WWE Royal Rumble Results (1/28): Men's & Women's Rumble Matches, Reigns Vs. Owens, Bray Wyatt Competes

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Tonight's show will see the annual Rumble matches for the men's and women's divisions with two wrestlers being able to book their place at WrestleMania 39 by winning the annual over-the-top-rope battle royals.

The women's match only has 11 confirmed participants at this point while the men's match has 18, with Brock Lesnar being the most recent to add his name to the encounter. That match will also see the long-awaited return of Cody Rhodes following his recent injury.

Elsewhere, Roman Reigns will be defending his Undisputed WWE Universal Championship against Kevin Owens. The two men have been feuding for several weeks now, with Sami Zayn's allegiance heading into this one having question marks over it.

Bray Wyatt will also compete in his first match back following his return to WWE, with his previous encounter taking place back at WrestleMania 37. He faces LA Knight in the first ever Pitch Black match, which is a brand new stipulation that fans have had no information about regarding the rules.

Uncle Howdy has been heavily involved in that storyline, popping up to attack Knight and Wyatt, and he has also been involved in the "WWE Raw" Women's Championship storyline as well. Uncle Howdy has popped up to help Alexa Bliss during her appearances with Bianca Belair, who she will challenge for the gold tonight.

Men's Royal Rumble Match

Before the Royal Rumble gets going, Pat McAfee returns to WWE!

Entrant #1 GUNTHER 

Entrant #2 Sheamus 

The long-term rivals staredown and then wasted no time getting down to action as they throw hands back and forth and begin charging into each other. GUNTHER nails a chop to Sheamus and then looks to eliminate him, but the Celtic Warrior pokes him in the eye and then tries to get the Intercontinental Champion out himself, but he hangs on. 

Entrant #3 The Miz

The Miz instantly backs down as Sheamus stares him down, and that allows GUNTHER to sneak behind the Celtic Warrior as he tries to eliminate him. Sheamus hangs on and even fights of Miz's attempt to pull him down. Instead, Sheamus then climbs out of the ring (through the second rope) and puts Miz into the match as he walks into a big chop as GUNTHER and Sheamus then beat him up in the corner. 

Entrant #4 Kofi Kingston

Kingston leaps in with a crossbody and he then hits a dropkick to Sheamus as GUNTHER and Miz get hit with a double Boom Drop. Sheamus and GNTHER then slap each other in the middle of the ring while Miz and Kingston battle on the ropes. 

Entrant #5 Johnny Gargano

Gargano hits an enziguri to Kingston and then plants Miz with a DDT as he leaps over the top rope. He then sets Miz up on the top rope, but Sheamus comes over and takes his place to hit the 10 beats of the bodhran, he then hands him off to Gargano who superkicks Miz, and that is followed with a Brogue Kick. 

The Miz eliminated by Sheamus 

Entrant #6 Xavier Woods

Woods hits the ring and he and Kingston instantly start working as a tandem to take control of the match. With everyone else down the two men then square off, but they don't wrestle and instead do some form of dance together. 

Entrant #7 Karrion Kross 

Kross gets in control of everybody until he is dropped by a clothesline from GUNTHER, but he responds with a suplex as Kross and Sheamus then start brawling in the corner. 

Entrant #8 Chad Gable

Gable hits the ring and starts "shooshing" people as he throws Kingston and Gargano across the ring, but Woods blocks it and then tells Gable to "shoosh" as the two of them work some amateur wrestling in the middle of the ring. 

Men's Royal Rumble Match Part 2

Entrant #9 Drew McIntyre

McIntyre hits the ring and launches several men around the ring as Gable gets nailed with a Glasgow Kiss and while Kross tries to start fighting him, McIntyre nails him with a Claymore Kick. 

Karrion Kross is eliminated by Drew McIntyre

McIntyre turns around and faces GUNTHER and the two men trade chops until McIntyre drops him with a DDT.

Entrant #10 Santos Escobar 

Escobar connects with a kick to the face of Sheamus before connecting with a crossbody to Gable, but he then heads to the top turnbuckle which proves to be a risk as Gargano ends up joining him as they fight in the corner until Escobar hits a Phantom Driver. 

