Impact Hard To Kill 2023 Results (1/13): Jordynne Grace Vs. Mickie James In Career Vs. Title Main Event, Josh Alexander Vs. Bully Ray

Impact Wrestling presented its Hard to Kill pay-per-view from Center Stage in Atlanta, Georgia Friday night.

The main show was preceded by the Countdown to Hard to Kill preshow. KUSHIDA won a six-way match over Angels, Yuya Uemura, Mike Jackson, Bhupinder Gujjar, and Mike Bailey. KUSHIDA forced Angels to submit to earn the victory. The match saw outside interference by Kenny King, who attacked Bailey. Also, Trey Miguel retained the X-Division Championship against Black Taurus.


The pay-per-view opened with a moment of silence and ten bell salute to the late former TNA commentator Don West.

Impact World Championship Full Metal Mayhem Match: Bully Ray vs. Josh Alexander (c)

It didn't take long for things to get bloody. Alexander was bleeding before the match officially began. After the bell rang, Bully hit a powerbomb on Alexander for a near fall. Alexander rallied and soon drew blood from Bully, using a cheese grater to aggravate the wound to Bully's head.

Later, Alexander retrieved a bag of tacks from under the ring and poured them out across the mat. Bully avoided the immediate danger and the fight went outside the ring. Alexander set up Bully on a table on the entrance stage. Alexander set up a ladder on the entrance ramp and climbed to the top but Bully tipped the ladder and Alexander was sent crashing back into the ring, onto the tacks.


Alexander put Bully in an ankle lock and used a chain wrapped around Bully's neck to add extra agony to the hold. Jason Hotch and John Skyler interfered at this point to break up the submission hold and help Bully hit 3D on Alexander, but Alexander managed to kick out.

Hotch and Skyler used zip ties to tie Alexander to the top rope. Tommy Dreamer came down to the ring and took out Hotch and Skyler. Bully handed a trash can to Dreamer and Dreamer appeared to be thinking about hitting Alexander. However, Dreamer turned and smashed Bully with it after all. Bully managed to shake that off and speared Dreamer through a table set up in the corner.

Alexander is still tied to the top rope and Bully smashed him in the head with a trash can multiple times but Alexander kept shaking off the blows and screaming at Bully. At this point, Alexander's wife Jennifer was seen coming down through the crowd toward ringside. She got in the ring and stood between Bully and Alexander, begging Bully to stop. Bully demanded Jennifer give him her wedding ring. Instead, she hit him with a low blow. She hit an Acid Drop on Bully and cut Alexander free.

Alexander got a chair and smashed Bully in the face. Alexander set up Bully on a table in the ring and set up a ladder on the entrance ramp. Alexander climbed to the top and hit a splash that sent Bully through the table in the ring. Somehow, Bully kicked out. Alexander immediately grabbed an ankle lock and Bully finally submitted.


Winner and still Impact World Champion: Josh Alexander

Surprise Appearances

Impact World Tag Team Championship 4-Way Elimination Match: Ace Austin & Chris Bey vs. Heath & Rhino vs. Major Players (Matt Cardona & Brian Myers) vs. Motor City Machine Guns (Alex Shelley & Chris Sabin) (c)


Heath and Rhino were the first team eliminated. Austin then pinned Myers with The Fold to eliminate the Major Players. Finally, the MCMGs finished off Austin & Bey to retain the titles.

Winners and still Impact World Tag Team Champions: Motor City Machine Guns

After the match, Frankie Kazarian made his entrance. He congratulated the MCMGs and headed to the ring where he announced that has left All Elite Wrestling and signed a new full-time contract with Impact.

Digital Media Championship Match: Moose vs. Joe Hendry (c)

Moose appeared to have the title won after he hit Hendry with a low blow and a spear. However, Moose's celebration was short-lived as Santino Marella made his debut as Impact's new Director of Authority and ordered the match be restarted. Hendry quickly rallied and pinned Moose for the win.


Winner and still Impact Digital Media Champion: Joe Hendry

Number One Contenders Match: Masha Slamovich vs. Deonna Purrazzo vs. Taylor Wilde vs. Killer Kelly

Slamovich used a Snow Plow on Wilde to squash all three of her opponents and pinned Wilde for the win.

Winner: Masha Slamovich

Falls Count Anywhere In Atlanta: Steve Maclin vs. Rich Swann

This started backstage and quickly spilled outside the building, where Swann hit a cutter on Maclin on the sidewalk. They made their way back inside to the ringside area. Maclin eventually hit a DDT to Swann on a ramp set up on a stairway for fans heading into the arena and that got the pin.

Winner: Steve Maclin

'The Last Rodeo'

Jonathan Gresham vs. Eddie Edwards

Edwards pinned Gresham with the Boston Knee Party.

Winner: Eddie Edwards

After the match, PCO made his surprise return to Impact and attacked Edwards.

Title vs. Career: Mickie James vs. Knockouts World Champion Jordynne Grace


James had a big entrance with Native American performers and she had members of her family at ringside, including her son. No sign of her husband, Nick Aldis. Tara was also shown at ringside.

Grace displays a clear power advantage early in the match despite James' attempts to antagonize her and perhaps lure her into making a mistake. James managed to hit her signature DDT but Grace kicked out. After escaping several attempts by Grace to finish her off with a rear naked choke, James hit a swinging DDT and that was enough for the pin.

Winner and new Knockouts World Champion: Mickie James

Tara enters the ring to celebrate with Mickie. And eventually, Mickie's son and other family members also join her in the ring to celebrate as the pay-per-view ends.