NXT Vengeance Day Results (2/4): Bron Breakker Faces Grayson Waller, Wes Lee Vs. Dijak, New Day Competes

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Tonight's show will be the developmental brand's first outside of Orlando since the 2022 Stand & Deliver event, as Bron Breakker headlines by defending his "WWE NXT" Championship against Grayson Waller inside of a steel cage, with Waller aiming to win his first title in WWE.

The New Day have the odds stacked against them as they will be putting their "NXT" Tag Team Championships on the line against Gallus' Mark Coffey and Wolfgang, Pretty Deadly, and Chase University members Andre Chase and Duke Hudson.

The "NXT" Women's Tag Team titles will also be on the line with Katana Chance and Kayden Carter defending against Fallon Henley and Kiana James.

In singles action, Dijak will be hoping to continue his dominant run since his recent return to the brand as he challenges Wes Lee for the North American Championship, while Apollo Crews and Carmelo Hayes will also continue their rivalry in a two-out-of-three falls match as they aim to prove once and for all who is the better man.

Finally, Roxanne Perez will be defending her "NXT" Women's Championship against both Jacy Jane and Gigi Dolin. The two Toxic Attraction members might be good friends, but there have been subtle hints recently that their bond is being tested by this opportunity, which the champion will be aiming to exploit.

Wes Lee (c) vs. Dijak (North American Championship Match)

Dijak launches Wes Lee across the ring to start, following up with a big shoulder tackle to highlight his strength and dominance. Lee then lays down and acts like he will allow Dijak to just pin him, but as he goes to do that the champion kicks him in the head and then continues using his pace to send the challenger into the turnbuckles. Lee launches himself off the top rope, and while he gets caught he still manages to swing around and throw Dijak.

That is followed by a diving dropkick out of the ring, but as Lee jumps to continue the attack from the ring apron, Dijak catches Lee and slams him to the floor. Dijak follows it up by powering Lee up for a suplex, only to turn and throw him to the other side of the ring. Lee gets a few strikes in but he then leaps into Dijak who knees the champion before launching him over the top rope to the floor. 

Dijak hits a running elbow into the corner, but as he goes for another Lee can avoid it and the champion launches over the ropes to the floor, providing an opening. Back in the ring Lee connects with a series of kicks, and then he manages to hit a German suplex but Dijack kicks out. The action then heads to the ring apron but Lee gets the best of it with a back body drop that sends Dijak to the floor, and he then flips over the top rope to wipe out the bigger man once again. 

Lee tries to flip into Dijack again but gets caught in mid-air only to reverse it again with a poisonrana. Lee then manages to lift him into the air, slamming Dijack back down but it only gets a near fall once again. Dijak avoids a high-flying move but eats a kick to the face after, Lee tries to follow with a springboard but he gets caught on the ropes, which allows Dijak to nail High Justice, and this time it is Lee kicking out!

The challenger locks in a sleeper hold and as Lee tries to reverse they fall to the mat and Dijak keeps the submission in place, but Lee begins to fight back. He almost gets a finger to the rope but then Dijak transitions into Feast Your Eyes, but Lee reverses that into a roll-up. Dijak kicks out and the champion nails a couple of sharp strikes, but that makes Dijak laugh and ask for more, which Lee delivers. However, he then runs into a huge big boot to the face, and Lee has to kick out of a pinfall once again. 

Dijak hits another couple of huge strikes, but Lee continues to kick out. Dijak then drags Lee to the top rope, but whatever he plans doesn't work as Lee reverses, and then the champion launches himself from the top rope to spin and land on Dijak, but he kicks out again! Lee tries to charge into Dijak outside the ring, but he avoids it and throws him into the barricade. 

The challenger then picks up an office chair and it's him on it, trapping him in with a broom as Dijak then hits another superkick. Dijak then heads to the top turnbuckle and moonsaults down, but it leads to Tony D'Angelo and Stacks appearing instead so he lands on him. He tries to dive back into the ring but Lee hits a superkick to reverse the plans as he then runs and nails Dijak with a strike to the face.