Entrant #11 Angelo Dawkins 

Dawkins charges in with a big right hand to McIntyre as he then splashes into him in the corner, meanwhile Woods almost gets eliminated, but he manages to cling on only to be chopped by GUNTHER. He then tries to eliminate Kingston, but he holds onto the ropes and bounces off Woods' back, only for GUNTHER to nail Woods with a boot to the face afterward. 

Xavier Woods is eliminated by GUNTHER

Kingston continues fighting but he gets launched out by GUNTHER. He hits a chair that is being held by Woods, but the chair spills to the floor and it is not clear whether or not he is eliminated.  

Entrant #12 Brock Lesnar 

Lesnar hits the ring and starts brawling with Sheamus and McIntyre immediately, suplexing them both around as Dawkins then goes flying. Lesnar catches Escobar as he dives into him and tosses him out of the ring. 

Santos Escobar is eliminated by Brock Lesnar

Lesnar then clotheslines Dawkins out, and that is quickly followed by throwing Gable out. 

Angelo Dawkins & Chad Gable are eliminated by Brock Lesnar

Lesnar then squares off with GUNTHER

Entrant #13 Bobby Lashley

With Lesnar fighting GUNTHER, he ends up being Speared by Lashley who takes out McIntyre and Sheamus with one each as well. Lesnar then gets him up for an F5 but Lashley fights it off and then clotheslines the Beast out of the ring to a huge pop. 

Brock Lesnar is eliminated by Bobby Lashley

Entrant #14 Baron Corbin

He doesn't get into the ring straight away as Lesnar attacks him and F5's Corbin before he can get in. He follows that by pushing a referee over the barricade as he is then taken out as officials come down. 

Entrant #15 Seth Rollins 

Rollins throws Corbin into the match only to superkick and clotheslines him out of the ring. 

Baron Corbin is eliminated by Seth Rollins 

Men's Royal Rumble Match Part 3

Entrant #16 Otis

Otis comes in and gets a moment to dominate everyone in the ring. 

Entrant #17 Rey Mysterio

Mysterio is the 17th entrant, but he doesn't come out and his music ends up stopping. Meanwhile, inside the ring, Lashley tries to throw Rollins out, but he reverses it and the All-Mighty goes over the top rope. 

Bobby Lashley is eliminated by Seth Rollins 

Entrant #18 Dominik Mysterio

Dominik comes out with a Rey Mysterio match which gets a lot of heat, but back inside the ring, Otis is thrown over the top rope by McIntyre and Sheamus. 

Otis is eliminated by Drew McIntyre & Sheamus 

McIntyre spends his time outside the ring stretching, with no hurry to get in, but he eventually does and he immediately starts getting attacked. 

Entrant #19 Ezekiel

He comes in and hits GUNTHER with the guitar, but he then eats a Claymore/Brogue Kick combination and they then throw him out. 

Ezekiel is eliminated by Drew McIntyre & Sheamus 

Entrant #20 Finn Balor 

Balor comes in and hits McIntyre with a Slingblade and he takes down Sheamus and Rollins as well. Balor and Dominik then begin working together to attack Gargano as Balor gets rid of him. 

Johnny Gargano is eliminated by Finn Balor 

Entrant #21 Booker T 

Booker hits Balor with an axe kick, and Dominik gets one as well as Balor is then dropped with the Book End. He then gets in the middle of the ring to bust out a Spinaroonie, but straight after he is thrown out. 

Booker T is eliminated by GUNTHER

Entrant #22 Damian Priest

He immediately attacks Sheamus and McIntyre, helping the rest of his Judgment Day members, with Balor attacking Rollins with a leg drop. 

Entrant #23 Montez Ford 

Ford nails Balor with a kick to the face and then he almost eliminates both Priest and Dominik but he avoids it. However, he does slap Priest across the face and he is then almost eliminated by Balor but Ford hangs on. However, Priest then grabs him and dumps him over the top with ease. 

Montez Ford is eliminated by Damian Priest

Entrant #24 Edge

Edge makes his return a huge ovation ffrom the live crowd, and he immediately takes out Priest and Balor with Spears, and while Dominik dropkicks him for a 619, he gets up and Spears him as well! Edge then throws out Priest and Balor as he then turns for a staredown with his old rival, Seth Rollins. 

