Mick Foley Had WWE Team Help Him During This Famous Match

Many fans remember the 1998 Royal Rumble pay-per-view event for "Stone Cold" Steve Austin's big Rumble match win, and the Casket Match between Shawn Michaels and The Undertaker that saw Kane setting a casket that The Undertaker was locked in, or so we thought, on fire.

Fans may also remember the "Three Faces of Foley" on display in the Rumble match. Mick Foley was the first entrant in the match as Cactus Jack. After being eliminated by Terry Funk, who entered the match as "Chainsaw Charlie," Foley returned as Mankind and got his revenge by tossing Funk out of the match. Foley's night wasn't done once Mankind was eliminated. That's because he donned the Dude Love attire and returned again.

On a recent edition of "Foley Is Pod," the WWE Hall of Famer recalled what the WWE crew helped him with that night.

"There'd be a team of people working on me," Foley said. "I'd come back and there'd be people — I'd probably have the one boot going on [while someone was working on the other], and even when it came time to put on the other boot, we had someone moving here and here."

Foley had to go through this numerous times throughout his career. He revealed what he would've changed.

"I have shoes to unlace," Foley said. "I was a 17-and-a half-inch man. I wore all three characters at the boots that went up almost to the knees. I think Mankind's are probably 15, Cactus went way up there. If I had to change one thing, it would've been Velcro all the way around. I would've invested in Velcro for all three of those pairs of boots."

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