Winner (and still North American Champion): Wes Lee

Katana Chance & Kayden James (c) vs. Fallon Henley & Kiana James (NXT Women's Tag Team Championship Match)

Kayden Carter starts out dancing around as the boyfriends at ringside aim to not look, she continues flirting and causing distractions, but when she gets into the ring Carter nails a kick to the face of Kiana James as Katana Chance dives in to land on her. Fallon Henley tags in, and that leads to all four women getting involved only for the challengers to come out on top, sending them to the mat with double clotheslines. 

However, the champions hit a smart double team on Henley, but she can tag out and James drops Chance with a suplex which gets a near fall. Henley returns to the ring with smart teamwork as James throws Chance toward her which leads to Henley slamming her to the mat. She then controls the pace and managers to stop a tag, but as she lifts Chance up Carter can reach and she comes from behind and attacks Henley. 

She gets launched into her partner in the corner and Carter then runs and dropkicks James and drops down on Henley straight after with a splash. The champions then work well together outside the ring as James throws Chance up in the air for a double crossbody, and back in the ring Chance flips and kicks the back of Henley. Carter comes back in but she gets dropped with a spine buster, however, the champions make a tag as Chance gets flipped into James only for her to get knees up. 

This allows the challengers to take control as Henley returns with a blockbuster and they then hit a double team as Carter breaks things up and then nails James with a superkick and a cutter on the floor as she dives from the apron. Chance and Henley then begin trading strikes as Carter tags back in and the two head to the top rope with Henley on her shoulders as Chance tags in and hits a huge hurricanrana, but she kicks out!

Chance looks for another top rope move, but she gets pushed to the floor by James. This leads to Henley rolling up Carter, and when the official isn't looking James holds Carter's feet so she can't kick out. 

Winners (and new NXT Women's Tag Team Champions): Fallon Henley & Kiana James

Apollo Crews vs. Carmelo Hayes (Two-Out-Of-Three-Falls Match)

The two men start out grappling, going back and forth to feel each other out, but Carmelo Hayes then nails a couple of slaps with Apollo Crews replying with one of his own. Crews then catches Hayes and looks to slingshot him to the corner but he jumps up to the ropes and then leaps back only for Crews to catch him with a dropkick in mid-air as he follows it by slamming Hayes onto the turnbuckles. 

Hayes then hits the turnbuckles and damages his ribs with Crews following up on that by dropping him to his knee ribs-first. Hayes tries to change things up with a springboard but he gets caught into a German suplex. On the outside Trick Williams stands in the way but it doesn't work as Crews steps aside when Hayes dives out at him, and then drops him before moonsaulting from the ring apron to land on him outside. 

Crews dives over the ropes to land on Hayes' ribs back in the ring and follows with a delayed standing suplex, which gets a near fall, but Hayes then gets some offense in after throwing Crews over the top rope and pulling him back down to hang him up on the top rope. Back in the ring, he drops him on the top rope again, but he isn't able to get the first fall. Hayes talks trash but then eats two German suplexes before a big backdrop from Crews. 

Crews picks up the pace with some strikes and clotheslines before hitting a big splash into the corner, but Hayes responds with an elbow strike. However, as he tries to leap into the ring Crews hits an enziguri as he then powers Hayes up from the apron and nails a superplex! Despite his dominance, Hayes turns things around with a cutter, and he immediately sets in a Crossface and which leads to Crews tapping. 

Carmelo Hayes 1-0 Apollo Crews

Hayes immediately continues the aggression, slamming Crews' neck into the top rope as he keeps focusing on that area, but Crews fires back with a trio of German suplexes and then a standing shooting star, but Hayes kicks out. However, Hayes manages to hit the Fade Away, but Crews keeps the match alive by kicking out, they then head to the turnbuckles but both spill to the floor as they just break the 10 count. 

