Wes Brisco Opens Up About His Uncle's Death

Wes Brisco has recalled the day his uncle, Jack, passed away. Jack died on February 1, 2010, due to complications from cardiac surgery. Brisco discussed his uncle's passing during a recent appearance on "Stories With Brisco And Bradshaw."

"The day that he was supposed to come watch me wrestle was the day that me and Xavier Woods won the tag team championship, and he passed away," Brisco said. "I never wanted him to see me wrestle until I got the opportunity to be where I knew that I could actually wrestle. When I finally got to that level, he passed away. He was supposed to be there. I remember Steve Keirn and Dusty [Rhodes] pulling me to the side, and they wanted to tell me before I guess I found out through the Internet that my uncle passed."

Brisco said that Keirn, who was the FCW President, and Rhodes told him that he didn't have to wrestle on the day Jack passed away. Brisco said his uncle wouldn't have been happy if he didn't perform. Brisco said he hopes that Jack saw his steel cage match with Kurt Angle from heaven.

When it came to not letting Jack watch his matches until he was ready, Brisco admitted he's like his father, Gerald, in that regard. He said at the time, he just wasn't physically where he needed to be, and that he wasn't going to invite someone he idolized to watch him in that state.

Brisco and Woods captured the FCW Tag Team Championship on November 4, 2010. The reign only lasted 27 days as the titles were vacated due to Brisco's injury.

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