WWE Hall Of Famer Recounts The Time Mark Henry Pushed A Greyhound Bus Up A Hill

There's only one thing to compare Mark Henry's strength to and that's "a silverback gorilla," according to WWE Hall of Famer Tony Atlas.

During a recent autograph signing with K&S WrestleFest, Atlas answered questions about his career in pro wrestling. While showing off a signed drawing he did of Henry, Atlas was asked justĀ how strong "The World's Strongest Man" really is, leading to quite the story.

"We were all in Europe and we were parked at the bottom of the Coliseum," Atlas began, explaining the parking lot was at the bottom of a hill. "Every time we'd leave a town ... when we'd leave that country, we'd have a toast to the country and a good performance. Undertaker being the gentleman he is, he invited the bus driver." Unfortunately for the WWF talent on the bus, Atlas said "the bus driver turned the bus off and forgot to turn the lights off."

"So by the time we got back, the battery was dead," he said. "To get the bus started, you've either got to jump it or kick-start it, so we decided to kick-start it, but the bus had to go uphill. So we were pushing and pushing and pushing and finally Mark Henry got tired of us making a fool of ourselves, he moved us out of the way and started pushing the bus uphill. This is a Greyhound bus."

Atlas also claimed Henry once picked up a car that was stuck and slid it over to the side of the road by himself, moving the front over first and then the back. Atlas also said the first time Henry ever attempted a bench press he did 400 pounds.

"That's how strong Mark Henry is," Atlas said. "The thing that made Mark Henry so amazing ... is he never used steroids a day in his life."