WWE SmackDown Results (02/10) - Tag Team Championship Match, Fatal 4-Way Number One Contender's Match And More

Welcome to Wrestling Inc.'s results of "WWE SmackDown" on February 10, 2023, coming to you live from the Mohegan Sun Arena in Uncasville, Connecticut!

Rey Mysterio, Karrion Kross, Santos Escobar, and Madcap Moss will collide in a Fatal 4-Way Match to determine who will be next in line for a shot at GUNTHER's Intercontinental Championship. GUNTHER has held the title for the past 245 days and counting, and last defended his title on the January 13 episode of "SmackDown" against "The Monster Among Monsters" Braun Strowman.


The Usos will be putting their "SmackDown" Tag Team Championship on the line tonight against the aforementioned Strowman and Ricochet. Strowman and Ricochet earned the right to challenge for the title after beating Imperium in the finals of the "SmackDown" Tag Team Title Contender's Tournament last week. Questions currently loom about the status of The Usos after Jey saved Sami Zayn from being on the receiving end of a Samoan Spike from Solo Sikoa during the trial of the former "Honorary Uce" at "Raw XXX". Jey subsequently left ringside when The Bloodline attacked Zayn at "Royal Rumble" and was nowhere to be found during last week's show.

Additionally, "SmackDown" Women's Champion Charlotte Flair is advertised to appear on tonight's show following her successful title defense against Sonya Deville last week. Sikoa, Zayn, and "The Scottish Warrior" Drew McIntyre are also set to appear on tonight's show.


We are live! The show kicks off with a video recapping the recent events that have occurred between The Bloodline. Michael Cole and Wade Barrett greet audiences at home as Paul Heyman waits in the ring with the WWE Universal Championship and WWE Championship.

We Hear From Paul Heyman

Heyman introduces himself and says he's here tonight to drop a few pearls of wisdom. He says he doesn't offer predictions, but rather spoilers and says he has a few of them tonight. Heyman says "The Island of Relevancy" is under a two pronged attack from Sami Zayn and Cody Rhodes. He says Zayn is unhinged, and that his first spoiler of the evening is that Zayn is not in Uncasville. He asks the WWE Universe if they can see him as Universal Champion, then addresses Rhodes. He mocks Rhodes, then says he didn't know Dusty Rhodes "raised an idiot for a son." He says things between them couldn't be more personal, and says the Undisputed WWE Universal Championship is the crowning jewel of The Bloodline. He says without the two titles, there is no Bloodline, Paul Heyman, or Roman Reigns.


Zayn suddenly appears behind Heyman in a black hoodie. Heyman turns around to see him as Zayn stares at the "WrestleMania 39" sign. Zayn asks for Heyman to give him the mic, and Heyman does so. Zayn then tells Heyman to calm down because he's nervous, then says he won't hurt him. He says if he wanted to, he could've done so by now. Zayn says no one is in the ring with him to protect him, but if it were a month ago, there would be. He questions why this is the case, then provides an answer: Reigns' days as Universal Champion are numbered. He says Jey Uso chose to walk out, then asks why Jimmy Uso will do next: side with Reigns or his twin brother. He asks what will happen with Solo Sikoa when Reigns realizes he can think for himself, then asks what will happen to Heyman. He asks Heyman if there will be life after Reigns, then says The Bloodline is on its way out of WWE. Zayn says he knows Heyman doesn't do predictions but rather spoilers, then tells him Reigns has eight days left as Universal Champion.


The two men stare one another down before Zayn tells Heyman to inform Reigns he doesn't need to worry about Rhodes because he will be the one to take Reigns down.

Back from the break, Hit Row makes their way to the ring. Sheamus and Drew McIntyre follow.

Sheamus and Drew McIntyre vs. Hit Row (w/ B-Fab)

McIntyre and Adonis begin the action. The bell rings and Adonis gets in McIntyre's face. McIntyre responds with a Glasgow Kiss and a Belly-to-Belly suplex, then sets up for the Claymore Kick. Top Dolla pulls Adonis out of the ring as Sheamus tags in. Sheamus delivers a shoulder tackle to Adonis on the outside, then gets him back inside. Adonis manages to deliver a dropkick, but Sheamus fires back with an Irish Curse Backbreaker. He sets up for the Ten Beats of the Bodhran, but Top Dolla pulls Adonis out of the way. Sheamus then delivers the Ten Beats to Top Dolla before delivering White Noise to Adonis. McIntyre levels Top Dolla with the Claymore Kick when he tries to save Adonis once again, and Sheamus delivers with the Brogue Kick for the win.


Winners: Sheamus and Drew McIntyre

After the match, a video from The Viking Raiders and Valhalla begins playing on the Titan Tron. They say that Sheamus and McIntyre will meet their destiny next week.

We head backstage to Jimmy Uso on the phone looking for Jey Uso. He tells his brother to call him back when he gets his message.

Back from the break, Lacey Evans heads down to the ring as Carmen Harress waits inside.