Damian Priest & Finn Balor are eliminated by Edge

Dominik then tries to fight Edge, but the Rated-R Superstar has Dominik almost about eliminated until Priest and Balor make the save and pull Edge out. 

Edge is eliminated by The Judgment Day

Men's Royal Rumble Match Part 4

Entrant #25 Austin Theory

Edge chases Priest and Balor back up the ramp and they begin brawling until Rhea Ripley comes out and helps. However, as she turns around Beth Phoenix appears and the brawling continues until officials break it up.

Entrant #26 Omos

The giant hits a double clothesline to Sheamus and McIntyre as he then slams Theory. GUNTHER appears next and he starts chopping him, but Omos' power is too much and he Chokeslams the Intercontinental Champion. 

Entrant #27 Braun Strowman 

Strowman immediately starts going back and forth with Omos, and it is Strowman who comes out on top, eliminating him.

Omos is eliminated by Braun Strowman

Sheamus and McIntyre try and eliminate Rollins, but he manages to slide under the bottom rope to survive. 

Entrant #28 Ricochet

Strowman works with him straight away, throwing Ricochet into Dominik in the corner, but Sheamus then barges him into Ricochet. The two men then work together and try to eliminate Strowman, but he hangs on only to be hit with beats to the chest by both men. Sheamus then saves McIntyre from GUNTHER. They continue brawling though and GUNTHER manages to get rid of both men! 

Sheamus & Drew McIntyre are eliminated by GUNTHER

Entrant #29 Logan Paul 

Paul makes his return drinking some Prime as he then sprints to the ring. However, everybody in the ring then works together and attacks him, but Ricochet's attempt to eliminate him doesn't work as he hits a Buckshot Lariat only to then be chopped by GUNTHER. Strowman then goes back and forth with Paul but he slams him to the mat. 

Entrant #30 Cody Rhodes

Rhodes hits the ring and begins taking the right to everyone, nailing Theory with a Cody Cutter as he launches his weight belt to the fans. Dominik then grabs him and he looks for Three Amigos, but Rhodes reverses the third and hits Cross Rhodes as he launches him out!

Dominik Mysterio is eliminated by Cody Rhodes

Rhodes turns around into a powerbomb from Strowman as the action continues. With everyone down Ricochet and Paul, both springboard into the middle of the ring to collide in mid-air. Strowman then checks on Ricochet, but that allows Rhodes to eliminate him, and then Ricochet is clotheslined over the ropes by Theory. 

Braun Strowman is eliminated by Cody Rhodes

Ricochet is eliminated by Austin Theory

Rhodes rolls Theory into the ring and Rollins hits him with a Stomp as Rollins then takes him out. 

Austin Theory is eliminated by Cody Rhodes

Rollins and Rhodes face off in the middle of the ring, but GUNTHER then gets back involved which leads to the rivals working together. They nail him with a Pedigree each and then get back to fighting themselves. However, Paul then reappears and he sneaks behind Rollins to eliminate him!

Seth Rollins is eliminated by Logan Paul 

After some sign pointing, Rhodes hits Paul with his finisher, and he's gone!

Logan Paul is eliminated by Cody Rhodes

Cody and GUNTHER instantly begin fighting as the "American Nightmare" is dropped with a chop. Rhodes looks for a disaster kick, but instead, he gets a clothesline! GUNTHER then places Rhodes on the top turnbuckle and pushes him down with his foot as he then stomps on the pec. They then fight up to the top turnbuckle as Rhodes gets launched across the ring with a superplex. Rhodes fights back and nails the Cody Cutter and he then clotheslines him over the top rope, but he's not eliminated! 

The fight continues in the ring and he sets GUNTHER in the corner as he brings in shades of Goldust with a pose as he then runs and nails a kick to the groin. GUNTHER comes back with a shotgun dropkick and a powerbomb. He looks to throw Rhodes over the top but he then clings on. GUNTHER locks in a sleeper hold, but Rhodes drags him over the top rope only for GUNTHER to fight back and survive. 

Rhodes dives back into the ring and is hit with a chop, yet he then nails Cross Rhodes and he follows it with a clothesline to eliminate him!

