Vince McMahon Gave WWE Referee A Bonus For Genuine 3 Count In CM Punk Match

Former WWE referee Jack Doan recalled the time Vince McMahon was quite pleased with him for delivering a genuine three-count. McMahon has been known for his pet peeves and one of them had to do with performers kicking out too late. That's when Doan was told to start hitting his three-count in that scenario, even if it overrides the planned finish.

Doan appeared on SportsKeeda Wrestling's "UnSKripted" podcast and revealed a match where he followed McMahon's rule, which led to him receiving a bonus.

"There was a big span there where Vince really got tired of the guys, I mean basically, you're doing your three-count and we're basically stopping ourselves before the three. The guys are trying to make it too close. We went through where guys were just, like, waiting way too long, and Vince was like, 'Start counting them out.' So, of course, I got bonused for it and Vince was happy, but it was actually CM Punk and [Jack] Swagger, and if you actually go back and look at it, he kicked out in time and that was not the finish."

Doan said that while McMahon was giving him props for following his directions, it wasn't so cheery in the locker room knowing that he had gone against the planned finish for Punk vs. Swagger. Doan also revealed that he counted out Bob Holly in a match he had against Road Dogg for not kicking out in time. Doan said Holly was hurling chairs in the locker room in frustration afterward.

If you use any quotes from this article, please credit SportsKeeda Wrestling's "UnSKripted" podcast, with a H/T to Wrestling Inc. for the transcription.