Chris Jericho On Teddy Hart: 'Teddy Had Chances'

For a recent episode of his "Talk is Jericho" podcast, Chris Jericho had filmmaker Frederick Kroetsch on as a guest. Kroetsch's Peacock docuseries "Dangerous Breed" covers Hart's controversial lifestyle, with an emphasis on the 2016 disappearance of his former girlfriend Samantha Fiddler. On the show, Jericho reflected on Teddy Hart's past chances and his squandering of those opportunities.

"So, just a little of a background is Teddy had chances," Jericho said. "I specifically remember telling him in probably 2014 or '15, we had a show in Calgary, a WWE show in Edmonton — 'Go to Edmonton tomorrow, I will get you booked on the show. You better be there.'" Jericho continued, "He was like, 'I'll be there,' and I think he showed up, but I think he showed up late. It was one of those things where like, 'Don't, I will get you on the show. You better be there,' and he didn't."

Jericho said he believes deep down inside that Hart is a good guy, but he also shared that anytime Hart would be given a chance, he would do something like no-show or arrive late, telling a story involving Konnan to further illustrate his point. "Konnan was another guy that really wanted to help Teddy a lot as well," Jericho explained. "I know at one point he was like, 'I really need you to reel Teddy in. There's no entourage allowed, he needs to be on time.'" Kroetsch added that Hart ultimately showed up late in Tijuana and with an entourage. 

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