcome to Wrestling Inc.'s results for "WWE NXT" on November 8, 2022!

"NXT" Women's Tag Team Champions Kayden Carter and Katana Chance will be putting their titles on the line against Nikkita Lyons and Zoey Stark in a rematch from a couple of weeks ago. Their first encounter ended in controversy, as the match was restarted after Stark rolled up Chance (who was not the legal competitor for her team) for the three count. Stark has made her feelings about the ordeal clear, becoming increasingly volatile both inside and outside of the ring, all the while Lyons tries to keep her level-headed. Will new champions be crowned tonight?


Schism leader Joe Gacy will be going head to head with Cameron Grimes in a grudge match. Schism made several attempts to get Grimes to sit under the shade of their tree, but Grimes has declined to do so, leading to the group swearing to exact their revenge for his disrespect towards them. Will Grimes be able to overcome the odds and pick up a win, or will Ava Raine, Rip Fowler, and Jagger Reid be the difference makers?

Brutus Creed will be taking on arch-rival Damon Kemp in a Five Minute Challenge. If Creed can take down Kemp within that time frame, then he will be victorious but if he can't, then Kemp will be automatically named the winner. Brutus and his brother, Julius, have had it out for Kemp since Kemp turned his back on them by attacking Diamond Mine leader, Roderick Strong. Julius already has a win over Kemp after taking him down in an Ambulance Match at Halloween Havoc, but the question remains: will his brother be able to join him in sharing that accomplishment tonight?


Grayson Waller will be hosting both Bron Breakker and Von Wagner on "The Grayson Waller Effect". Wagner made it clear that he was next in line to receive a shot at Breakker's "NXT" Championship after blindsiding him with an attack last week. What will happen when the two come face to face?

Chase U's Andre Chase will be squaring off with Charlie Dempsey in single's action. Dempsey attacked Chase last week in an act of vengeance after being brought in to teach a lesson to the students of Chase U, but taking it a little too far in the eyes of Chase. 

In addition, "The Irish Ace" JD McDonagh looks to score a win tonight, as he goes one on one with Axiom.

We are live! Vic Joseph and Booker T greet audiences at home as Schism heads to the ring. Cameron Grimes follows.

Joe Gacy vs. Cameron Grimes

The bell rings and Grimes wastes no time going after Gacy. He delivers a series of kicks and elbows. Gacy fires back with some stomps and a right hand, then delivers a snap mare and a flying crossbody. He hits an elbow to Grimes' head, then delivers a pair of right hands. Grimes rolls Gacy up, but Gacy kicks out. He delivers a kick that sends him to the outside, then delivers another kick off the apron.


Back from the break, Gacy has Grimes in a side headlock. Grimes escapes and Gacy hits him with a back elbow and several stomps. He locks in a crossface, but Grimes escapes. Gacy sends him to the mat, then hits a modified scoop powerslam. He delivers a back elbow, followed by a pair of lariats. He hits a German Suplex, followed by a high crossbody. Reid and Fowler try to interfere, but Gacy accidentally hits them and delivers a Poison Rana. He looks to go to the moon, but Fowler and Reid pull Gacy out of the ring. Grimes goes flying and takes them all down, then tosses him back into the ring and ascends to the top. Reid distracts the referee while Raine knocks him off the top, allowing Gacy to hit The Upside Down World for the win.


Winner: Joe Gacy

We head backstage and see Nathan Frazer walk out of the medical area. Axiom asks what they said and Frazer tells him that he'll be out for a while. Axiom reassures him that he'll be back in no time. JD McDonagh walks in. McDonagh says to leave the medical advice to the experts and says Frazer would never tell him how broken up he is. McDonagh guesses his injury based off his body language, then says he would have never won the Fatal Five-Way Ladder Match if he had earned a spot in it. Axiom says that he should try to do what he does: get to the top spot only to fail time and time again. The two men stare one another down before McDonagh walks off.

Back from the break, we head to Carmelo Hayes and Trick WIlliams in a barber shop. Hayes says that he's sitting there without the championship he made famous and says that he overcame Camerson Gromes to win back his North American Championship. He shouts out Wes Lee, then says that Lee has never beat him one on one. He says Lee is smooth and a good tag team competitor, but his reign will come to a quick end when he beats him in two weeks time. He says there will be a contract signing for the match next week, and that's all it's going to be.


We head back to Vic Joseph and Booker T at the announce desk, but are interrupted by the following message from SCRYPTS:

"My name is written on the walls, my voice sounds through the halls and soon, I'll be in "NXT" to watch the whole thing fall. Pain is truly among thee, imagine what will happen, has happened. As it was always meant to be."

