Sonjay Dutt Confirms Part Of The Reason He Quit WWE

Sonjay Dutt has revealed one key factor in his decision to leave WWE. Dutt worked with the company as a producer. He landed the job in 2019 and departed from the company in 2021. He now works for AEW behind the scenes and as an on-air talent. Dutt appeared on "The Sessions with Renee Paquette," and he explained part of the reason he made his exit from WWE.

"So, it has been now — 2012 is when I first kind of worked in the office at TNA and Impact Wrestling," Dutt said. "So, for 10 years now, like a lot of people, especially if you've worked with me in WWE where I was just a match producer, and that is kind of what WWE is where, 'Okay, this is your job,' which kind of was part of the reason why I wanted to quit. I was like, 'Look, I know in my heart of hearts I can do more than just be a match producer,' because before WWE I was at Impact, and what you see now I did at Impact. So, I had all these experiences and when I got to WWE it was like, 'Okay, you have this one segment, and you're gonna produce it, and then that's it.'"

Dutt admitted he felt there were other ways he could've contributed to WWE other than solely producing matches. He said he didn't feel as fulfilled with the work he was doing for the company. Dutt shared that, at the end of the day, helping talent is what gives him fulfillment at this stage of his career.

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