Madusa Believes This Moment Started The Monday Night War

Madusa shared her thoughts on which infamous moment led to the start of the Monday Night War between WWE and WCW in the mid-1990s. Madusa knows all too well about that period, as she jumped from WWE to WCW a few months after "WCW Nitro" began airing opposite "WWE Raw" on Mondays. On her first night back in WCW, Madusa shocked the wrestling world by dropping the WWE Women's Title belt in a trash can on live TV.

"As far as I'm concerned, that started the Monday Night War," Madusa said on "The A2theK Wrestling Show."

The WWE Hall of Famer believes dropping the WWE Women's Championship in the trash led to a slew of male performers receiving significant pay increases in WCW, but she said she never saw one percent of it and described the situation as "bullsh*t." 

Madusa also noted that some of her career highlights outside of WWE and WCW have been overshadowed by the incident.

"I think if people were to go back in history and look, my pretty iconic moments were my hour match with [Lioness] Asuka," Madusa said. "I mean, people don't even know that in Japan. I had this unbelievable street fight that was real, and then I had a boxing fight that was real that was bloody and dangerous. I mean, it was crazy. Those are some pinnacle points of someone's career that nobody talks about over here."

That said, Madusa understands why her trash can segment is still talked about to this day.

"All they can remember, and back to your title in the trash, is that iconic moment because it changed the trajectory once again for wrestling, and it started the Monday Night War," Madusa said.

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