Mojo Rawley Reveals Scrapped WWE Plans For Rob Gronkowski

Mojo Rawley fell victim to circumstance on more than one occasion in WWE, and one of those moments occurred with his good friend, Rob Gronkowski. In a new interview with "The 10 Count," the former WWE star talked about how a creative plan involving him and the 24/7 Title was scrapped  in favor of a big angle with his former NFL colleague.


"The plan was to do a tag match with me and him at SummerSlam because it was in Boston that year," Rawley said. "Man, that would have been ridiculous!"

According to Rawley, some rival teams being discussed for the program included The Miz and John Morrison and FTR, who were still under contract with the company at the time as The Revival. And the opportunity was supposed to get even bigger for Rawley.

"From Boston, I think I was going to turn on him and I think we were going to have the one-on-one No DQ match in Saudi Arabia, where my dad's whole side of the family lives," Rawley said, noting that he would have beaten Gronkowski up in New England Patriots country, and Gronkowski would aim to return the favor in Saudi Arabia.


"I thought that was gonna be dope," Rawley said.

Gronkowski was all in — but everything changed when longtime Patriots quarterback Tom Brady, who was entering his 21st season in the NFL, revealed that he was going to come back for one last run in Tampa Bay, and wanted Gronkowski to join him. Rawley was with his friend before an episode of "SmackDown" when Gronkowski received the text message from his legendary QB.

"Rob had, I believe, $10 million or more on the table to go back for one season left on his contract, and it was a no-brainer," Rawley said.