WWE NXT Results (11/22) - North American Championship Match, Cora Jade Vs. Wendy Choo, We Hear From Toxic Attraction

Welcome to Wrestling Inc.'s results of "WWE NXT" on November 22, 2022!

Wes Lee will be putting his North American Championship on the line as he takes on Carmelo Hayes in his first defense since winning the title in a Fatal Five-Way Ladder Match at Halloween Havoc last month (in which Hayes was also a participant in). The two have had issues with one another over the past several weeks, getting into several verbal exchanges with one another. Will Hayes be able to become a three time North American Champion, or will Lee succeed in keeping hold of his title?

"NXT" Women's Champion Mandy Rose, Jacy Jayne, and Gigi Dolin will be addressing the "NXT" Universe in the opening segment of this week's show. Rose surely has a lot on her mind following the conclusion of her Last Woman Standing Match against Alba Fyre that saw the return of Isla Dawn. What will they have to say?

Speaking of the women's division, Cora Jade will be going one-on-one in a grudge match with Wendy Choo. Jade has taken several shots at Choo over the past few weeks, making it clear that she doesn't take her seriously as an in-ring competitor. Elsewhere, Zoey Stark will also be squaring off with Sol Ruca. Stark put the entire women's locker room on notice last week and stated she was done playing nice. Ruca didn't take to her new attitude so kindly, responding to her comments on her TikTok account. What will happen when the two collide?

We are live! Vic Joseph and Booker T greet audiences at home as Toxic Attraction make their way to the ring.

We Hear From Toxic Attraction

Rose says she has defended her "NXT" Women's Championship for over 400 days and WWE had to create the Iron Survivor Challenge just to determine her next number one contender. She says she will be watching closely, and the winner of the match doesn't stand a chance of taking the title from her. Jacy Jayne says now that Alba Fyre is out of the way, Rose can set her sights on relaxing and sitting upon her throne. She says she and Gigi Dolin will become the first ever three time "NXT" Women's Tag Team Championships in the meantime. Dolin then puts Kayden Carter and Katana Chance on notice.

Chance and Carter's music hits and they head to the ring. Carter tells them to shut up and says she is sick of the three of them demanding whatever they want. Chance says they are phony and tells Rose she still has her title solely because of Isla Dawn. She says Toxic Attraction are a trainwreck waiting to happen because Dolin and Jayne will have no use if Rose loses her title. Jayne says Chance and Carter will become irrelevant once Toxic Attraction takes back their titles.

The five women begin to brawl with one another, but Toxic Attraction eventually gain the upper hand and lays out Carter and Chance.

We then head to a video of Wes Lee pulling up to the arena. Tony D'Angelo drives past him and says he hasn't forgotten what he did to him. He wishes him good luck and Lee tells D'Angelo he knows where to find him.

Back at ringside, Cora Jade heads down followed by Wendy Choo.

Back from the break, we head backstage to Duke Hudson reading a Chase U book. Grayson Waller walks in and tells him that this isn't him. Hudson says that this is him. He says he is a committed and dedicated student, and anyone who talks badly about his school has an issue with him.

Cora Jade vs. Wendy Choo

The bell rings and the two lock up. Choo knocks Jade to the mat, then delivers a forearm. She hits a back elbow, but Jade fires back with a shoulder tackle. Choo delivers an arm drag, but Jade delivers a boot to her midsection. She rains down several right hands, then sends her face first into the mat. Choo rolls Jade up, but Jade kicks out. She delivers a kick, followed by a boot to her face. The two women spill to the outside before Choo takes Jade down.

Back from the break, Choo hits a lariat. She hits a belly-to-belly toss, followed by a clothesline in the corner and a crossbody off the middle rope. Choo delivers a suplex-brainbuster combination, but Jade hits her with a right hand. Jade grabs her bat, but Choo manages to wrestle it away from her. The referee convinces Choo not to use it and takes it away from her, all as Jade grabs Choo's drink. She throws it into her eyes, then hits a DDT for the win.

Winner: Cora Jade

After the match, Choo cries in the ring as Jade mocks her.

We then head to a video hyping up Apollo Crews ahead of his upcoming match for the "NXT" Championship against Bron Breakker at Deadline.

