Young Rock Star Talks Emotional Viral Moment With Dwayne Johnson

Joseph Lee Anderson plays the role of Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson's father, Rocky Johnson, on "Young Rock." Since the first two seasons of the show were filmed in Australia, this was the first season Johnson was able to engage with the cast directly. Notably, Anderson shared a special viral moment with Johnson when the megastar asked him to walk and talk as if he was his father. During an interview with Wrestling Inc. Senior News Editor Nick Hausman, Anderson was asked what the two discussed as they strolled that day.


"He was cool," Anderson said. "I want to keep it private, just because that was kind of special. But yeah, he was very kind and very, very grateful."

The actor was quick to concede that the emotional message from Johnson going viral also meant a lot to him.

"I was just on a high from meeting him for the first time, but after reading that message, it really hit home about how important this show is," Anderson said. "Obviously it's important, but ... you know what I mean ... it put it in a different perspective, to even take it a step further and try a bit harder. You know what I mean? It was very inspirational."

Season three of "Young Rock" premiered on November 4 with its debut episode focused on "The Rock's" WWE run in 1997, when he realized that fans were booing him no matter what he did. The show also flashed back to 1985, when Rocky learned that it isn't wise to cross Vince McMahon after his father took a non-WWE booking.