Bianca Belair Comments On Possible Heel Turn, Upcoming Reality Show With Montez Ford, Lengthy WWE Raw Title Run, & More! - Exclusive

The road to WWE WrestleMania 39 is officially underway, and no top title-holder's path is less certain than that of "Raw" Women's Champion Bianca Belair. At the Royal Rumble this past Saturday night, Belair was successful in retaining her title against the unhinged Alexa Bliss. Now, with the Bliss drama seemingly behind her, Belair is looking ahead to the WWE Elimination Chamber, where her WrestleMania opponent will be decided in a six-woman Chamber match. Thus far, WWE authority figure Adam Pearce has already introduced Raquel Rodriquez, Asuka, Liv Morgan, and Nikki Cross as competitors in the bout, while Candice LaRae, "Michin" Mia Yim, Piper Niven, and Carmella will have a chance to become the fifth entrant in a fatal four-way this Friday on "WWE SmackDown."


In this exclusive interview from Friday's WWE Royal Rumble press junket in San Antonio, Belair talks with Wrestling Inc. Senior News Editor Nick Hausman about her lengthy title reign, upcoming Hulu series, a possible heel turn, and more!

Showing The World Her Love For Montez Ford

Nick Hausman: Your husband, Montez Ford, is in the wings here.

(Montez Ford jumps into the media area)

Bianca Belair: How are you?

Ford: I'm Montez Ford. I'm a huge fan.

Belair: Huge fan.

Ford: Yes, ma'am.


Belair: I'm a huge fan of you.

Ford: I just wanted to come over and give my appreciation for you and that I truly adore you. You're beautiful. I just wanted to say that. Thank you. Oh yeah, and good luck in the Rumble. I know you're going to win.

Belair: Thank you.

(Ford leaves)

He's kind of cute.

Yeah, I think he likes you.

I think so.

I got that vibe, and I know he likes you because you're married, and you have a reality show coming up.

We do.

On Hulu. Talk to me a little bit about that. I'm super excited for both of you. What can we expect from this Hulu show?

I'm married to someone that is my homie and my best friend, and we're just living life. We try to find the fun moments in everything. Everybody sees us inside the ring, and this is a chance to pull back that curtain and show us outside the ring. Our family is such a huge part of who we are, so include our family in on it. Of course, his tag team partner, Angelo Dawkins, is going to be in it, because we never get alone time because he's always there. He's like the brother that I never asked for, but I love him to death. It's going to be fun. We're actually going to start filming at Royal Rumble. That'll be our first episode. We're going to get a little bit of the WWE world and backstage, but also inside the ring, outside the ring. I'm excited.


Do we have an idea of when this is going to roll out?

I'm not sure. We don't have a set date, but I know we're starting filming at Royal Rumble.

Becky Lynch's Record Was Made To Be Broken

You have a chance to break the all-time WWE "Raw" Women's title reign ... Becky Lynch did like 371 days. Obviously, you have a lot of history with Becky, right? You lost very quickly to her a couple years ago at SummerSlam. What does it mean to you to possibly break that record after everything you've been through with Becky?


I mean, it means everything. Becky, that 26 seconds was — whew. It was rough, but it possibly was one of the best things that could have happened to me. The fans were behind me, and it kept that hunger in me, and it got me all the way back to WrestleMania to getting this title now. I feel like I just got it, and I don't plan on losing it anytime soon. I look up to Becky, she's done so much for the women's division, so anytime that I can go and break a record that she has, it lets me know that I'm doing something right. To have my name in the same conversation as her, it means everything.

A Potential Bianca Belair Heel Turn?

You are so beloved, and you inspire so many kids and adults, you got this great look. When are you going to snap? We watched Bayley take a pitchfork to the Bayley Buddies.


You've got this beautiful braid. I don't know if you want to chop it, change the look. When do we get to see Bianca Belair go evil?


Is that what you want?

I don't know.

Is that what you want? I think it's so toxic. What's wrong with being happy and being full of love and joy? This is the thing, I snap when I need to. That's how I keep this title. Other than that, I can smile. I can be full of love. I can be full of joy. You need to get a little bit of love in your life. I think that's what the problem is, okay?

Tell that to my wife.

No, seriously, until I have a reason to snap, and I feel like I do that in my matches when I need to, when I need to bring it out. That's when it really matters, but other than that, it's about inspiring people and connecting with people. We need some love in this world, alright? We got enough snapping. We got enough people snapping and doing all of that, so that's what I'm here for.