Mojo Rawley Describes His Pitch To WWE For The 24/7 Title

Mojo Rawley had some ideas to make the WWE 24/7 Championship "a little more legitimate" during his seven runs with the title.

Rawley, who wrestled with WWE from 2013 until he was released in 2021, held the WWE 24/7 Championship seven times during a short span late in his career with the company. During an interview Monday with the "Ten Count" podcast's Steve Fall, Rawley said he tried pitching WWE on giving the title a little more of a "hardcore" nature to it.

"I was saying that the 24/7 title was the run and hide title and I went in and I pitched, 'Why don't we make this thing a little more like the hardcore title back in the day? Make it a little more legitimate and have a little fun?' " Rawley, a.k.a. Dean Muhtadi, told Fall. "It was [R-Truth]'s if we have this dichotomy of pushing it towards fun and entertainment and pushing it towards hardcore, that might be a little fun back and forth and we can check all the boxes at the same time. We started ahead to that path but things changed when plans were updated, so we never got to that point."

Rawley said he "pitched a lot of matches at other places," akin to how the former WWE Hardcore Championship was often fought over in non-traditional locations, outside a wrestling ring. "I was like, 'Man! We should do a match at a Las Vegas pool party,' " he once suggested, but again plans never came to fruition." It was fun, but I think people didn't really focus on that part," he said. "They took it too seriously."