Back inside the ring, Crews hits a knee to the jaw as he then throws him up to his shoulders as he slams him back down. Williams then takes off the top turnbuckle pad, but inside the ring, Crews unloads on him and then fires Hayes into the exposed turnbuckle. Williams tries to get involved with a chair, but Crews' former bodyguard Commander Azeez returns and pulls him down. However, Hayes launches in to take him down with an elbow strike as he then hits Nothing But Net.

Winner: Carmelo Hayes (2-0)

After the match Azeez (now working as Dabba Kato) hugs Crews, but then turns, hitting a headbutt and then a sit-out powerbomb onto a chair.

The New Day (c) vs. Chase University vs. Gallus vs. Pretty Deadly (WWE NXT Tag Team Championship Match)

Elton Prince and Kofi Kingston kick things off with the veteran coming out on top early on as Xavier Woods then tags in and nails a few chops before dumping him to the floor. Kit Wilson then almost gets sent out but he lands on his partner's shoulders as Kingston slides out which knocks down Prince as Wilson slams himself to the ring apron. Back in the ring Woods lifts Prince, and Duke Hudson pushes him down and tags in. Andre Chase hits a chop of his own but Mark Coffey tags himself in as he and Wolfgang hit several forearm strikes to Wilson. 

Wilson asks to stop being chopped and he tags out as Woods comes in and unloads strikes to Coffey until he gets dropped with a knee strike as Wolfgang launches himself into Woods. He can't continue the attack though as Prince tags in as Pretty Deadly isolates Woods as Prince then knocks Chase University off the apron, which allows Woods to take him down and Kingston comes in and drops everybody on the ring apron and then takes Pretty Deadly and Coffey down inside the ring as he hits a triple Boom Drop!

Kingston connects with SOS to Prince, but that gets broken up by Wilson as everyone then hits the ring and takes each other out one after the other, but it comes down to Pretty Deadly and Kingston with the former champions hitting a great double team, but Kingston kicks out. New Day then hit a double team as Kingston stomps Prince from the top turnbuckle as he lays on Woods' knee, but the other teams break up the pinfall attempt. 

Everyone then begins brawling at ringside as Kingston ends up being thrown by Chase from the top turnbuckle to collide with all of them. Wilson then heads to fight Chase, but he suplexes him from the top turnbuckle and they both smash into everyone! Gallus tries to put Chase through a table but Hudson makes the save, however, Pretty Deadly then attacks him and they fix up the announce table, shutting down the idea of it being broken. 

Back in the ring though, Hudson nails them with a double clothesline as Prince is thrown across the ring as he then launches himself into Coffey. That only serves to anger Gallus though as they drag him out of the ring and powerbomb Hudson through the announce table! They turn their attention to Chase, but he gets the best of them as he gets the fans chanting Chase U, following it with a crossbody and then the Figure Four Leglock to Coffey. However, Wolfgang breaks it with a Swanton Bomb as they hit a double move that Chase manages to kick out from!

Kingston then comes back and sends Gallus out before hitting the trust fall only to be caught by Pretty Deadly as they slam him to the floor. Woods gets back in the ring by hitting a forearm to Coffey, but as he looks to springboard across the ring he is stopped by Wolfgang. They hit a double team as Wolfgang slams him down to the mat as Coffey slides in. 

Winners (and new "WWE NXT" Tag Team Champions): Gallus

Roxanne Perez (c) vs. Gigi Dolin vs. Jacy Jane (WWE NXT Women's Championship Match)

Toxic Attraction immediately works together to attack Roxane Perez as they slam her down to the mat face-first. She attempts to fight back, but Gigi Dolin just holds her while Jacy Jane hits a big pump kick, but Perez then manages to get a few good shots in until Jane trips her into the ring rope. Dolin goes for a spinning kick but Perez edges it and Jayne nearly hits Dolin, which she apologizes for. 

