WWE SmackDown Results (01/20) - Roman Reigns And Kevin Owens Contract Signing, First-Round Tag Team Title Tournament Match, And More

Welcome to Wrestling Inc.'s results of "WWE SmackDown" on January 20, 2023, coming to you live from the Little Caesars Arena in Detroit, Michigan!

Undisputed WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns and "The Prizefighter" Kevin Owens will be signing the contract tonight for their upcoming title match at "Royal Rumble" on January 28. Owens has made it his mission to put an end to The Bloodline once and for all after months of animosity. The latest encounter between the two parties occurred last week when Solo Sikoa and The Usos blindsided Owens with an attack (that ultimately ended with Owens being put through the announce desk) to cause a disqualification in his match with Sami Zayn. What will happen when the two men come face-to-face?

Speaking of The Bloodline, The Usos' will become one step closer in determining who their new number one contenders will be for the "SmackDown" Tag Team Championship, as Sheamus and Drew McIntyre will be joining forces to take on The Viking Raiders in a first-round match for the "SmackDown" Tag Team Title Tournament. McIntyre and Sheamus failed to capture the championship two weeks ago, and were attacked by Erik and Ivar following the match after the show had gone off the air. A frustrated McIntyre and Sheamus went to WWE official Adam Pearce last week to request a match against the duo, and Pearce then informed them of the tournament. Who will advance to the next round?

Additionally, reigning "SmackDown" Women's Champion Charlotte Flair is also advertised to appear on tonight's show.

We are live! The show kicks off with a video recapping the events of the match between Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens last week. We then see The Bloodline pulling up to the arena. Sami Zayn fist bumps The Usos and Solo Sikoa, then looks to do the same with Reigns, but Reigns declines to do so.

Back at ringside, Michael Cole and Wade Barrett greet audiences at home as Sheamus and Drew McIntyre head to the ring, followed by The Viking Raiders and Valhalla.

Sheamus and Drew McIntyre vs. The Viking Raiders (w/ Valhalla) In A First-Round Match For The SmackDown Tag Team Title Tournament

The Raiders waste no time and surprise Sheamus and McIntyre with an attack. Ivar and McIntyre spill to the outside as Sheamus and Erik go at it in the ring. The bell rings and Sheamus sends Erik and himself over the top rope. He tosses him into the barricade, then gets him back in the ring before delivering the Ten Beats of the Bodhran. Erik hits him from behind, but Sheamus manages to get the upper hand and delivers the Twelve Beats of the Bodhran. He gets him up on his shoulders and ascends to the middle rope as he looks for White Noise, but Erik escapes and tosses him to the outside. Ivar tags in and delivers a crossbody on the outside, sandwiching Sheamus between himself and the barricade.

Back from the break, Erik beats down Sheamus in the center of the ring before tagging in Ivar. Ivar delivers a right hand, then tags Erik back in. Sheamus manages to deliver the Irish Curse Backbreaker, then makes the hot tag to McIntyre. Ivar tags in and McIntyre delivers a pair of clotheslines, followed by a shoulder tackle and a neckbreaker. He delivers a back elbow and a Michinoku Driver, then goes for a pin but Ivar kicks out. He gets Ivar up on his shoulders, but Ivar escapes and tags in Erik. Erik delivers a splash in the corner, then tags Ivar back in. The two men ascend to the top rope before McIntyre looks for a superplex. Erik hangs McIntyre upside down on the turnbuckle, but Sheamus levels him with White Noise. McIntyre then pulls Ivar off the top.

Back from another break, Ivar delivers a series of back elbows to McIntyre. McIntyre delivers a lariat, then hits the Future Shock DDT. He sets up for the Claymore Kick, but Ivar catches him with a spinning heel kick. Sheamus and Erik tag in. Both men pummel each other with right hands before Sheamus gets the upper hand and plants Erik. He sets up for the Brogue Kick, but Valhalla distracts him, allowing Erik to plant him. Ivar tags in and ascends to the top. He delivers a Frog Splash, then goes for a pin but Sheamus kicks out. Ivar tags back in and charges at Sheamus, but Sheamus catches him with a knee. He follows it up with the Brogue Kick for the win.