Sol Ruca then heads to the ring, followed by Elektra Lopez.

Elektra Lopez vs. Sol Ruca

The bell rings and Lopez delivers a knee. She knocks Ruca to the mat, but Ruca fires back with a chop and a facebuster. Lopez knocks Ruca to the floor with a clothesline, then hits several knees to her back and follows it up with an elbow drop. Ruca hits a series of kicks, followed by a shoulder tackle and a splash in the corner. Lopez sends Ruca to the mat, then delivers the Elektra Bomb for the win.


Winner: Elektra Lopez

We head backstage to Andre Chase, Thea Hail and Duke Hudson preparing for Chase's match. Hail says she wants to get at Charlie Dempsey before Hudson says he will be at ringside to support him.

Back from the break, Toxic Attraction are on a FaceTime call. Jacy Jayne just finished up at the mall and says she's nervous about heading to the arena because of Alba Fyre. Rose tells her that if she's scared, then she shouldn't go and invites her over. Lights begin to flash behind Jayne and she says a mall cop is pulling her over. She gets pulled out of the car and we hear screams before Fyre grabs the phone and says that she warned Rose she would take out Toxic Attraction one by one. She tells her that she's next.


Back at ringside, Charlie Dempsey heads to the ring, followed by Andre Chase, Thea Hail and Duke Hudson.

Andre Chase vs. Charlie Dempsey

The bell rings and the two lock up. Dempsey hits a snapmare, followed by a shoulder tackle. Chase clotheslines Dempsey out of the ring, then sends his head into the ring apron. He tosses him back in the ring, but Dempsey pulls out a Northern Lights Suplex. He locks in a wrist lock, but Chase escapes and hits a clothesline. He follows it up with a Russian Leg Sweep, then hits his signature Chase U kicks. Dempsey locks in an Ankle Lock, and Hudson grabs the white towel from Hail, tossing it in the ring to surrender on Chase's behalf.


Winner: Charlie Dempsey

We head backstage to McKenzie Mitchell and Indi Hartwell. Hartwell says she's starting to understand how "NXT" works. She says no one will prove a point to her and says that she hasn't forgotten what Elektra Lopez did to her a couple of weeks ago. She says that you have to take what you want and she's finally going to bet on herself.

Back from the break, we head to Brooks Jensen, Fallon Henley and Josh Briggs at Henley's family bar. The trio talk about sports before Kiana James and her assistant walks in. James says she's there to talk about her proposal and Henley says she told her no. James says she sees potential in the property and Henley says the place is not for sale. She talks about the memories she has in the place before James presents her with a final offer. Henley says no once again and James says that her and her family "can continue to live their miserable lives." Henley kicks them out.


Back at ringside, Channing "Stacks" Lorenzo and Tony D'Angelo head to the ring. Hank Walker waits inside.

Channing Stacks Lorenzo vs. Hank Walker

The bell rings and the two exchange forearms. Walker whips Stacks into the corner, then plants him. Stacks fires back with a back elbow, but Walker clotheslines him out of the ring. Stacks delivers a kick to his head, then trips him and hits several elbows to his back. Stacks delivers a knee to his head, then goes for a pin but Walker kicks out. Walker delivers a clothesline, then fires off several right hands and plants him. He delivers a splash in the corner, then hits a Military Press. Stacks delivers a thumb to his eye, followed by a knee to the back of his neck for the win.


Winner: Channing "Stacks" Lorenzo

Grayson Waller Hosts Bron Breakker and Von Wagner on The Grayson Waller Effect

Back from the break, Grayson Waller welcomes fans to "The Grayson Waller Effect". He taunts R-Truth, then introduces Von Wagner, Mr. Stone and Bron Breakker.

Waller asks Wagner for his thoughts on a comment about how Carmelo Hayes should be in Wagner's spot. Wagner says he's not surprised and says the commenter thinks that he's in charge of "NXT". He says he's not in "NXT" to be liked or popular, but for the "NXT" Championship. He says he laid him out last week and will do it again next week. Breakker says he doesn't disagree with him, but says he should've come face to face with him.


Waller asks Breakker his thoughts about a commenter who wants to see anyone but Breakker hold the title. Breakker says he gets where people who share the same thoughts are coming from, but he's learned that if you want something you have to go out there and get it. Breakker says everyone wants a shot at his title, but no one will take his title away from him. Wagner says that he will take it from him and tells him he'll ragdoll him across the ring. He says that he didn't use his second-generation status to his advantage (unlike Breakker) and Breakker tells him to take the title off his shoulder now. Breakker takes out Stone and the two stare one another down.