We head backstage to McKenzie Mitchell and Kiana James. James says she will beat Ivy Nile in their upcoming match and walks off as Javier Bernal walks in. He hands Mitchell a long list of names he wants to face in the ring, which includes the injured Axiom, Elon Musk, Drake the rapper, and a retired wrestler.

Back from the break, we head to Chase U. Thea Hail thanks Duke Hudson for his help with their classes. Pretty Deadly walks in and asks for Hudson's help in a poker game. Hudson says gambling is against the school's policy and Elton Prince says they're kidding. He asks when Hudson will go back to his old self, and Hudson clocks him with a right hand. He begins to brawl with Kit Wilson before Pretty Deadly sends him into some boxes. Referees break them up.

Back at ringside, Ivy Nile and Kiana James wait in the ring.

Ivy Nile (w/ Tatum Paxley) vs. Kiana James

The bell rings and the two lock up. They exchange submissions before James hits Nile with a clothesline to her back, then follows it up with an inverted backbreaker. She goes for a pin, but Nile kicks out. James delivers a backbreaker, then locks in a Calf Submission. Nile escapes and James delivers a side slam. Nile fires back with several kicks and a hurricanrana, then follows it up with an elbow and a gut wrench. She delivers a running kick that sends James out of the ring. James looks to walk away, but Fallon Henley walks down and prevents her from doing so. This allows Nile to lock in her submission finisher for the win.

Winner: Ivy Nile

After the match, Henley and James brawl through the crowd as The Creed Brothers join Nile and Paxley in the ring. Julius congratulates Nile on her win, and says that while she's under-appreciated, she doesn't go around jumping people like Indus Sher does. He says that he and his brother have been facing guys who are bigger than them their entire lives. Brutus says intimidation doesn't affect them before Julius challenges them to a tag team match at Deadline.

We then head to a video hyping up Isla Dawn.

Back from the break, Duke Hudson runs into Andre Chase's office. He tells Chase what happened with Pretty Deadly, then informs him that he got them a "NXT" Tag Team Championship Match tonight.

Back at ringside, Scrypts heads down to make his in-ring debut. Guru Raaj already waits in the ring.

Scrypts vs. Guru Raaj

The bell rings and Scrypts kicks Raaj in the face. He delivers a drop kick, but Raaj fires back with a back elbow. Scrypts fires off several right hands, then ascends to the top rope and hits a modified 450 Splash for the win.

Winner: Scrypts

After the match, Scrypts places a yellow card on Raaj.

Schism Reflects On Thanksgiving

Back from the break, Schism waits in the ring. Joe Gacy says autumn is the time that trees shed their leaves, and Schism does the same. He says they reflect on all of the good things they have in their lives and it is their duty to reinforce togetherness. Ava Raine says stories are told every year of families being torn apart and dysfunction remains the norm. She says Schism can be counted on. Rip Fowler says Thanksgiving has become a day of overabundance as Raine begins to look though the audience. She points at a man and invites him into the ring. Jagger Reid says that people are more focused on Black Friday than Thanksgiving traditions.

Gacy says Raine has found someone who understands what Thanksgiving is, and tells the man he will be the bridge between old traditions and new, everlasting traditions. He says his inclusion will be the centerpiece of Schism's table before they all stand up to pledge on the day of Schism Invictus. Gacy says Schism is no longer inclusive, but decisive. He thanks the audience member for his sacrifice, then sends him through the table.

We head backstage to Trick Williams and McKenzie Mitchell. Williams says Carmelo Hayes will become the new North American Champion later tonight. Wes Lee walks in and says he came to discuss how money Melo is. Lee says that if Melo is money, then he doesn't need Williams at ringside. Williams tries to protest, but is unsuccessful in his pleas.

Back at ringside, Zoey Stark heads down, followed by Sol Ruca.

Zoey Stark vs. Sol Ruca

Back from the break, the bell rings and the two lock up. They exchange submissions before Stark delivers a drop kick. Ruca fires back with a thrust kick, but Stark manages to hit a superkick. She delivers a drop kick, then goes for a pin but Ruca kicks out. Ruca delivers a pair of shoulder tackles, followed by a drop kick and a back body drop. She goes for a pin, but Stark kicks out. Ruca delivers a splash in the corner, then delivers a powerslam. She goes for a pin, but Stark kicks out. Ruca ascends to the top, but Stark moves out of the way. She delivers a knee to Ruca's head for the win.

