Former WWE Ref Jack Doan Names Best And Worst WWE Stars To Work With

Former WWE referee Jack Doan has reflected on some of the best and most difficult performers to work with. Doan has served as an in-ring official for many high-profile matches with legends in the wrestling business.

Having dealt with a ton of different personalities, not every match was smooth sailing for Doan. Appearing on SportsKeeda Wrestling's "UnSKripted" podcast, Doan revealed one WWE Hall of Famer who often threw fits inside the ring.

"The most difficult I would say, Shawn Michaels in two forms," Doan said. "One, when he was going through his days, which he's very open about, when he was a jerk and going through times with his addiction. He was very tough to work with in the ring, but the other part about it, he was such a professional that he wanted perfection. So, he would scream at you in the match if he didn't feel you were in the right place or where you needed to be."

Doan revealed another big name who wasn't easy to work with.

"[Chris] Jericho was the same way," Doan said. "Jericho was just, you know, they want the best matches. They work hard, work their butt off. They want to be the top match of the night, and the referee can ruin that match."

As far as some of the best talents to work with, Doan had a few legends in mind.

"The best probably to work of all, Undertaker," Doan said. "Some of the top guys you would think would be the hardest who were actually the best. Brock [Lesnar], Taker, Kurt Angle, all those guys were so easy to work with in the ring."

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