MVP Believes This WWE Star Could Take Titles Off Of Roman Reigns

With his incomparable, dominant reign as the Undisputed WWE Universal Champion still intact, the biggest question on the WWE Universe's mind is who will be the one to take the belts off of Roman Reigns? If you were to ask the well-spoken talent manager, MVP, he's got a good idea of who that man may be.

"I hope to accomplish one thing at this point in my career and that is leading the Nigerian Giant to championship gold," MVP told "Good Karma Wrestling." "He knows what it is to be a winner; he's been a winner his entire life. Now, he's made it to the WWE, the NFL of professional wrestling, if you will, the absolute apex. No one is bigger, no one is stronger, and with my experience and his aptitude, the WWE Championship, I would say it's an inevitability. We will get there, but it's not easy."

MVP knows all about success in the WWE, with his multiple United States title reigns and a Tag Team title reign to show for it. He also managed Bobby Lashley when he was elevated to become WWE Champion for the first time in his career, proving just how valuable of an asset he truly is.

"[Omos and I] are trying to get there, but intelligently, step by step. The Nigerian Giant, Omos, smashing everyone in his path, and the goal, my goal, is to see him hoist the premier Championship in all of sports entertainment." Omos hasn't been featured as prominently on television in recent weeks, with his last televised match being over Johnny Gargano on the November 21 edition of "Raw." He's still been performing at WWE house shows often, including this past weekend when he suffered back-to-back losses to Lashley.