More On If Ric Flair's Kill Yourself Line Will Air Tonight, Update On Flair's Cut At Airport

- As noted yesterday, TMZ first reported that WWE Hall of Famer Ric Flair was treated for a cut on his hand at Logan International Airport in Boston, MA on Wednesday morning. Flair was at an airport bar before his flight, and some patrons stated that Flair appeared to be drunk, with one witness saying Flair was "having a tough time" and "shambling about." However, Massachusetts State Police said that Flair was NOT intoxicated.


In an update, a representative for the Massachusetts State Police told TMZ that Flair's injury was actually to his head, and not his hand. They did not say how Flair sustained the injury. One witness told TMZ that Flair was bleeding from his forehead and a significant amount of blood "was dripping down from his head to his neck."

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- It's been quite a week for Flair, as we noted that he slipped up during a promo at Tuesday's SmackDown tapings and told Natalya to kill herself after she suggested that her uncle, Bret Hart, was better than Flair. We can confirm that the line has been edited out of tonight's episode of SmackDown.

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