Men's Royal Rumble Match Winner: Cody Rhodes 

LA Knight vs. Bray Wyatt (Pitch Black Match)

The lights have gone dim with the ropes and ringside area lighting up. Knight's gear is vibrant, while Wyatt does his pose in the corner and he has ultra-violet paint on which shows up. He instantly attacks Knight, launching him across the ring as the fight then continues outside with Wyatt being launched over the stairs as his knee is attacked. Wyatt fights back though as the stairs are placed next to the announce table, but Knight slips away and then runs and dives into Wyatt, sending him crashing through the desk. 

Wyatt throws a toolbox into the ring and he sends Knight out of it, but as he comes back Knight uses a kendo stick to attack him. He hits Wyatt once as he dives from the top turnbuckle, but the second time he tries it, Wyatt just walks through it and grabs Knight, hitting a Sister Abigail. 

Winner: Bray Wyatt

After the match, Wyatt then ends up with some form of mask on his face with a completely different look than before, and he stalks Knight. He uses the kendo stick to hit Wyatt on the head but he just walks through it as the blows don't register. Wyatt eats a trio of shots to the head but he doesn't flinch as hey head through the fans, and Wyatt grabs Knight and locks in the Mandible Claw. 

Uncle Howdy is then shown above Wyatt on a platform, and he launches himself off the top of the platform, crashing through Knight underneath as the area explodes. Above him are the puppet characters who look down and watch everything.

Bianca Belair (c) vs. Alexa Bliss (WWE Raw Women's Championship Match)

The two women begin brawling immediately, with Bianca Belair coming out on top of the first exchange with a clothesline as she then charges into her in the corner as she then hammers down on her. However, Alexa Bliss slips underneath, pulls the legs from Belair, and then dropkicks her. Bliss then showcases aggression with her kicks and a knee strike to the neck of Belair. 

Bliss then grabs the hair while pushing her feet into the back of Belair, yanking her leg at the same time to stretch the champion out. Bliss then hits double knees while Belair is hung up on the second rope, and she follows up with a series of kicks to chop her down. Belair charges Bliss back into the turnbuckles, but she pulls the EST of WWE back with her hair and then chokes her. 

Belair uses her power to walk out of it, and she then pushes Bliss out of the submission to suplex her as she starts throwing her right hands and knee strikes at her challenger. The champion springboards toward Bliss but she gets her knees up to counter, while Bliss then slams her down to the mat and follows up with the same handspring move, only this time she connects with it. 

Belair tries to power up Bliss but she wriggles out and connects with a DDT, yet the champion kicks out. She then kicks Belair, stands on her, and then nails a senton, but the champion continues kicking out. Belair tries to use her hair but it gets avoided, Bliss aims for Sister Abigail, but Belair reverses into the KOD.

Winner (and still WWE Raw Women's Champion): Bianca Belair 

After the match the lights flicker and a playground is shown with various Wyatt related logos. Uncle Howdy asks her if she feels in charge, and Bliss is then shown looking scared inside the ring.

Women's Royal Rumble Match Part 1

Entrant #1 Rhea Ripley 

Entrant #2 Liv Morgan

Ripley comes down holding her ribs after being attacked earlier, and Morgan takes advantage of that by taking the fight to her in the corner with a knee to that area. 

Entrant #3 Dana Brooke

Brooke comes in with a double dropkick from the top turnbuckle to both women, and she then sends Ripley crashing into the ring post as which is followed by a dropkick to Morgan.

Entrant #4 Emma

Brooke sends Ripley into Emma as she is making her entrance, and she pulls her down onto the second rope, while Morgan then gets sent into Ripley as she hits a knee to the face, and Emma then charges in with a running low crossbody. All three women then try and eliminate Ripley, but they're unable to do so. 

Entrant #5 Shayna Baszler

Baszler takes the fight to everyone immediately, with Brooke's arm being stomped into the ring while Ripley launches Emma into the turnbuckles. 

Entrant #6 Bayley

Bayley is dropped with the Oblivion as soon as she enters the ring by Morgan, but she is unable to eliminate her. 

Entrant #7 B-Fab 

B-Fab attack Emma straight away and then kicks Morgan before slamming Brooke to the mat, but her momentum is halted by a headbutt from Ripley, and she throws her out. 

B-Fab is eliminated by Rhea Ripley

Entrant #8 Roxanne Perez

The NXT Women's Champion is here, and she connects with a crossbody to Brooke before charging into Baszler and then sending Ripley flying across the ring. Bayley tries to eliminate her, but Perez reverses and connects with a running uppercut. 

