Matt Hardy Describes Text Jeff Hardy Sent After Jay Briscoe's Passing

Matt Hardy detailed the text he received from his brother, Jeff, after news broke that Jay Briscoe had died in a car accident in Delaware on Tuesday. Briscoe was eight days shy of turning 39 and was one-half of the ROH World Tag Team Champions with his brother, Mark. The Briscoe brothers were in the midst of their 13th run with the ROH tag team gold.

"One of the first texts I saw whenever I woke up from napping and heard this, just, awful news was from Jeff," Matt Hardy said on Episode 55 of "The Extreme Life of Matt Hardy. "He just said, 'Hey, I don't know if you heard about Jay Briscoe. I hope you're getting to where you're going tonight safely. I love you, and I hope you're good.' It's very important to tell people that you love that you love them because you never know when your last day can be."

Matt got emotional discussing how important it is to see his children develop and be happy and successful adults. He said he knows how much that meant to Briscoe for his own kids. Matt said the tragedy crushes him and it's a harsh reminder that life can be taken away at any moment.

The Hardys and the Briscoes squared off on two occasions. They clashed on OMEGA's "Chaos In Cameron" in 2014 and had an ROH World Tag Team Championship match in 2017.

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