WWE Files New Trademarks For Multiple Inspirational Slogans

WWE filed five new trademark applications last Friday, none of which have clear ties to any wrestler or existing marketing campaign. News of the registrations was first reported by WrestlingNews.co. What exactly these registrations are intended for is anyone's guess, although new marketing tie-ins for WWE's "Be a STAR" anti-bullying program feels like one possibility. 


The five new trademark registrations are for DESIRE. DETERMINATION. DESTINY., FROM DREAMS TO DESTINY, INSPIRE THE IMPOSSIBLE, ALL HEART ALL IN, and HERE THE STARS ALIGN. All the registrations cover the same large, vague swath of "entertainment services" that WWE tends to use for their trademark filings. Leaving out some of the more redundant examples, they include, but are not limited to: 

Services like "the production and exhibition of wrestling performances," and "a continuing program about sports and entertainment," are typical of a usual WWE filing.

Some more specific ones seem to point to newer fields for the company, such as "fitness instruction," a contest "designed to reward program participants who exercise, make healthy eating choices, and engage in other health-promoting activities," "an on-line computer game," and a website where people "can receive advice from an individual or entity concerning happiness, such advice being for entertainment purposes only." These uses seem to indicate that WWE will not only be getting involved in fitness but possibly mental health as well.


Other uses listed include "fantasy sports leagues," "online, non-downloadable virtual goods, namely, action figures, trading cards, posters, artwork, clothing, headwear, footwear, games, championship replica belts, watches, clocks, jewelry, backpacks, notebooks, calendars, wallpaper, and fabric for use in virtual environments created for entertainment purposes," "online virtual reality game services featuring crypto tokens for use in virtual worlds; entertainment information; ticket reservation and booking services for entertainment, sporting and cultural events," and finally "entertainment in the nature of e-sports competitions," which all appear to deal with the burgeoning "web3" trend that includes cryptocurrency and NFTs.