Brian Milonas Recalls Vince McMahon Popping Up At Indie Show

Brian Milonas had quite an unforgettable moment inside the ring back in 2007. Milano knew that John Cena would play a big role in one of his title matches on the independent circuit, but he had no clue that Vince McMahon would eventually make his way to the ring.


Milonas was putting the Chaotic Wrestling Heavyweight Championship on the line against Rick Fuller. Cena was the special guest referee for the match. Milonas said Cena was in familiar territory because when he was first on the road for WWE, he got in some work at the Chaotic Training Center on his off days.

During an appearance on Pop Anime Comic's "Conversations in Pop Culture," Milonas recalled Cena keeping McMahon's surprise appearance under wraps.

"He, in the afternoon, sort of lays out the finish of the match, like, very meticulously," Milonas said. "I didn't think anything of it at the time, though, because like, 'Ah, he's a WWE Champion. He probably just wants things a certain way,' but little did I know."


Milonas said that only Cena, Cena's father, and former Chaotic Wrestling owner Jamie Jamitkowski knew McMahon would appear. Milonas said at first, people thought the photo he had with McMahon was photoshopped because it was a surreal moment.

Milonas said his efforts to use the footage for his career just haven't panned out.

"WWE shot it, by the way," Milano said. "WWE has footage of this. So, I have friends there who have tried to get them to find it, unarchive it, and play it and it just didn't work out. I also tried to broker a deal between Chaotic and Ring of Honor when I was in Ring of Honor for Ring of Honor to be able to use the footage."