Buff Bagwell Opens Up About His Sobriety

Buff Bagwell has discussed the transition to sobriety and why he's having more success with it these days. Bagwell's addiction has gotten him in trouble with the law in the past; DUI charges are an example. Bagwell appeared on the "83 Weeks" podcast, and he discussed the importance of aftercare for those looking to get clean.


"I moved into something I've never done before, which is something called aftercare," Bagwell said. "It's something that I always thought, and I've learned with addiction, that 30 days just isn't enough. You always try and think, 'Well, I did 30, so I'm good now,' and I did it three or four times like that, and it's just not."

Bagwell said he's been doing things he didn't know he could do. An example he used was sleeping at night without being medicated. He said he had a pill for everything, and when combined with alcohol, it becomes a "crazy world."

The former WCW star went on to say that he'd always think he had a grasp on staying sober after completing several 30-day recovery programs, but he never truly did. Bagwell credits the aftercare program and having a great support system as the reasons why he's feeling better over a longer period.


Bagwell also said he was trying to fill a void left behind when his WCW days were over with alcohol and drugs, but that things are much different today.

"Now, it seems like I fill it with family, God, love, sobriety, and I've never replaced that void with those things before, but that's what it takes to get to where I'm at, even at the early stages I'm at now," Bagwell said. "It really is just getting started, man."

Please credit Wrestling Inc. for the quotes.