Eric Bischoff Names The Proudest Moment Of His Pro Wrestling Career

Eric Bischoff has donned a lot of non-wrestling titles throughout his 36-year career in the sport. In his early days, he served as a host and on-screen interviewer for the American Wrestling Association before transitioning into work with World Championship Wrestling. In 1994, he became the Senior Vice President, later locking in the title of President in 1997. After this disbanding of WCW, Bischoff assumed roles in WWE as general manager of "Raw" and executive producer of TNA.

Of all the hats he's collected though, Eric Bischoff is most proud of one in particular: WWE Hall of Famer. In a recent edition of "83 Weeks After Party", Bischoff explained why the honor ranked so high for him. "That was pretty much the end of [my career]," he said. "I make an appearance here and there, once in a while...But to me, that was kind of like, that was it. That was the last chapter, and I thought it was awesome."

The one-time WCW Hardcore Champion continued, revealing he never felt a sense of pride in his work until he "threw a punch at the camera" at the close of his Hall of Fame speech that evening. "It just felt right. I think that was it, because the rest of the time, the rest of my career, I didn't think about it. I didn't think about just being proud of it," he said.

Bischoff noted that he was "happy," "excited," "relieved", and "hungry," at many points in his career, but sometimes got lost in feeding his "big appetite," as he wanted to do "more and more" work in professional wrestling. In recent years, the Hall of Famer realized that "it's time to be sure that you're grateful for the opportunities that you've had because it's too easy not to be."

In keeping that same mentality, Bischoff released his second autobiography, "Grateful," last month.