Maki Itoh Comments On Her Absence From AEW Programming

Popular Joshi star Maki Itoh has discussed not having much of a presence on AEW TV. Itoh primarily works for TJPW in Japan, but her popularity has grown internationally. She's been able to score some matches on AEW programming, but she's mostly been seen on "AEW Dark: Elevation."

Itoh recently spoke to Steve Fall for During the interview, Itoh weighed in on not making as many appearances on AEW as some may have expected.

"So, she doesn't actually know the reason why she wasn't on TV at all," Itoh said through a translator. "Maybe it's just AEW booking, she's not very sure. She didn't have a problem like, you know, working visa because it's a long process to get a person there for a long time, right? But recently thanks to the team at AEW, she could have a visa for more long-term appearances. So, who knows? Maybe next time."

Itoh admitted that she doesn't get a chance to communicate with Tony Khan often. She said that Khan is often busy, and is always "running around backstage." Itoh said the times she has been able to talk to Khan, the AEW boss has given her praise.

Itoh then discussed her main goals for 2023. She has two in mind. "For her aim in 2023 in Japan, she wants to get a title belt, obviously. She feels like maybe a tag team title belt would be really nice just about now. For America, obviously, she wants to go back to being on AEW television again."

Itoh said that it's difficult to make a big splash in America if she isn't on TV often. So, she's hoping to leave a significant impact when she does get another opportunity.

Please credit with a H/T to Wrestling Inc. for the transcription.