Bob The Drag Queen Gives Her Thoughts On Goldust

Professional wrestling and WWE, in particular, have an expansive reach, with the appeal of sports entertainment touching a variety of people at some point in their lives. One popular personality who is a fan of WWE is Bob the Drag Queen, the winner of "RuPaul's Drag Race" season eight. 


Like many adolescents with an affinity for the stage, Bob stumbled upon pro wrestling and was captivated by the mixture of live theatre, flashy costumes, and the physical toughness of the performers. "Wrestling inherently is kind of gay. Like, there are some really great, iconic wrestlers that really spoke to my gayness as a young, young child. Goldust was a really great example," Bob told "StraightioLab."

Bob can serve glamour with the best drag queens around the globe but also prides herself on being a comedian. This was one reason why Goldust was so appealing to Bob, who weaved together all of the components she incorporates into her drag today like eye-catching costumes and comedic bits. 


"So, Goldust was this wrestler who was basically like kind of acting gay the whole bit but he was never gay 'cause he had girlfriends. He was kind of like Prince, like he was this extremely effeminate straight man who was wrestling. And that was his whole thing," Bob said before suggesting Goldust appear on another popular drag competition show. "Tell me this person would not be on Dragula."

It also fascinated Bob that certain wrestlers could reinvent themselves simply by changing up their appearance. "It was pretty common for a wrestler to leave and then come back as a completely different person. I mean, a completely different person. Like, you wouldn't even acknowledge that Dustin Rhodes was Goldust or Mick Foley was Dude Love, Cactus Jack, and Mankind."