Lacey Evans vs. Carmen Harress

The bell rings and the two lock up. Evans sends Harress to the mat, then delivers a kick to her head and a series of clotheslines. Evans sends Harress' head repeatedly into the bottom turnbuckle, then shows off by doing some push-ups. She delivers the Woman's Right, then locks in the Cobra Clutch for the win.


Winner: Lacey Evans

After the match, Evans keeps the hold locked in until the referee forces her to relinquish it.

We head backstage to Jimmy Uso and Paul Heyman. Uso vents his frustrations with being unable to get ahold of Jey, then says he can't defend the "SmackDown" Tag Team Championship without a partner. Heyman asks Jimmy where he was when Sami Zayn confronted him earlier in the night, and Jimmy says he was trying to find Jey. He says no other Bloodline member is here tonight, then asks Heyman for his help. Heyman says he has to do this by himself, and Jimmy reassures Heyman (and himself) that Jey will be there. 

Back from the break, Sonya Deville is complaining to Adam Pearce about not being in the Women's Elimination Chamber Match. Chelsea Green walks in to complain about the "Raw" general manager, and an irritated Pearce says that if they want to prove themselves, then they will team up to take on Elimination Chamber participants Liv Morgan and Raquel Rodriguez.


Back at ringside, Ricochet and Braun Strowman head down, followed by Jimmy Uso. Jey is still nowhere to be found.

Samantha Irvin begins to introduce the participants in the match, but while she's doing so, Jey appears in the crowd and heads to the ring before hugging his brother.

The Usos (c) vs. Braun Strowman and Ricochet for the SmackDown Tag Team Championship

Jey and Ricochet begin the action. The bell rings and the two lock up. Jey delivers a shoulder tackle, then follows it up with a back elbow. Jimmy tags in and Ricochet hits a back elbow. Strowman tags in and delivers an ax handle, then whips Jimmy into the corner and tags Ricochet back in. Ricochet delivers a dropkick before Jimmy rolls out of the ring to regroup with his brother. He gets back in the ring where Ricochet is waiting with a standing moonsault and a series of elbows. Jey tags in and hits an assisted Samoan Drop, then superkicks him to the outside.


Back from the break, Ricochet fires off several right hands on Jey. Jey hits a shoulder tackle, then tags in Jimmy. Jimmy rains down right hands on Ricochet in the corner, but Ricochet fires back with a vicious right hand that knocks Jimmy to his knees. Ricochet delivers a springboard crossbody, then tags in Strowman. Jey tags in and Strowman lands a pair of shoulder tackles, then delivers a splash in the corner and follows it up with a right hand. He goes for a pin, but Jey kicks out.

Strowman charges at Jey, but Jey low bridges him to the outside. He goes flying and delivers a right hand, then hits a superkick and tosses him back in the ring. He ascends to the top and delivers a crossbody, then goes for a pin but Strowman kicks out. Ricochet tags in and delivers a crossbody off the second rope, then follows it up with a springboard moonsault and a standing shooting star press. He goes for a pin, but Jey kicks out. Jimmy tags in and delivers a step-up enziguri. Strowman makes the blind tag and delivers a running powerslam, then tags Ricochet back in. Ricochet delivers a Swanton Bomb off Strowman's shoulders, then goes for a pin. Jey pulls him to the outside to break up the fall.


Strowman looks to hit the Strowman Express on Jey, but Jey ducks it and sends him over the announce desk. Ricochet then goes flying and takes down Jey, then ascends to the top rope. Jimmy meets him there and sets up for a superplex. Jey makes the blind tag as Ricochet delivers a shooting star press. Jey then hits a crossbody off the top immediately after and pins Ricochet for the win.

Winners (and still): The Usos

Back from the break, we head backstage to The Usos. Jey tells Jimmy he will never leave him alone, and Jimmy says it's been hell since he's been gone. He asks him if he's in or out, and Jey says he doesn't know before walking off. Paul Heyman runs into Jimmy and asks if Jey said anything to him. Jimmy says he didn't and he just left.

Back at ringside, Natalya is waiting in the ring.

Natalya, Ronda Rousey and Shayna Baszler Meet Face To Face

Natalya says it feels great to be back on "SmackDown" and a participant in the Women's Elimination Chamber, then says there has been something weighing heavy on her. She says for the first time in fifteen years, she was injured by Shayna Baszler. She says since Baszler took something from her, she took something from her: her spot in the Chamber. She says Baszler will go back to Ronda Rousey's bags.


Baszler says she is tired of everyone dismissing her accomplishments, then says the truth is that she was fighting before Rousey and competing in rings before she did. She says she won titles before Rousey and says she doesn't need anyone telling her that she's living in Rousey's shadow.

Rousey's music hits and she marches down to the ring, marking her return to "SmackDown"! She stares down Baszler, then looks to attack Natalya. Baszler stops her, then clocks Natalya. Rousey joins in on the attack, but Shotzi runs down to the ring to help Natalya out. Baszler and Rousey get the better of her, and send her out of the ring. Rousey then holds Natalya in place and Baszler delivers a knee to her.

