WWE Planned To Have Vince McMahon Be Payoff To Infamous Kevin Owens' Angle

Food fights have become a staple in the WWE regarding big feasts on live television, with the company having many iconic battles over holidays, including the iconic food fight from the July 4 2017 edition of Monday Night Raw.

During 2017's Independence Day, Kevin Owens, who would outlast all other "Raw" superstars on that night in the messy food-filled locker room area, would end the segment by getting a pie shoved in his face. However, the pie thrower was not revealed at the time or during the following weeks. WWE even continued the narrative by releasing a video from several superstars suggesting who the culprit could've been.

Ending the long speculation of who threw the pie was "Road Dogg" Brian James during the latest episode of his podcast, "Oh... You Didn't Know?" revealing that he was the producer for that memorable segment. James stated that WWE had plans to announce who was responsible for the throw, naming someone who would have his on-screen issues with Owens after this incident.

"We never let out who it was I don't think, it was going to end up being Vince [McMahon] but I think we just didn't say," James said.

Owens also added validity to that statement, mentioning a few years later that Vince was the one responsible for the segment, so he was the one responsible for putting the pie in his face. The former Universal Champion also revealed that McMahon wasn't physically there to do it himself, but "he's the one who made it happen".