AEW Dynamite: Winter Is Coming Results (12/14): AEW World Championship Match, Chris Jericho Competes

This is Wrestling INC.'s results of "AEW Dynamite: Winter Is Coming" for December 14, 2022!

Tonight's special episode of "Dynamite" promises to be a historic one which will be headlined by MJF defending the AEW World Championship for the first time in his career. He will be going one on one against Ricky Starks, who managed to get the best of the champion last week both verbally and by hitting him with a Spear. However, will he have enough to get over the line and dethrone MJF tonight?


Another major match for tonight's show will see the best of seven series between The Elite and Death Triangle return following a one-week break. This will be match four in the competition with the current AEW World Trios Champions 2-1 up at the moment.

There is set to be action from the women's division as well with Ruby Soho competing in singles action against Tay Melo. Soho is out for revenge in this encounter as her opponent is the woman responsible for breaking her nose back at All Out earlier this year.

The House Of Black have been attacking anyone in their way since returning to the company recently, but tonight the group is set to be back in action for the first time since their break against mystery opponents.


They're not the only people facing unadvertised names either as Chris Jericho is also set to compete on the show this evening. Jericho lost his ROH World Championship this past Saturday at ROH's Final Battle against Claudio Castagnoli, so he is going to be looking for an immediate response here.

Death Triangle (2) vs. The Elite (1) (Best Of Seven Series - Match 4)

Penta El Zero kicks things off with Nick Jackson, but The Elite star dominates as he brings in his brother and then takes control against Rey Fenix as well. The Elite work together as a trio and they do the same against PAC, holding him in mid-air so Kenny Omega can drop down with a leap over bulldog to the Englishman. He then holds him over his knee as Matt jumps down onto him, with The Elite all launching themselves over the top rope to take out their opponents. 


Nick shows signs of an ankle problem and tags out as Brandon Cutler sprays it as his partners then focus on PAC. Omega keeps PAC isolated in their corner as Matt Jackson comes back in, only to be attacked from behind by Penta while Fenix runs the ropes and kicks him in the head. Penta runs up the back of PAC and hits a Slingblade to Omega while Fenix then launches himself out of the ring to attack him again. 

Nick is then taken to the back by the medical team while Death Triangle focuses on Matt. He reverses Fenix with a Northern Lights Suplex and he follows it with another but Penta makes a tag he gets hit with the same move while also being hooked around Fenix's legs. Omega tags in and nails a crossbody to PAC and he then drops him to the mat and follows it with a second-rope moonsault. 


Omega continues to fight, taking out PAC and Fenix with some snap dragon suplexes. He goes for the V-Trigger but Penta stops him, only for both Lucha Bros to be sent to the floor. However, as he tries again PAC trips him from the outside and he comes back in with a cutter, only for Omega to come back with a diving back elbow and a brainbuster. He wants a tag but Penta stops it with the Fear Factor to Matt on the apron. 

Fenix runs the ropes and kicks Omega in the face while the Lucha Bros then hit a series of moves that Omega somehow kicks out of. PAC looks to finish things with a Black Arrow but Omega avoids it and then Nick Jackson returns, hobbling down to the ring. He gets the hot tag and starts throwing hands at his opponent while catching Fenix with a cutter in mid-air. The official is then distracted as Fenix blocks a superkick and Penta comes in with a hammer and hits the ankle. Fenix locks in the inverted Knee Bar, and Nick has to submit. 

Winners: Death Triangle (They now lead 3-1)

After the match, Omega gets on the microphone and he says in the next match they will make the hammer legal, he suggests they're all legal with a NoDQ match.

The Acclaimed Have Arrived

MJF is shown backstage and he praises Ricky Starks' promo last week, but he was a star from night one and is batting 1,000. He questions how many bats Starks needed. He doesn't care about his sob story, as he was born better than everyone. He wonders what will happen to the pebble when pressure is applied, will be a diamond or turn to dust?


The Acclaimed make their way to the ring with Max Caster being partway through his rap, but he, Anthony Bowens, and Billy Gunn all end up being jumped from behind by Jeff Jarrett, Jay Lethal, Satnam Singh, and Sonjay Dutt. They take control of the situation and Jarrett then nails Caster with his guitar. He asks The Acclaimed if they have their attention now, and tells them to "scissor this, slapnut." After the attack, they pose with the gold. 

