Billy Gunn Explains Why The New Age Outlaws Didn't Do Ladder Matches

WWE's beloved "Attitude Era" of programming during the late 90s and early 2000s delivered some of the best tag team wrestling fans will ever see. It felt as though there were different styles each team excelled at, whether it be their in-ring, technical prowess, their sneaky, underhanded tactics to score victories, or their tendency to get extreme with daredevil leaps and using weapons. Brian "Road Dogg" James and Billy Gunn excelled in this era's tag team division as The New Age Outlaws, two outspoken brawlers that backed up their trash-talking with a total of six tag team title reigns during their run together. Road Dogg and Gunn weren't afraid to take things to an extreme level on numerous occasions throughout their career, but there was one gimmick match, in particular, they avoided at all costs.


"Brian is so bad at [ladder matches]," Gunn told The Captain's Corner. "Me, I don't like to get hit with ladders, nor do I like to climb them and fall off of them because my body is not made for that because I'm a grown man and I'm not made of rubber. I mean, we would have held our own, don't get me wrong, but if I had my rathers, I'm rather glad I didn't get in it."

The last time The New Age Outlaws competed in the ring together was at the 2015 Royal Rumble pay-per-view when they suffered a defeat at the hands of The Ascension's Konnor & Viktor. Since then, Gunn has gone on to become a hot commodity in AEW, holding on to his "Daddy Ass" persona and managing current AEW Tag Team Champions The Acclaimed. WWE recently hired James as the Vice President of Live Events.