Entrant #9 Dakota Kai

Kai charges in and starts helping Bayley by attacking those who are trying to eliminate the Damage CTRL leader. Despite that the other women take control again as Bayley and Kai hang on and fight back to the middle of the ring. 

Entrant #10 IYO SKY

The third member of Damage CTRL hits the ring next, and she does so with a springboard double dropkick, and Baszler then eats one as well. The three women then work to try and eliminate Emma but it doesn't work. Brooke helps her back, but then the faction takes her out. 

Dana Brooke is eliminated by Damage CTRL

Emma starts fighting against them, but the numbers game proves too much as Kai boots her in the face and sends Emma flying. 

Emma is eliminated by Dakota Kai

Perez then begins fighting against the trio, but that doesn't work either and the ladies carry SKY as she boots Perez out of the ring. 

Women's Royal Rumble Match Part 2

Entrant #11 Natalya

Natalya comes out and attacks every woman in the ring, but then Shayna Baszler comes over and starts attacking her in the corner. 

Entrant #12 Candice LeRae

LeRae goes straight after Damage CTRL, and she almost eliminates the tag team but they end up hanging on and she is then dropped with a huge knee strike to the face by Baszler. Natalya then takes the right to her and they hang onto the ring apron, but Damage CTRL comes across and knocks them both to the floor. 

Natalya & Shayna Baszler are eliminated

Entrant #13 Zoey Stark

Stark comes in with a lot of aggression, nailing Ripley with a kick to the face. 

Entrant #14 Xia Li

Li comes in and hits a huge spinning kick to Morgan's face, and Ripley gets the same treatment as she then stomps down on her head, but she is then jumped by Damage CTRL. The faction then continues their dominance as they dump LeRae out. 

Candice LeRae is eliminated by Damage Ctrl 

Entrant #15 Becky Lynch 

Kai and SKY go under the ropes to get the jump on Lynch but it doesn't work. She fights past both of them and then hammers away on Bayley, who throws Lynch through the second rope. Outside the ring the trio all jump Lynch, launching her into the barricade.

Entrant #16 Tegan Nox

Nox comes in from the top rope, flipping in to wipe out Ripley as she then runs into each corner and takes out everybody in those positions repeatedly. She and Morgan work together and hit some tandem offense, but they're unable to eliminate Stark.

Entrant #17 Asuka

Asuka is back...and with a fresh look! She has brought back her old face paint, and she starts hitting everyone in sight. Bayley gets a punch in, but Asuka then just laughs it off and she starts unloading a flurry of strikes. Nox then comes in to attack her, but Asuka avoids it only to then be hit with a superkick from Nox, butshe responds with one of her own which eliminates Nox. 

Tegan Nox is eliminated by Asuka

Entrant #18 Piper Niven

Doudrop is back, returning to her old look and name! She charges into Stark in the corner and plants Li to the mat before hitting her with a senton as Bayley then eats an elbow and gets Morgan dropped onto her as she splashes both of them. 

Entrant #19 Tamina 

She heads in and staresdown Niven, but others try to get involved so they both take them out and then they start throwing hands against each other. Lynch then gets back in and she starts attacking those arund her. 

Women's Royal Rumble Match Part 3

Entrant #20 Chelsea Green

Green complains on her way to the ring, but as she gets in she is immediately eliminated, the fastest in women's Rumble history.

Chelsea Green is eliminated by Rhea Ripley

Lynch takes the fight to Damage CTRL again, and she throws out Kai and SKY, but then Bayley throws her out.

Dakota Kai & IYO Sky are eliminated by Becky Lynch

Becky Lynch is eliminated by Bayley

Bayley spends too long bragging though as Morgan comes behind her and throws her out.

Bayley is eliminated by Liv Morgan

Entrant #21 Zelina Vega

She comes in and begins brawling with Xia Li on the ring apron, coming out on top to eliminate her. 

Xia Li is eliminated by Zelina Vega

Entrant #22 Raquel Rodriguez

She hits the ring and launches Vega into the top turnbuckle as she then drops Ripley and throws Stark across the ring. 