Winners: Sheamus and Drew McIntyre

We head backstage to Roman Reigns and Paul Heyman preparing for the contract signing. Sami Zayn walks in and asks if everything is cool, given how he greeted him in the parking garage. Reigns said he saw what happened last week and asks Zayn for the truth. Zayn says he was a little disapointed with how things played out and said he felt slighted that he wasn't aware of the plan. Reigns bluntly tells Zayn to get out because he doesn't want to hear the same thing every week. He tells him to find Kevin Owens and his own Bloodline. 

Back from the break, we head backstage to Raquel Rodriguez. She says she is counting down the days until she enters the Royal Rumble for the first time in her home state of Texas, and is excited to have her family watch on live.

Back at ringside, LA Knight heads to the ring. Greg Jones already waits inside.

Knight grabs a mic and asks someone to help Bray Wyatt figure out what's going on. He says Wyatt is not Uncle Howdy one week, but is the next. He tells Wyatt he should've stayed away from him because whether it's pitch black or broad daylight, he will come out on top.

LA Knight vs. Brent Jones

The bell rings and the two lock up. Wyatt's logo flashes on the Titan Tron twice, allowing Jones to hit a few right hands. Knight fires back with a clothesline and BFT for the win.

Winner: LA Knight

Firefly Funhouse Returns!

The introduction for Firefly Funhouse then plays on the Titan Tron before we pan across all the characters. We then pan over to Wyatt, who welcomes fans back to the Firefly Funhouse. He says that while the place is a mess, he's working on it. He says he can't wait to have fun with his friends once again. Ramblin Rabbit says he's afraid of the upcoming Pitch Black match at the Rumble, and Wyatt tells him that fear of the dark is normal. He tells Knight he should be scared.

Uncle Howdy then appears and says he told him so. He says all he needed was a little push. Wyatt then comes back on and tells Knight he hopes he's satisfied he opened the door because whatever comes through is on him.

Back from the break, Los Lotharios head to the ring followed by Hit Row.

Hit Row (w/ B-Fab) vs. Los Lotharios In A First-Round Match For The SmackDown Tag Team Title Tournament

Humberto and Adonis begin the action. The bell rings and the two lock up. Garza tags in and delivers a superkick. Adonis fires back with a drop kick, then tags in Top Dolla. Top Dolla tosses Garza across the ring, but Garza rolls to the outside. He delivers a chop, then tosses Garza back in the ring.

Humberto and Adonis tag in. Humberto delivers a back elbow, then follows it up with an enziguri that sends him to the outside. He follows it up with a tope suicida, then tosses him back in the ring and follows, but B-Fab grabs his leg while the referee is distracted. This allows Adonis to roll him up for the win.

Winners: Hit Row

We then head to a video of Cody Rhodes' recovery journey from his pectoral injury.

We Hear From Charlotte Flair

Flair says it's great to be in Detroit, but it seems that Sonya Deville has a problem with her. She tells Deville if she has a problem with her, then she should say it to her face woman to woman.

Deville's music hits and she heads to the ring. She asks Flair if she things what Detroit wants, then says all she cares about is what she wants: another title opportunity. She says Flair doesn't think of her as worthy, then says every time she walks through the curtain, she is a star. She calls Flair "arrogant and entitled" for not seeing her star power.

Flair says she sees her as a star and always has, but asks her if she's saying all the other women in the back aren't stars. She asks what she thinks is so special about herself, then says she's not the entitled and arrogant one in the ring. She says she called her shot and lost, in addition to tapping out. She tells Deville to focus on the Rumble, but if she wants to fight, she'll do it now. Deville declines her challenge, then says there's nothing in it for her. She goes to leave, but turns around and says she'll fight her if she puts her title on the line.

Adam Pearce heads to the ring and says he thought he made himself clear, but Deville cuts him off by taking a cheap shot at Flair. Pearce then tells Deville they need to have a talk as she retreats.

