WWE Star Comments On The Great Muta

WWE star Shinsuke Nakamura will be starting 2023 off with a bang, as he gets to face one of his dream opponents in The Great Muta. Not only that, but the encounter is planned to be Muta's last singles match. During an interview with Pro Wrestling NOAH, who's hosting the bout, Nakamura offered some thoughts on his legendary opponent.


"It was a surprise to me," Nakamura said. "Unbelievable was my honest reaction that it [actually became a reality]. I've been watching him since before I became a wrestler. He was an idol to me first, but as I became a wrestler, I don't think like that. Different from Keiji Muto, another personality of him. He has his own world and rhythm." Nakamura originally made a play to face Muta in his last match early in 2022, but the old WWE regime wasn't onboard with the idea. However, with Triple H taking over as WWE's Chief Content Officer, and the help of Sonny Onoo, Nakamura's dream match came to fruition.

"Since it's [my] first and last match with him, [and] Great Muta may also disappear from this world, it's worthy enough for me to make myself move," Nakamura said. When asked what his favorite Muta match was, Nakamura picked Genichiro Tenryu & Riki Choshu vs. Keiji Muto & Masahiro Chono from 1994's NJPW Battle Line Kyushu. He was screaming at his TV in the middle of the night. When hearing about Muta retiring, Nakamura had mixed feelings. "I felt one generation fading out and moving to the new generation. Actually, I thought he was really tough," he said, noting he fought Muta twice in NJPW, albeit under the Keiji Muto persona. "I thought, 'Is he still gonna fight?' But even after that, hes started to fight for the belt in NOAH, I really felt his toughness."