Entrant #23 Michin

Michin starts out strong, taking out several women in a row as Ripley is planted on top of her head, but Niven manages to slow that momentum by slamming her down to the mat.

Entrant #24 Lacey Evans

Evans launches Morgan across the ring and then drops down to her, but Tamina attacks her from behind, but Evans gets out of the situation and she trips Stark to jump over the top rope and hit an elbow drop.  

Entrant #25 Michelle McCool

McCool is shown in the front row, and she jumps over the barricade and she drives Tamina into the steps as Vega is then dropped with a Facebreaker. Tamina tries to get back in but she is dropped out with a boot to the face. 

Tamina is eliminated by Michelle McCool

Entrant #26 Indi Hartwell 

Hartwell drops Stark with a clothesline and hits Rodriguez with several punches as she begins fighting Evans. 

Entrant #27 Sonya Deville

She takes her time to get in, but she makes an impact immediately by taking Zoey Stark out of the match.

Zoey Stark is eliminated by Sonya Deville 

Deville then starts trading strikes with Asuka, and both of them then hit each other in the head as they drop down. In the corner of the ring, Evans catches Vega with a Cobra Clutch, and she lifts her up and then dumps her to the floor. 

Entrant #28 Shotzi 

Shotzi tries to eliminate Evans but is unable to, and she nearly gets taken out by Deville but then she fights on. Hartwell goes for a springboard move, but Deville just pushes her off the rope to the floor. 

Indi Hartwell is eliminated by Sonya Deville

Entrant #29 Nikki Cross

Cross then charges into the ring with real pace and she just starts attacking everybody in the ring with Shotzi getting dropped by a swinging neckbreak.

Entrant #30 Nia Jax

Immediately all of the women attack her, but she explodes out of it and sends them all flying. Rodriguez faces off with her, but she's not strong enough. Several women try to get rid of her but it is ultimately Ripley who nails a Riptide, and then every single woman in the match gets rid of her. 

Nia Jax is eliminated by all participants

Women's Royal Rumble Match Part 4

Entrant #28 Shotzi

Shotzi tries to eliminate Evans but is unable to, and she nearly gets taken out by Deville but then she fights on. Hartwell goes for a springboard move, but Deville just pushes her off the rope to the floor.

Indi Hartwell is eliminated by Sonya Deville

Entrant #29 Nikki Cross

Cross then charges into the ring with real pace and she just starts attacking everybody in the ring with Shotzi getting dropped by a swinging neck breaker.

Entrant #30 Nia Jax

Immediately all of the women attack her, but she explodes out of it and sends them all flying. Rodriguez faces off with her, but she's not strong enough. Several women try to get rid of her but it is ultimately Ripley who nails a Riptide, and then every single woman in the match gets rid of her.

Nia Jax is eliminated by all participants

Rodriguez then manages to get rid of Evans after a clothesline while she stands on the ring apron

Lacey Evans is eliminated by Raquel Rodriguez

Asuka then takes down Rodriguez, locking in an armbar, but she powers up but is unable to eliminate Asuka. Deville gets involved and she gets put on the apron and Asuka and Deville then brawl back and forth, but it's Asuka that comes out on top. 

Sonya Deville is eliminated by Asuka

Across the ring, Ripley manages to dump McCool out of the ring. 

Michelle McCool is eliminated by Rhea Ripley. 

Shotzi is the next to be eliminated when Michin hits Eat Defeat, but she has no time to celebrate because Niven throws her out as Michin lands on Shotzi. 

Shotzi is eliminated by Michin

Michin is eliminated by Piper Niven

Niven then tries to take a high-risk move to drop down on Rodriguez, but she grabs her and puts her on the ring apron, following it with a boot to the face.

Piper Niven is eliminated by Raquel Rodriguez

Rodriguez then puts her attention on Ripley, but as she tries to throw her over the top turnbuckle, Ripley reverses and kicks her from the apron.

Raquel Rodriguez is eliminated by Rhea Ripley

Nikki Cross and Asuka brawl on the apron as Cross looks for a DDT from the turnbuckles, but Morgan charges her to the floor. 

Nikki Cross is eliminated by Liv Morgan

Morgan tries to get rid of her former partner, but Ripley hits a headbutt and they both end up on the ring apron. Asuka attempts to get rid of Ripley, but she gets thrown into the ring apron. They brawl and Asuka hits the mist, but Ripley avoids it and Morgan gets sprayed in the face as Ripley then swipes the leg of Asuka.

