Eric Bischoff Tried To Talk This Wrestler Out Of Being In The Business

Impact Wrestling alum Garett Bischoff followed in his father's footsteps in 2010, entering the wrestling business as a referee for the company. He did so under an alias so people were unaware he was the offspring of former WCW President Eric Bischoff, who then worked behind the scenes at Impact. During that time, Garrett was interested in getting involved in the in-ring side of things, but according to the former Aces and Eights member, his father was strongly against it.

"He definitely did his best to talk me out of it, like more than once," Garett said during an AdFreeShows exclusive interview with Kerry Morton. "Not because he didn't want me to pursue a dream or pursue a passion, but because he knew, you see the dirty side of things, you see the dark side of things. It's not all fun and games, there's a lot of BS that comes along with it, more so when you are second or third generation, it's a harder hill to climb." Garrett continued to mention that Eric was just "being a dad" at that time, looking out for his son because he knew the "risks involved" in having another Bischoff in the wrestling business. The 38-year-old did mention however that once his parents realized how passionate he was about pursuing a career in wrestling, that they started to fully support his decision.

Speaking on the issue himself in the past, Eric mentioned during an episode of his podcast "83 Weeks" that his son had "an amazing look and physique" and was a hell of an athlete, but that he always knew his famous last name would ultimately hold his son back from being successful in the wrestling business. Unfortunately for Garett, his father was right, as the younger Bischoff wouldn't last long in the professional wrestling world, ending his full-time career after getting released by Impact in 2015.

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