AEW Dark: Elevation Results (01/30) - ROH World Championship Match, Athena & Diamante Vs. Skye Blue & Yuka Sakazaki, Top Flight In Action

Welcome to Wrestling Inc.'s results of "AEW Dark: Elevation" on January 30, 2023, coming to you from the Rupp Arena in Lexington, Kentucky!

The Ring of Honor World Championship will be on the line on the 100th episode of "Dark: Elevation", as current titleholder Claudio Castagnoli will be taking on Blake Christian. Castagnoli captured the title after he managed to defeat Chris Jericho at "Final Battle" in December. La Faccion Ingobernables member Rush looks to continue to rack up wins as he goes one-on-one with Brian Pillman Jr.. Rush's latest win came after he teamed up with LFI teammate Preston Vance to defeat Papacito Negro and Papacito Blanco on last week's edition of "Dark: Elevation".


Top Flight has picked up major wins over the last couple of week against the likes of The Young Bucks and Blackpool Combat Club, and show no plans of slowing down anytime soon tonight. However, they have no easy task ahead of them tonight when they take on Varsity Athletes member Tony Nese and Ari Daivari of The Trustbusters. Alex Reynolds and John Silver of Dark Order will also be in action as they go head-to-head with The Workhorsemen while Kings of the Black Throne (Malakai Black and Brody King) will be facing Truth Magnum and Turbo Floyd.

Additionally, a huge tag team match is set for tonight, as ROH Women's World Champion Athena will be joining forces with Diamante to take on Skye Blue and Yuka Sakazaki. Elsewhere in the women's division, a former member of The Baddies, Red Velvet, will be squaring off with rising star Billie Starkz.


We are live! "Daddy Magic" Matt Menard, Paul Wight, Ian Riccaboni, and Caprice Coleman greet audiences at home as Red Velvet makes her way to the ring. Billie Starkz waits inside.

Red Velvet vs. Billie Starkz

The bell rings and the two lock up. The two women shake hands before Starkz delivers a German suplex. She ascends to the top rope, but Velvet pulls her down. Velvet delivers a kick to Starkz's head, but Starkz fires back with one of her own. Velvet sends her into the ropes, then delivers a knee to the back of her head. Starkz hits an underhook German suplex, then climbs to the top and hits a Swanton Bomb. She goes for a pin, but Velvet kicks out. Starkz delivers an elbow to the back of Velvet's head before Velvet delivers the Poison Rana and a kick to her head for the win.


Winner: Red Velvet

Dark Order heads to the ring, followed by The Workhorsemen.

Dark Order (w/ Evil Uno) vs. The Workhorsemen

Silver and Henry begin the action. The bell rings and Henry delivers a kick to Silver's midsection. Silver fires back with a shoulder tackle before Drake tags in and sends Silver crashing it into the mat. He delivers a headbutt. Henry tags in and delivers an elbow drop. Reynolds tags in and delivers a running back elbow, followed by a right hand and a Tiger Driver. Henry ascends to the top and delivers a Frog Splash, then tags in Drake. Drake holds Reynolds in place as Henry ascends to the top, but Henry accidentally hits Drake. Silver delivers a German suplex to Drake before Dark Order hits a running forearm, an enziguri, a cutter, and a German suplex for the win.


Winners: Dark Order

LFI heads to the ring, followed by Brian Pillman Jr..

Rush (w/ Preston Vance and Jose The Assistant) vs. Brian Pillman Jr.

The bell rings and the two lock up. Rush delivers a pair of chops, then drags Pillman's face across the top rope. Pillman delivers a series of chops, but Rush fires back with a vicious right hand. The two men spill to the outside before Rush rams Pillman into the barricade repeatedly. He executes a series of knees to his face, then gets back in the ring. Vance tosses Pillman inside, and Rush delivers a kick across Pillman's chest. The two men go back and forth with chops before Pillman gains the upper hand and delivers a dropkick. Rush hits an Exploder, then delivers a series of stomps. He follows it up with Bull's Horns for the win.


Winner: Rush

After the match, Rush hits Pillman with a cable, then locks in an Arm Bar. 

Skye Blue, Yuka Sakazaki, and Madison Rayne head to the ring, followed by Diamante and Athena.

