The Blue Meanie Credits WWE HOFer For Wrestlers Making More Money

Many professional wrestlers within major organizations such as WWE and AEW make a very good amount of money — with some of the higher-level and main-event stars earning millions a year. Wrestlers did not always have guaranteed contracts that paid a good amount of money, which was a factor in Scott Hall leaving WWE for WCW in 1996 — where he went on to form the NWO. The Blue Meanie — who was involved in a group in ECW that was a parody of the NWO known as the Blue World Order — addressed Hall's importance to pro wrestlers today and how he helped the business.

"Scott Hall, talk about a great guy, a great visionary," Meanie said appearing on "WrestleBinge By Sportskeeda." "A lot of pro wrestlers make a lot of money today because Scott Hall had the vision to go from WWE to WCW which made Vince start paying wrestlers guaranteed money. You know, and so, a lot of wrestlers who make decent, really good money today owe Scott Hall."

The BWO was a separate entity from the NWO, however, both groups saw a massive amount of popularity over the years — with BWO being one of the hottest acts in ECW history during the 1990s. Meanie revealed Hall's opinion on the BWO. "When it comes to the BWO, he was really cool with it," Meanie said. "All the NWO members were very cool with the BWO and that makes it even more worth it that, you know, 25 years, or almost 30 years later people still talk about the BWO ... That is all in part to Scott Hall and his vision of saying, 'No, I need to go from WWE to WCW,' and created the Monday Night Wars."