We head backstage to Wes Lee and McKenzie Mitchell. He says not winning last week hurt him, but Carmelo Hayes' words stuck with him. He says he never should've held singles gold, but he will make Hayes miss for the first time. He says that no one can stop him.


Back from the break, we head to a video recapping the events between Cora Jade and Wendy Choo last week that features Jade addressing Choo.

We then head to a video Apollo Crews posted to his Twitter, in which he puts Bron Breakker on notice.

Back at ringside, JD McDonagh heads down followed by Axiom.

JD McDonagh vs. Axiom

The bell rings and the two lock up. McDonagh delivers a shoulder tackle, but Axiom delivers a backslide. McDonagh kicks out and delivers a kick to Axiom's midsection. Axiom delivers a kick that sends McDonagh to the outside.


Back from the break, Axiom delivers a kick to McDonagh. He sends him to the outside with a drop kick, then hits a moonsault off the top rope. The two men get back in the ring before McDonagh delivers a kick to Axiom's thigh and locks in a Boston Crab. Axiom grabs the bottom rope to break the submission, then delivers a kick to McDonagh. McDonagh fires back with a moonsault off the top, but McDonagh catches him with a Triangle. McDonagh looks to escape with a powerbomb, but Axiom reverses it into a hurricanrana. Axiom locks in a Sleeper, but McDonagh reverses it into a Calf Crusher. McDonagh relinquishes the hold after twisting his knee all the way to one side. Medical personnel check on Axiom before the referee stops the match.


Winner: JD McDonagh (via referee stoppage)

McDonagh grabs a mic and says he gave him a severe strain because he's a nice guy. He says that he's not a nice guy when he's denied another shot at the "NXT" Championship and tells Apollo Crews that he's looking at him.

We head to a video package hyping up the feud between The Creed Brothers and Damon Kemp.

Back from the break, The Creed Brothers and Ivy Nile are in the ring. Damon Kemp heads down.

Brutus Creed (w/ Julius Creed) vs. Damon Kemp in a Five Minute Challenge

Brutus wastes no time and attacks Kemp on the ramp. The bell rings and Brutus hits several right hands. He delivers a belly-to-belly suplex, then sends him to the outside. He sends him into the ring steps shoulder first before sending his head into the announce desk twice. He tosses him back in the ring, but Kemp beats him down. He grabs a chair, but Brutus knocks it out of his hand and hits the Brutus Smash. He delivers a pair of sentons, then grabs the chair and whacks it across his back. The referee calls for the bell.


Winner: Damon Kemp (via disqualification)

Brutus looks at the chair and picks it up. He smacks him across the back with it once more. The Creed Brothers and Ivy Nile celebrate in the ring as we see Sanga and Veer Mahaan watch on.

We then head to a video hyping up Dominik Dijakovic's return.

Back at ringside, Nikkita Lyons and Zoey Stark head to the ring, followed by Katana Chance and Kayden Carter.

Back from the break, we head backstage to Indi Hartwell. Roxanne Perez approaches her and asks if she's okay. Hartwell says that just because she's focusing on herself, doesn't mean she's changed. She asks her if she learned nothing from Cora Jade, then storms off.

Commentary then run down the card for next week's show.


Kayden Carter and Katana Chance (c) vs. Nikkita Lyons and Zoey Stark for the NXT Women's Tag Team Championships

Stark and Chance begin the action. The bell rings and the two lock up. Chance trips Stark before hitting a hurricanrana. Carter and Lyons tag in. Lyons locks in an arm submission, but Carter escapes. Lyons hits a bodyslam, but Carter sends her to the outside and hits a kick off the apron.


Back from the break, Carter tags in and delivers a back elbow. She hits a kick to Stark's head, then knocks her to the outside. Chance tags in and delivers an assisted bulldog off the ropes. Lyons tags in and knocks Carter off the apron. Chance takes her down with a crossbody off the top, but Lyons rolls through and plants her. Stark tags in and hits the belly-to-back GTS. She goes for a pin, but Chance kicks out. Chance hits a stunner and goes for a pin but Lyons breaks the fall. Carter levels her with a kick as Chance and Stark exchange forearms. Stark looks for a forearm, but Chance ducks out of the way and Stark winds up almost hitting Lyons. Lyons takes the bullet for Stark when Chance and Carter look for a double super kick on her by pushing her out of the way. Chance hits a DDT before Carter tags in and the pair hit their finisher for the win.


Winners (and still): Kayden Carter and Katana Chance

After the match, Lyons and Stark hand Chance and Carter the tag team championships. Stark then blindsides Lyons with a surprise attack and levels her, turning her back on her partner.