Tony Schiavone is then backstage with the Jericho Appreciation Society, a Chris Jericho says the Giant Swing should be banned. He's going to take out his frustrations on a jobber in a tune-up match. Jericho then tells Daniel Garcia he should never have lost, but he just needs advice and some mentorship at all times, and he tells him to shadow his elder, Sammy Guevara. He puts his arm around Garcia, which he is visibly not a fan of, while Guevara says this Friday he's going to kick Jon Moxley's ass, just like Tay Melo is going to do to Ruby Soho tonight. 


Jungle Boy vs. Brian Cage

Jungle Boy Jack Perry immediately takes the fight to Brian Cage, trying to run up the ropes while holding his arm, but The Embassy star pulls him down and flattens him with a shoulder tackle. Perry uses his speed and sends Cage into the corner with a hurricanrana, and he does another that launches his opponent into the corner. He looks to attack him again but Cage uses his power to charge him into the opposite side and then unleashes several chops. 


Perry continues to try and avoid the attack with his speed, but Cage nails an elbow strike and then powers Perry back into the ring with a suplex, taking his opponent from the ring apron to the mat. He does some bicep curls with Perry and then just launches him to the mat before flexing inside the ring as he then talks trash to him. Perry connects with several chops but then eats a knee to the face for his troubles. 

Cage nails several hammer blows across the chest of Perry while he's on the second rope before throwing him back into the ring to focus on the neck. Perry manages to avoid a splash in the corner and he follows it with some elbow strikes and a running forearm which he repeats as Cage stumbles, and the third time he can hit a lariat, and then he reverses a powerbomb attempt into a DDT. 


Cage nails an enziguri and a release German suplex before a Full Nelson Driver, which almost gets him a victory. Out of nowhere, Perry aims for a roll-up, which almost gets the job done, and then he pulls out a Canadian Destroyer which provides a near fall. He locks in the Snare Trap, but Prince Nana distracts Aubrey Edwards while Cage taps out. He then looks to attack Perry but he moves as Cage smashes his manager to the floor, with Perry getting a roll-up to provide a shock win. 

Winner: Jungle Boy Jack Perry

Perry then says he wants Big Bill right now, but instead, he gets Stokely Hathaway. He says he if carries on he will see the bottom of Bill's boot and his hand. Perry goes to attack him but Lee Moriarty charges in and Bill joins him as they both attack Perry. Bill nails a huge Chokeslam inside the ring as they stand tall...until HOOK's music plays! He gets into the ring but the heels run away. 

Blackpool Combat Club are then shown backstage, and Jon Moxley says they made a statement last week about what they can do. Claudio Castagnoli says in 2023 they're putting everyone on notice, as Wheeler Yuta says you have to fight like you're already dead. 

House Of Black vs. The Factory

Nick Comoroto faces Julia Hart straight away and throws a toothpick at her, but she responds by spitting the black mist into his face. After that, the House Of Black instantly attacks their opponents while Malakai  Black just sits in the corner, starting at QT Marshall. The match officially starts at Marshall is the only member of The Factory left standing. He walks straight into Black Mass to create a dominant victory. 


Winners: House Of Black 

A video package is shown for Hikaru Shida and Jamie Hayter discussing their title match next week. Renee Paquette is then shown with Britt Baker and Rebel, with Baker saying Shida is only famous for breaking her news. Skye Blue then appears and says Baker is good at talking, but she wants to see if she can wrestle as well, so she challenges her to a match on Friday, which Baker accepts. 

Chris Jericho vs. Action Andretti

The two men face off and Chris Jericho slaps him a couple of times, and while Action Andretti fires back with one of his own that leads to Jericho snapping and attacking his opponent aggressively in the corner. He begins unloading on chops as he then sends him into the opposite turnbuckles, following with a lariat. Andretti fires back with a series of chops, but the former ROH World Champion drops him down and then hits 10 lariats in the corner. 


Andretti leapfrogs over Jericho but is then hit with several chops until the young man drops the veteran before springboarding off the bottom rope to land back on him. However, that just angers Jericho who hits a Death Valley Driver and then a Codebreaker, yet he somehow kicks out! Jericho takes his frustrations out on him outside the ring, launching him into the steel stairs as he remains in control.

Andretti once again fights back with chops, but he is met with a poke to the eye and an elbow strike for his troubles. Andretti fires back from the ropes though with several clotheslines and then a backbreaker, neck breaker combination. He heads to the top turnbuckle, but the split-legged moonsault is reversed as Jericho gets the knees up, but Andretti reverses the Judas Effect with a roll-up. 

