Matt Stone Returns To Wrestling And Sets His Next Match

Former "WWE NXT" star Matt Stone (fka Danny Burch) announced his return to the ring on December 18 at a Championship District Wrestling event. 

In his promo, Stone announced that he will be returning to the ring to face August Artois at the next Championship District Wrestling event on January 15. Stone and Artois have been going back and forth on social media. 


"2022 has been a very interesting year for me, said Stone. "I lost everything professionally and personally. I'm embarrassed to say it, but life started to look good through the bottom of a bottle. Just when someone pulled me outta there. He claims he's a '2 years old vet.' He claims he doesn't have to do anything else to get better. Yeah. I'm talking about you. August Artois. A 2-year vet in your own head. Oh, 'I'm real. I'm raw.' Pfft, mate.

"Do me a favor – All these jibes on social media. Nah, mate, I'm not having it anymore. So, um, I'm cleared. January 15th, I think I'm gonna take a little trip down to Georgia. But, more importantly, on January 15th, I think I'm gonna take a little trip to Championship District Wrestling and I can show you. The fact that every single person that's come before you is more real and rawer than you will ever be. January 15th, sunshine let's see if you can go one on one with the Guvnor. I'll see you soon you stupid Prat."


Stone has not wrestled anywhere since his WWE release on January 5. During his WWE career, he held the "NXT" Tag Team championship with Oney Lorcan and his last match was on August 24, 2021. Stone was also in a stable with Lorcan, Ridge Holland, and Butch.