Former Impact Star Reflects On Relationship With Dixie Carter

Don't expect Nick Aldis to share negative stories about Dixie Carter. Aldis wrestled in TNA (now known as Impact Wrestling) as Magnus from 2008-2015 during Carter's tenure as president of the company, and he became TNA World Heavyweight Champion in 2013. Appearing on "The Universal Wrestling Podcast," the British star discussed Carter's role in his career.


"I didn't really have anybody sort of in my corner except for Dixie, which was not necessarily a good thing," Aldis said. "It was a good thing for me, and I will say that I see a lot of stuff get said about Dixie, and for me, it's always important for me to mention that I would not have had a career in the United States without her. Certainly not at the age I did, anyway."

Aldis, 36, said he believes he had the stigma of being Carter's hand-picked talent. He said then people accused him of being Jeff Jarrett's guy, then Billy Corgan's chosen one. 

Aldis said he still considers Carter a friend. He expressed his belief that Carter's heart was in the right place "most of the time" and said he keeps in touch with her and her family. He made it clear that while Carter was "ruthless" in her decision-making at times, he doesn't believe it was different than any other wrestling promoter in the history of the industry.


As far as Carter's reputation of being a "clueless, ditzy, kind of easily manipulated person," Aldis said Carter was well aware of that narrative. He feels Carter may have overcompensated due to that portrayal of her by sometimes ruling with an iron fist.

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