We head outside the arena and see Jey walking around. Sami Zayn approaches Jey and says he can't imagine that Reigns will let him forget that he walked out at "Royal Rumble". Zayn says they are on the verge of taking down Reigns, and all he wants to tell Jey is that he doesn't have to go down with the ship. He says he doesn't know if they'll be able to talk to him, and says he acknowledges him. Jey tells Zayn to leave before anyone catches them before the two men fist bump one another.


Back from the break, Megan Morant is standing by with LA Knight. Morant notes that this is Knight's first appearance since his Pitch Black Match with Bray Wyatt at "Royal Rumble". Knight says they are done talking about that and he is looking forward to the future.

Back at ringside, Sonya Deville and Chelsea Green head to the ring. Liv Morgan and Raquel Rodriguez follow.

Raquel Rodriguez and Liv Morgan vs. Sonya Deville and Chelsea Green

Morgan and Deville begin the action. The bell rings and the two lock up. Deville delivers a shoulder tackle, but Morgan fires back with a dropkick. She hits a pair of hip attacks and a step-up knee, then climbs to the middle rope and goes flying. Deville catches her with a knee, then tags in Green. Green sends Morgan into the bottom turnbuckle face first, then tags Deville back in. Morgan delivers a forearm and a kick, but Deville whips her to the mat.


Green holds Morgan in place as Deville charges at her. Morgan ducks out of the way and Deville accidentally hits Green. This gives Morgan the opportunity to tag in Rodriguez. Rodriguez delivers a Fallaway Slam and a Corkscrew Elbow before Deville tags in Green. Rodriguez drags Green into the ring, then hits the Texana Bomb. Morgan tags in and hits Oblivion before Rodriguez powerbombs Morgan onto Green for the win.

Winners: Liv Morgan and Raquel Rodriguez

Back from the break, Cole and Barrett throw it to a video of Michael Cole talking to Charlotte Flair earlier today.

Charlotte Flair Sits Down With Michael Cole

Cole runs down the history between Flair and Rhea Ripley ahead of their "WrestleMania 39" match. Flair says Ripley knew he had to beat her to get to the top during their first encounter, but she was too young and too green. She says she would hope that she's improved in the three years since then. Cole asks Flair if Ripley is on her level, and Flair says it will take more than three years to get on her level. She says she put her in her place three years ago, and will do so again at WrestleMania, but this time, it'll be for good.


Back at ringside, Karrion Kross and Scarlett head down, followed by Madcap Moss and Emma, Santos Escobar and Zelina Vega, and Rey Mysterio. We see Imperium watching the match from one of the Sky Boxes.

Rey Mysterio vs. Karrion Kross vs. Santos Escobar vs. Madcap Moss In A Fatal 4-Way Number One Contender's Match

The bell rings and Mysterio and Kross go straight after one another as Moss and Escobar begin brawling. Moss tries attacking Kross, but Kross sends him to the outside. Escobar wants to get his hands on Mysterio, but Kross keeps him from doing so and tosses him to the outside. He sits Mysterio on the top rope and meets him on the middle rope, but Mysterio pushes him off and delivers a senton. Kross delivers a boot, then whips Mysterio into the corner. Escobar launches Mysterio into Kross, and Mysterio turns it into hurricanrana. Moss gets Mysterio up on his shoulders, then delivers a Fallaway Slam (with Mysterio landing on Escobar). Moss sends Escobar and Kross into opposite corners, then goes back and forth beating him down. Escobar gets the better of him and sends the pair to the outside, then sets his sights on Mysterio.


Escobar delivers a big boot, but Mysterio fires back with a forearm and an enziguri. He then delivers a tijeras off the top before Escobar hits a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker. Mysterio sets Escobar up for the 619, but Escobar escapes. Mysterio takes Kross and Moss out on the outside with a crossbody off the top before Escobar goes flying and takes everyone out.

Back from the break, Kross sends Mysterio crashing into the mat. Moss levels Kross, but Kross catches him with a forearm. Moss lands a spinebuster, then looks to deliver a vertical suplex to Escobar. Escobar escapes and delivers an enziguri, then goes for a pin but Kross kicks out. Mysterio looks to attack Escobar, but Escobar sees him and beats him down. Mysterio manages to deliver a dropkick to Escobar, then delivers a DDT to Kross. Escobar hits Mysterio with the Phantom Driver, then goes for a pin but Moss breaks up the fall.


Escobar and Moss teeter on the top rope. Escobar delivers a hurricanrana, but Kross tosses him to the outside. Mysterio meets Kross in the ring and executes the 619. Scarlett trips Mysterio while Escobar begins brawling with Kross. Moss takes advantage and ascends to the top, then delivers an elbow drop for the win.

Winner: Madcap Moss

We head backstage to Paul Heyman and Jimmy Uso. Heyman says he just got off the phone with Roman Reigns, and Reigns has instructed him and his brother to stay home next week. He says sometimes you see things on television you just don't see live.