Former WWE Writer Believes Kevin Owens 'Should Be A Much Bigger Star'

Kevin Owens is preparing for another world championship match at WWE Royal Rumble this weekend. It's been six years since Owens last held the Universal Championship, and he has struggled to regain a top prize ever since. While he's had some high-profile feuds in that time, fans often view "The Prizefighter" as someone that WWE hasn't used to his full potential. Former WWE writer Chris Dunn shared that same sentiment during a recent appearance on "Behind Enemy Lines."


"[Kevin Owens] was my favorite wrestler going when I started the job," Dunn said. "He is such an amazing performer. He makes everything you give him better. Brilliant ideas. I think the boat was missed with him a little bit. I feel like he should be a much bigger star, but I think Hunter's going to rectify that. I think he's just a great person as well, and I always felt confident in any promo I produced with Kevin." Dunn also noted that Owens is one of the few talents that will know every word from their promo script, and still find ways to make it flow even better as it relates to his storylines.

Owens was booked as a big deal upon his arrival in "WWE NXT" in 2014. He captured the "NXT" Championship two months after debuting, then defeated John Cena shortly after his main roster call up in 2015. He captured the Intercontinental Championship twice, and the United States Championship three times, but he hasn't held any gold since 2017. Despite that, Owens experienced a career highlight when he main-evented WrestleMania 38 Night One against the returning "Stone Cold" Steve Austin.


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