Sami Zayn Recalls Terrifying WWE Spot

"The Honorary Uce" Sami Zayn has been a staple of WWE programming for a decade now, first climbing his way to the top of "NXT" and then dishing out several unforgettable stories on the main roster. One battle in particular Zayn wasn't even part of but still had a major role to play in what transpired. Sami revealed to The Detroit News that the 2017 Hell in a Cell match between Kevin Owens and Shane McMahon where Sami pulls Kevin off the announce table just as Shane jumps 20 feet off the roof of the Cell left him "terrified."

"You're talking about micro split-second timing. I almost felt like this is beyond the scope of what we should be qualified to do as pro wrestlers, but it's one of the many hats we wear. We're not just performing wrestling maneuvers, on this level there's also storytelling and stunt work and sometimes you're your own travel agent, your own booking agent, your own manager, your own stylist, and your own everything else. And sometimes you're also your own stunt coordinator."

This extremely dangerous act was different from any typical spot wrestlers could practice time and time again like the typical top-rope maneuver. The three men had only one chance to get it correct, and thankfully, it turned out how they planned it. Shane hit the table with a dull thud as Zayn pulled Owens to safety.

"It just kind of reinforced how unique and insane what we do actually is. And when I stop to think about it, it's kind of insulting that we don't get the respect we deserve when it comes to this sort of thing in the world of entertainment. What we do is beyond just flying without a safety net. There's nothing that even compares."