Asuka is eliminated by Rhea Ripley

Morgan is blinded by the mist but continues to fight, and she almost eliminates Ripley as she hands-on with both her legs dangling, and while that is happening, she grabs Morgan and throws her out by her legs. 

Winner: Rhea Ripley 

Roman Reigns (c) vs. Kevin Owens (Undisputed WWE Universal Championship Match)

After some "Sami Uso" chants Roman Reigns gets the first few blows with some shoulder tackles, but Kevin Owens responds with one of his own and follows it up with a senton as he stomps away at the challenger in the corner before hitting the cannonball. This one then spills to the outside where KO continues to dominate, hitting another senton, this time on the floor. 

Back inside the ring, Reigns regains control by throwing Owens into the turnbuckles, following it with a Rock Bottom, which gets him a near fall. The "Tribal Chief" follows it by hammering down a few strikes to Owens as he then grounds the challenger with a submission, and while he tries to get out of it, Reigns nails him with a huge uppercut which sends him stumbling into the corner. 

Reigns hits his traditional clothesline and strikes in the corner, and they then start trading back-and-forth blows until Reigns hits a big boot, but Owens responds with a clothesline of his own. Owens then fires back with a Frog Splash from the apron to the floor, and he does it again back inside the ring from the top turnbuckle, but Reigns manages to kick out. He looks for a superkick, but that is reversed with a sit-out powerbomb which KO has to kick out of. 

Owens nails a German Suplex, but as he charges in to follow it up he is dropped with a Superman Punch, which gets a two-count for the champion. He attempts to follow it with a Spear, but Owens side-steps him and Reigns smashes into the turnbuckle which is then followed by a Swanton, gaining another near fall! The pair then brawl on the top turnbuckle, and KO fights him down after headbutts, but Owens then attempts a high-flying move that doesn't work as he slips from the top turnbuckle. He follows it with a senton and then goes for a moonsault but misses, and he is immediately dropped with a Spear, but he kicks out once more!

Reigns goes for another but eats a knee to the face, and Reigns then pushes him into the referee. He is knocked down and Owens hits a Pop-Up Powerbomb, but there is no official to count it. Reigns then hits a low blow and he demands Sami Zayn gets him a chair, which he does after some hesitation. That costs him, because Owens nails a Stunner, and the official is back, but Reigns can kick out! 

KO goes for another Pop-Up Powerbomb, but with Reigns, in mid-air, he reverses with a Superman Punch and then a Spear, yet Owens kicks out again! He then goes to the outside and ends up with Sami who tells him to stay down. Owens reaches to Zayn, while Reigns runs around and Spears him through the barricade! He throws him back inside the ring and KO rolls back out so Reigns throws him back onto the steel stairs, and he does it once again, driving his head into the stairs. 

Paul Heyman tells Sami to acknowledge Reigns, which he does, yet back in the ring Owens slaps him to show defiance, but it isn't enough. Reigns immediately hits a Spear and retains his titles. 

Winner (and still Undisputed WWE Universal Champion): Roman Reigns

After the match, all of The Bloodline appear. Jey Uso wants to honor him but Reigns says no and he wants them to attack Owens more which The Usos do as they beat down on Owens, hitting the 1D. They then trap Owens' head into a chair as Solo Sikoa charges into the corner with a hip attack. The Usos then handcuff Owens to the top rope, leaving him helpless as they continue the attack with superkicks. 

Reigns then gets set to hit Owens with a chair but Zayn gets in the way and he tells Roman it is beneath him as it is enough. Instead, Reigns hands Zayn the chair himself, and he then steps infront of him and Zayn teases hitting Roman but he doesn't. Reigns then pushes Zayn several times as he screams in his face, but Zayn then uses the chair...on Reigns! He apologizes to Jey, and then Jimmy Uso nails him with a superkick and begins a beatdown himself. Sikoa then hits the Samoan Spike to him as Reigns instructs them to keep attacking him and they beat him down as Jey watches on. They hen want more Jey to get involved, but he simply leaves the ring as he cries and walks away from The Bloodline. Reigns then takes out his frustration with a chair on Zayn himself.