Skye Blue and Yuka Sakazaki (w/ Madison Rayne) vs. Athena and Diamante

Diamante and Sakazaki begin the action. The bell rings and the two lock up. Diamante delivers a shoulder tackle, but Sakazaki delivers a kick to her face. Blue tags in and delivers a running kick, but Diamante fires back with a forearm and tags in Athena. Athena delivers a right hand across Blue's back before Blue delivers a tijeras and a kick to her head. Blue delivers a forearm, then ascends to the top. Athena delivers a kick that sends her spilling to the outside, then tags in Diamante. The two women send Blue crashing into the barricade, then tosses her back into the ring. Diamante delivers a series of boots in the corner, then whips her into the corner and rains down right hands. She delivers a snapmare, then tags Athena back in.


Athena delivers a vicious kick, then delivers a clubbing forearm and a series of stomps. Diamante tags in and delivers a German suplex. Athena tags in and whips Blue into the corner. Blue manages to land a forearm and a back elbow, then makes the hot tag to Sakazaki. Sakazaki delivers a series of forearms and elbows, then delivers a kick to her head. Sakazaki delivers a dropkick off the top, then hits a bodyslam. She goes for a pin, but Diamante breaks the fall. Athena gets Sakazaki up on her shoulders, but Sakazaki escapes and delivers an enziguri and a head scissors. Diamante makes the blind tag, and Sakazaki catches her with a forearm. She delivers a modified Airplane Spin for the win.

Winners: Skye Blue and Yuka Sakazaki


Tony Nese, "Smart" Mark Sterling, and Ari Daivari head to the ring, followed by Top Flight.

Top Flight vs. Tony Nese and Ari Daivari (w/ Mark Sterling)

Daivari and Darius begin the action. The bell rings and the two shove one another Darius delivers a dropkick, then tags in Dante. Dante delivers a snap suplex, then tags Darius back in. Darius delivers a standing moonsault. Nese tags in and delivers a springboard, then follows it up with a kick to Darius' head. He sends him into the top turnbuckle face first, then tags in Daivari. Daivari delivers a series of stomps, but Darius delivers a double hurricanrana to Nese and Daivari. He makes the hot tag to Dante, who wastes no time and beats down Nese and Daivari. He hits a high crossbody off the top to Nese, but Nese gets him up on his shoulders and delivers a gutbuster. Daivari tags in and the two double-team on Dante. Daivari goes for a pin, but Daivari kicks out. Dante then follows it up with the Nose Dive for the win.


Winners: Top Flight

Kings Of The Black Throne head to the ring, with Truth Magnum and Turbo Floyd already waiting inside.

Kings Of The Black Throne vs. Truth Magnum and Turbo Floyd

Magnum and Black begin the action. The bell rings and the two lock up. Black shoves Magnum into the corner, then scares him, sending him flying to the outside. Magnum gets back in, and Black trips him before delivering an arm drag. King and Floyd tag in. Floyd flexes his biceps to the amusement of King. King then knocks him down with a vicious chop, then hits a clothesline and goes for a pin. Magnum breaks the fall, and Black tosses him out of the ring. King hits Floyd with a Gutwrench Piledriver for the win.


Winners: Kings Of The Black Throne

Blake Christian heads to the ring, followed by Claudio Castagnoli.

Claudio Castagnoli (c) vs. Blake Christian for the ROH World Championship

The bell rings and Castagnoli wastes no time. He delivers a dropkick, then follows it up with a bodyslam and a stomp to Christian's back. Christian hits a few right hands to Castagnoli's midsection, but Castagnoli fires back with an elbow drop. He looks for a back body drop, but Christian lands on his feet and low-bridges Castagnoli to the outside. Castagnoli sends Christian's face bouncing off the ring apron, then sends him colliding with the ring post. The two men get back in the ring before Castagnoli turns Christian inside out with a clothesline. Christian looks to go flying off the top, but Castagnoli catches him and delivers a backbreaker. He follows it up with a double stomp, then goes for a pin but Christian kicks out.


Castagnoli delivers a series of elbows to his spine. Christian delivers a kick, then follows it up with a sling blade. He sends Castagnoli onto the apron, then delivers a spear that sends him onto the outside and follows it up with a moonsault. He gets him back in the ring, then delivers a double stomp off the top rope. He follows it up with a chop, but Castagnoli doesn't go down and looks for an uppercut. Christian ducks it, and rolls Castagnoli up. Castagnoli kicks out, and Christian delivers a 450 Splash. Castagnoli delivers a powerbomb, then delivers The Swing. Christian taps out.

Winner (and still): Claudio Castagnoli