Winner: Zoey Stark

After the match, Stark looks to continue to beat down Ruca, but Nikkita Lyons heads to the ring and makes the save.

We head to the parking lot outside the arena. Edris Enofe and Malik Blade invite Von Wagner to party with them. Wagner takes off his blazer and says he could use a night of fun. Wagner says onward and upward, but tells Enofe and Blade they know nothing about success. He then beats both of them down.

Back at ringside, Andre Chase, Duke Hudson, and Thea Hail heads down, followed by Pretty Deadly.

Back from the break, we head to a video hyping up Charlie Dempsey.

Pretty Deadly (c) vs. Chase U for the NXT Tag Team Championships

Hudson and Wilson begin the action. The bell rings and Hudson delivers a back elbow to Wilson, followed by a sidewalk slam. Chase tags in and executes a drop toe hold. Wilson delivers several forearms before Prince makes the blind tag. Chase rolls up Prince, but Prince kicks out. Chase delivers a shoulder tackle, but Prince fires back with a drop kick. Wilson tags in and Chase delivers a kick to his face. Prince tags in and Chase takes him down. He delivers the Chase U Stomps.

Back from the break, Prince delivers stomps to Chase. Wilson tags in and continues to beat down Chase. Prince tags in and delivers an assisted ax handle. Wilson tags back in and Chase hits him with a back elbow. He tosses Prince out of the ring, but he collides with Hail. Hudson checks on her as Chase tries to make the tag to him, allowing Prince to tag in and deliver a gut wrench.

Hudson and Wilson tag in. Hudson delivers a series of elbows, followed by a bodyslam and several right hands. He hits an elbow, then goes for a pin but Prince breaks it up. Chase tags back in and Hudson looks for a big boot on Wilson, but ends up accidentally hitting Chase. Prince tags in before he and Wilson deliver Spilled Milk for the win.

Winners (and still): Pretty Deadly

We then head to a TikTok video of Indi Hartwell yelling at Roxanne Perez during an "NXT" Live Show this past Saturday and a verbal altercation she got into later that night. Commentary then reveal that Hartwell will be facing Perez next week.

Back from the break, Kayden Carter and Katana Chance bump into Nikkita Lyons backstage. She says that she knows she said a lot of things leading up to their tag team title match, and they tell her there's no hard feelings. She says she's their girl if they need a third woman in their tag team match with Toxic Attraction next week.

Commentary then runs down the card for next week's show.

Carmelo Hayes then heads to the ring, followed by Wes Lee.

Wes Lee (c) vs. Carmelo Hayes for the North American Championship

The bell rings and the two lock up. Melo hits Lee with a forearm before the two men spill to the outside and Lee sends Melo's head bouncing off the announce desk. Melo tosses Lee back in the ring, and delivers a kick. Lee delivers a tijeras before the two men level one another with a double pump kick.

Back from the break, Melo delivers a knee to Lee's jaw. He sends him into the top rope, then delivers a back elbow off the ropes. He goes for a pin, but Lee kicks out. Lee sends Melo face first into the top turnbuckle, then follows it up with a German Suplex.

The two men exchange right hands before Lee hits a series of kicks on Melo and follows it up with a running right hand. He hits an uppercut, then delivers a hurricanrana. He goes for a pin, but Melo kicks out. Lee ascends to the top and looks for a 450 Splash, but Melo rolls out of the way and manages to roll up Lee. Lee kicks out and Melo plants him once again. Melo hits a Code Breaker, but Lee fires back with a super kick. Melo hits another Code Breaker, then climbs to the top and goes flying. Lee moves out of the way and delivers a meteora. He hits a cannonball that sends Melo to the outside. Trick Williams runs down to check on Melo, but Lee takes him down with a flip over the top rope. Melo ascends to the top, but Lee pulls him down. Melo sends Lee face first into the top turnbuckle, but Lee manages to hit a flipping kick and hits a Michinoku Driver for the win.

Winner (and still): Wes Lee

After the match, the cage on the ramp opens up and closes. Dijak appears behind Lee while he's distracted by it and hits him with Feast Your Eyes as the show goes off the air.