He almost catches shim and then hits an enziguri before sending Jericho out of the ring as he bounces off the top rope backward to take down Jericho again. However, as he springboards back into the ring Jericho catches him with the Walls, but Andretti reveres again. He catches Jericho once more to drop him, and he then connects with a standing moonsault to get a huge win! 

Winner: Action Andretti


Tay Melo vs. Ruby Soho

Ricky Starks is then shown backstage hyping up tonight's main event match, saying when he broke his neck he was going to be here tonight. He has ground and last week's star-making performance is what he has been doing in his sleep.


FTR is then shown in a backstage vignette talking directly to Colten and Austin Gunn. They have nothing that they want, so if building their legacy goes through them then so be it. 

Chris Jericho is then shown backstage having a major tantrum following his defeat. 

Ruby Soho vs. Tay Melo

Tay Melo attacks Ruby Soho while she is posing on the ring apron before the match, and the two begin brawling at ringside with Soho launching her opponent into the guard rail as Melo hammers back and does the same. Inside the ring, this gets underway, and Soho comes out firing on all cylinders with a series of suplexes which puts her back in control of this encounter. 

Melo connects with a back elbow, but then Soho hits No Future, yet the JAS star scrambles outside the ring and up the apron. Soho opts to follow her, but that allows Melo to drive her face-first into the ramp. She continues the attack inside the ring, pushing Soho into the ropes as she then heads outside the ring and rips up a fan sign about Soho which fires up her opponent who connects with several ground and pound punches.


Despite that, Melo fires back with a huge forearm to the face, yet Soho continues to battle back with a flurry of punches. She charges in with a couple of big boots in the corner before driving her face-first into the middle turnbuckle pad. She thinks about a Senton but Melo moves and then nails Soho with a big kick to the face, and Soho kicks out just in time and the two then trade slaps and chops.

Melo can connect with a piledriver but that doesn't get the job done, and she then tries to break Soho's nose again but she reverses and knees her in the face before hitting the Destination Unkown. 

Winner: Ruby Soho

After the match, Anna Jay comes in and attacks Soho from behind. She drives Soho on her face, putting pressure on the broken nose again. 

"Hangman" Adam Page is backstage and says he doesn't know when he is cleared. He recalls being in the ambulance on the way to the hospital and he couldn't remember his own son's name for an hour. He says that is hell, and if Moxley wants to fight this Friday and tempt him back to hell, he's going to kick his ass for it. 

MJF (c) vs. Ricky Starks (AEW World Championship & Dynamite Diamond Ring Match)

MJF gets a couple of strong shots to start, hitting Ricky Starks' pose for good measure as he avoids being tripped and struts around the ring. Starks then gets the best of his opponent which angers the champion as he goes out into the crowd to throw their popcorn. When he comes back the challenger goes for several pinfall attempts, but he isn't able to catch the champion out so he then nails a strong clothesline instead. 


MJF turns things around with a poke to the eye, and he then hangs Starks out to dry as he spills to the floor. MJF continues his dominance with a rake across the back, which is followed by Starks being driven into the turnbuckles. The champion then locks in an abdominal stretch as he increases the pressure due to his knuckles. Starks counters with a hip toss and then a big lariat which drops his opponent. 

Starks gets a shot to the jaw and then a big back elbow in the corner before an exploding lariat as he then uses the ropes to run up and hit a DDT, rocking the champion. Starks then nails a Liger Bomb, and that almost gets the job done! MJF responds by focusing on the arm of his opponent, which includes driving onto it from the top turnbuckle. The two men then brawl and go back and forth, but another eye poke by MJF creates breathing room only for him to turn into a big boot. 


MJF responds with a stiff rolling elbow, but when Starks hits the ropes he bounces back with a Spear, but he's unable to capitalize as they're both doing. MJF lures him in though, and when Starks goes for the pinfall he reverses into the Salt Of The Earth, and MJF then yanks the other arm and a leg back to try to stop a break, but Starks gets his other leg there just in time.

MJF goes for the move again but it is reversed into a pinfall attempt, yet MJF kicks out only to eat a thrust kick, but as he goes for his finisher MJF scurries away. He then hides behind the official and after that nails Starks with a low kick, and that allows him to get a roll-up to defend the title. 

Winner (and still AEW World Champion): MJF

However, as MJF gets to the top of the ramp he is met by...Bryan Danielson! The American Dragon chases MJF down to the ring and the champion escapes up to the fans as Danielson stares him down.