Eric Bischoff Reflects On Problems With TNA's 6-Sided Ring And X-Division

While Impact Wrestling currently has a four-sided ring, as most promotions within the United States of America do, there was a time when they used the six-sided ring. The six-sided ring created a different element than every other major wrestling promotion in the country and is one still seen today with AAA pay-per-view rings in Mexico. Despite some fans wanting the six-sided ring to return to Impact Wrestling over the years, WWE Hall of Famer Eric Bischoff had not-so-positive feelings regarding the style. Bischoff revealed who was behind the getting rid of the six-sided ring.


"It was more me than Hulk," Bischoff said while on "83 Weeks." "I hated it ... The reason I heard [the six-sided ring began], and this just inspired me, even more, to make that six-sided ring vaporize was that 'Yeah, but, if someone is clicking through the channels, they're going to see that ring and go, 'Maybe I'll stop here and watch.” What is that? ... I couldn't buy into that, and maybe I was wrong. But, in my head, in my heart, in my gut, I went, 'That's silly.'"

Another part of Impact Wrestling's history that has been heavily featured in the company's history is the X-Division. The X-Division has been touted as a title that is not about weight limits, but it is about no limits and has often been reserved for those with natural athletic gifting and a high-flying style. Despite the X-Division being praised over the years, Bischoff revealed why he does not believe it was unique. "There was no differentiation, there was no weight limit ... there was no positioning of the X-Division other than the only rule is that there are no rules, which by the way, was the same situation as almost every other match in TNA."