The Pugh Family Gives Update On Jay Briscoe's Children

As the wrestling world continues to mourn the death of Jay Briscoe — real name Jamin Pugh — his two daughters, Jayleigh and Gracie, continue on the slow road to recovery from the injuries they sustained in the car accident that claimed his life. 

On Thursday night, Josh Wharton, a friend of the Pugh family, did a stream on Facebook Live providing the latest update on how the surviving members of the family are doing, particularly the two children.

Jayleigh, the youngest of the two, was released from the hospital on Wednesday — about two weeks after the accident. Her external fixator, which is a frame that holds fractured bones in place, and back brace are scheduled to stay on for four more weeks. At that point, she will undergo surgery to remove the former.

As for Gracie, she still has yet to regain movement below her knees but has been showing signs of progress. She is being moved to the physical therapy-rehabilitation wing of the hospital to hopefully speed up the process of healing her nerve damage, which can take about four to six weeks. During the stream, Jay's wife Ashley texted Wharton to relay that Gracie had made significant progress in the last day, saying that her whole right leg, which had felt tingly in the lower portion, now feels "normal." 

Jayleigh and Gracie's brother Gannon, who was not involved in the collision, is — according to Wharton — doing about as well as can be expected and was described as upbeat.

If you'd like to help the Pugh family at this time, they are still accepting donations via their crowdfunding page.