We head backstage to Roman Reigns and Paul Heyman. Reigns asks Heyman if he can believe this and Heyman says he supports whatever Reigns wants. He suggests to Reigns that it's better for him to have Zayn on his side rather than Owens' side.

Back from the break, The Brawling Brutes head to the ring followed by Imperium.

Imperium vs. The Brawling Brutes In A First-Round Match For The SmackDown Tag Team Title Tournament

Holland and Vinci begin the action. The bell rings and the two lock up. Holland delivers a chop and an arm drag, then tags in Butch. Butch ascends to the top and delivers a double stomp. Kaiser tags in and plants Butch, then stomps on his hands before Butch returns the favor.

Back from the break, Holland tags in and delivers a pair of clotheslines to Kaiser. He follows it up with a running powerslam, then tags in Butch. Butch delivers a moonsault off the apron, then locks in an Ankle Lock. Kaiser escapes and tags in Vinci. Vinci ascends to the top rope and goes flying, then delivers a Tornado DDT.

Holland and Kaiser tag in. Kaiser dellivers a kick, but Holland fires back with a headbutt and a double underhook throw. Vinci delivers a Brianbuster to Butch on the outside as Kaiser beats down Holland. Vinci then tags in and Imperium deliver the Imperium Bomb for the win.

Winner: Imperium

We head backstage to Sami Zayn. Paul Heyman walks in and tells Zayn that Roman Reigns would like to see him.

Back from the break, we head to a video from Shayna Baszler. She tells all the other women in the locker room to stay away from her in the Royal Rumble because she will tear them limb from limb.

We then head to a video hyping up "Raw is XXX".

We head to a video from Karrion Kross and Scarlett. He addresses his upcoming match with Rey Mysterio at "Royal Rumble". He says he normally gets hyped up for a match, but he isn't this time because Rey can't decide if he wants to bea family man. He says that once he beats Rey, he will take out twenty nine other Superstars in the Rumble.

Back at ringside, Legado Del Fantasma head down followed by Maximum Male Models.

Legado Del Fantasma (w/ Santos Escobar and Zelina Vega) vs. Maximum Male Models In A First-Round Match For The SmackDown Tag Team Title Tournament

Wilde and Mån.sôör begin the action. The bell rings and the two lock up. Mån.sôör delivers an atomic drop, then knocks Wilde out of the ring. Wilde gets back in the ring, then tags in Del Toro. Del Toro beats down Mån.sôör, then tags Wilde back in. Ma.çé delivers a roundhouse kick, then tags Mån.sôör back in. Wilde sends Mån.sôör into the corner before Legado delivers a running knee-side Russian leg sweep combination for the win.

Winners: Legado Del Fantasma

We then head backstage to Roman Reigns and Paul Heyman. Sami Zayn enters and takes a seat. Reigns says he put Heyman in place to council Zayn, and he now understands all he wants is communication. He says Zayn thinks of all the little details and for that reason, they get along. Zayn thanks Reigns and tells him that means the world to him. He says he will always do what's best for The Bloodline first and will do anything Reigns wants him to. Reigns tells him to find The Usos, make sure the SUVs are in place, and make sure their private jet is fuelled up. Zayn thanks Reigns and the two men fist bump.

Back from the break, Roman Reigns, Solo Sikoa, and Paul Heyman head to the ring, with Adam Pearce already waiting inside. 

Roman Reigns and Kevin Owens Sign The Contract For Their Royal Rumble Match

Owens blindsides The Bloodline with a ring. He sends Sikoa to the outside, then delivers a Stunner to Reigns. The Usos head down, but Owens levels them. He sends Jey into the barricade, then delivers a superkick to Jimmy and tosses him into the ring steps. He then gets back in the ring and delivers a Pop-Up Powerbomb to Reigns through the table. He stares down Heyman in the corner, then grabs the contract out of his hand and signs it.

Sami Zayn runs down to the ring and stares down Owens. Owens tosses the contract over to him, then retreats to the crowd before anything else happens.