Mideon Defends Controversial Vince McMahon Decision

Former WWE Tag Team Champion Mideon has an understanding for both parties of the Montreal Screwjob but ultimately agrees with the decision that was made. The Godwins were the special guests on "Monte & The Pharoah" and the former "Naked" Mideon bared his soul about the infamous moment at Survivor Series 1997.


"Honestly, I'll tell you this — Vince did what he had to do," Mideon said. "He couldn't take the chance of Bret leaving with the belt and having another Madusa thing so it's wrestling. I love Bret Hart, he's one of my favorite people, but there's certain people, Animal, blah, blah, blah, this ain't real. Calm down."

Both Godwins were in attendance that night in Montreal, but Mideon admits they likely weren't in the best state of mind to assess the situation nor hold any type of authority.

"At that point we were showing up, buying bags of stuff from the ring guys. At that point we're talking, '97 or something? Dude, 90% of were just like, we were 285 days on the road, we were just zombies and that was way above our paygrade."


Although it likely wasn't McMahon's original intent, Mideon noted that there is one primary reason why his old boss made the right decision in screwing Bret over on that historic night. "Vince did the right thing. Why? Oh, he screwed Bret. Yes, maybe, but by doing that he became evil Mr. McMahon with Stone Cold, arguably the greatest time period in wrestling."