That chat allows Perez to attack them as she then runs up the ropes and throws them both outside with Dolin being taken out by a dive through the bottom ropes. Jane tries to break things up with a cannonball off the ring apron, but Perez avoids it and she hits her partner. This allows Perez to focus on Jayne, and she locks in a crossface inside the ring, but Jayne gets out with a pinfall attempt as she then attacks Perez with aggression. 

Dolin pulls Jayne out of the ring as they argue, but Dolin says they need to work together. They shake hands but Perez dives out of the ring and Dolin seems to pull her partner into the firing line. Dolin then takes control, slamming the champion into the steel stairs and the barricade. Perez tries to fight back on the ring apron, but Dolin just clotheslines her onto it, and inside the ring, she hits a sidewalk slam and Jane tries to get the cover which Dolin stops. 

The tag team then begins arguing inside the ring and they then trade huge slaps as they then trade pinfall attempts until Perez dives in with a double crossbody. This is followed by a combination DDT/Russian Leg Sweep to take down both, but she then gets caught by Jayne who puts her in the tree of woe while Dolin is sat underneath on the bottom turnbuckle. Jayne hits a cannonball to both and then a huge knee strike to Perez but Dolin breaks up the pinfall attempt and the partners begin trading punches. 

Jayne is taken out with a kick to the face as she suplexes Perez, but Jayne breaks up the pinfall with a senton. All three women then trade punches, but Toxic Attraction attack the champion with tandem superkicks and they then headbutt each other as everyone is down. Toxic Attraction then works together again and sets up a table but she blocks it and hits Dolin with Pop Rocks!

The focus turns to Jayne, and they brawl on the top turnbuckle and Dolin tries to save her partner, but that leads to Perez kicking her down through the table as she then hits a Super Pop Rocks to Jayne! 

Winner (and still "NXT" Women's Champion): Roxanne Perez

Bron Breakker (c) vs. Grayson Waller (WWE NXT Championship Steel Cage Match

 - It is noted that this can only be won via submission/pinfall.

As Bron Breakker tries to get into the cage Grayson Waller attacks him, kicking the door into the champion as he attacks Breakker outside the ring. However, Breakker fights back and looks to Spear him through the barricade but Waller moves and Breakker stops himself in time, and instead slams the door into Waller as he then throws him in and enters, shutting the door behind them to start this officially. 

Waller immediately tries to climb out of the cage as Breakker pulls him back only for the challenger to connect with several knee strikes. Breakker picks up the pace though, hitting the ropes with pace as he just smashes into Waller to turn things back around, following up with a delayed suplex as he marches around the ring first. Breakker hits the standing moonsault to follow that up. 

Waller smartly avoids Breakkers next attack by leaping up over him to then hit a DDT as he mocks Breakker's bark. Waller gets caught and hit with a suplex, and as he tries to turn things around, Breakker turns another move into one of his own with a spine buster. The champion hits a bulldog from the top turnbuckle, but as he tries to charge into Waller he moves and Breakker hits the steel. 

Waller takes control by launching him into the steel repeatedly, and while Breakker tries to throw him into it the challenger rakes his eyes and throws him head-first into the steel. He then flips over Breakker to slam him to the mat, but Breakker manages to kick out. Out of nowhere, Breakker connects with a frankensteiner, but Waller can kick out! Breakker looks to drop down from the top turnbuckle but he gets caught with a knee strike in mid-air, and Waller follows with a springboard elbow drop, only for the champion to kick out again. 

Waller traps Breakker's arms into the ropes as he then attacks him repeatedly while he cannot defend himself. Breakker gets free and then showcases aggression, launching Waller into the steel cage repeatedly. However, Waller turns things around with a low blow and then a Stunner, but Breakker kicks out! Waller then scales to the top of the cage, and Breakker follows him and gets hold and hits a huge superplex!

Breakker follows that with a Spear, but he doesn't go for a cover. He tells Waller this is his NXT as he then bounces onto the ropes and nails a major Spear. 

Winner (and still NXT Champion): Bron Breakker 

Breakker heads to the top of the cage to celebrate with his title, but Carmelo Hayes then appears, making it clear he is interested in the gold.