Molly Holly Is Impressed By Changes She's Seen To WWE Culture

Molly Holly is now a producer at WWE and has nothing but positive things to say about the changes in the backstage culture.

The WWE Hall Of Famer was doing a virtual signing for Highspots and was asked what she has currently been up to and filled the audience in on her new role at WWE.


"It's really an honor for me because Dean Malenko was like a mentor to me and he was an agent for so many years and Fit Finlay whom I love and so now to be in the same role that they were for me it's really special for me to help the young talent, be encouraged on a rough day or to help them have the best show possible," she said. Holly notes how her being away from the company for so long has allowed her to give more of a fan's take as to how the product is presented. She loves the aspect of that but notes something else that is different backstage.

"Just the way that they treat the performers is way better than it was back in the day. So much of it is the professionalism. There's no discrimination, no sexual harassment, all these things that maybe show business, in general, had been known for I've felt like since I've been there, I've been so impressed with the way the company is run."


She mentions how an old-timer went backstage at a show recently and tried to tell old "war stories" of drugs and prostitution and didn't get the warm reception they expected from the WWE locker room.

"It's not cool to abuse women or do drugs anymore," Holly said.