AEW Dynamite Results (2/15): Texas Tornado Tag Match, Wardlow Interview, Mark Briscoe In Action

This is Wrestling INC.'s results of "AEW Dynamite" for February 15, 2023!

Tonight will see Jon Moxley and Claudio Castangoli compete in the main event as the Blackpool Combat Club stars continue their rivalry against RUSH and Preston Vance, with the two teams competing against each other in a Texas Tornado tag team match, which could prove to be a violent one. 

"Hangman" Adam Page will also be in action tonight as he looks to continue building his momentum in a singles contest against Kip Sabian, and Ring Of Honor star Mark Briscoe will also be in action in what will be only his second-ever AEW appearance against Josh Woods. Jungle Boy is hoping to claim singles gold this year in AEW, and that journey is going to continue as he faces Brian Cage tonight. 

In the women's division, Britt Baker will be competing against Toni Storm and Ruby Soho in a triple threat match which is a rescheduled match from several weeks ago that had to be postponed due to an injury that Baker suffered. Storm and Baker have been at loggerheads recently as a rivalry is brewing between AEW originals and outsiders, with Soho currently caught in the middle.

There will also be an emotional eight-man tag team match as Jeff Jarrett competes alongside Jay Lethal, Satnam Singh, and Sonjay Dutt, to honor his late father who sadly passed away this week. They will be competing against The Acclaimed, Billy Gunn, and Orange Cassidy. 

Wardlow made his return last week to confront Samoa Joe, and this week he will be sitting down with Jim Ross, meanwhile, another star who has just returned will be being interviewed as Adam Cole speaks to Renee Paquette. Finally, MJF is contractually scheduled to appear, but it is unclear what his role will be on the show. 

Jeff Jarrett, Jay Lethal, Sonjay Dutt & Satnam Singh vs. The Acclaimed, Daddy Ass, & Orange Cassidy

Jay Lethal and Anthony Bowens start things out with The Acclaimed star almost catching his opponent with a couple of roll-up attempts as he then plants Lethal to the mat. Max Caster gets involved and the two hit great combination offense to get a near fall, but Lethal charges him to his corner and Jeff Jarrett comes in to get a few shots in at Caster only to be thrown around with several hip tosses and then a dropkick. 

Jarrett manages to throw Caster to the mat and Satnam Singh tags in, which leads to Orange Cassidy tagging himself in. Singh claims he is too small so he tags Sonjay Dutt who runs around him, but Cassidy backs out for Billy Gunn and Dutt does the same as Jarrett comes in. However, The Gunns are then shown at the top of the ramp which distracts their father, allowing Jarrett to hit a back elbow.

Lethal returns to the ring to connect with an elbow strike as he and Jarrett work together to isolate Daddy Ass. Singh comes back in and takes out everyone on the apron, and inside the ring, he drops The Acclaimed with a double clothesline as he catches the Orange Punch and throws him across the ring. However, that leads to him tagging in Dutt as Gunn hits a Famouser!

However, Jarrett comes in with the Golden Globe to hit Gunn, yet his partners make the save as they take Dutt down, but Lethal stops The Acclaimed hitting their finish. Gunn then tries to hit it but Jarrett stops it only for him to be hit with an Orange Punch. He then does the slow kicks to Dutt and climbs to the second turnbuckle, but Lethal tries to stop it. Cassidy sends him out and Bowens finally returns for Scissor Me Timbers. 

Winners: The Acclaimed, Daddy Ass, & Orange Cassidy

Jon Moxley & Claudio Castagnoli vs. RUSH & Preston Vance (Texas Tornado Tag Team Match)

RUSH and Preston Vance opt to jump the Blackpool Combat Club members as they make their entrance, brawling through the crowd and up the stairs, but Claudio Castagnoli and Jon Moxley brawl their way back to ringside as all four men continue fighting around the ring. RUSH manages to drive Moxley into the ring bell several times while Vance hits a suplex to the ROH World Champion. 

Moxley turns things around by setting RUSH into a Figure Four Leglock, but Vance breaks that up and the bell finally rings as he begins fighting Moxley inside the ring with several chops. RUSH and Vance then focus on Moxley, beating him down inside the ring until Castagnoli returns to make a difference, springboarding to attacking Vance while Moxley gets a couple of chairs.

They get set into the turnbuckles, and Vance then gets launched into it several times as Moxley then dives out of the ring to attack RUSH. He follows that by biting the face of Vance, but he fights back and Spears Moxley through the ropes as both men fall outside the ring onto their partners to wipe everyone out. Vance then holds a chair over the shoulder of Castagnoli which leads to RUSH smashing another chair into it as they bury him under a table. 

The two men then place their focus on Moxley, isolating him as he bleeds inside the ring. Moxley keeps fighting back, throwing Vance out of the ring as he goes back and forth with Rush, but he turns around and gets dropped with a chain from Vance who follows with punches using the weapon. Castagnol then comes back and he uses the chain this time, hitting some clubbing blows. Castagnoli hits one more punch and then begins spinning Vance but RUSH breaks up the pinfall attempt. 

They then trade blows as RUSH hits a leg lariat but gets dropped by a cutter from Moxley. He doesn't have long to celebrate though as Vance hits a huge spinning clothesline but Castagnoli kicks out. All four men then start brawling, but as Castagnoli looks for the Neutralizer, Jose The Assistant drops him with a chair shot which leads to Wheeler Yuta fighting him to the back. 

RUSH suplexes Castagnoli into the turnbuckles, but as he tries to charge into him Castagnoli hits RUSH with a spear! The fight continues outside as Castagnoli counters RUSH's dive with an uppercut, yet in the ring Moxley uses the chain to choke out his opponent, turning it into a hammer and anvil elbow as he then gets a submission win. 

Winners: Jon Moxley & Claudio Castagnoli

Backstage it is shown that Kip Sabian has attacked Page with the Dark Order appearing to level things up numbers-wise.

Josh Woods vs. Mark Briscoe

Jim Ross is shown sitting down with Wardlow, and he says that he shared some personal stories with Samoa Joe. From when he can remember, that man is still every ounce of athleticism and drive, and he says he only started having a father-son relationship when he was a little older, but unfortunately, he had stage four cancer. He was able to make it to his first indie show, and he promised his father he would make it, which was the last thing he ever said to him. 

Wardlow had never grown his beard or hair, but after seeing cancer take it from his father that is what he did. That is something that Samoa Joe knew, and he took that connection with his father away from him. Wardlow says that Joe has survived every company and every monster, but he will not survive him. 

Josh Woods vs. Mark Briscoe

The two men square off and Briscoe goes for a chop but Woods just avoids it as he then brings the ROH World Tag Team Champion down to the mat with his wrestling skills. Briscoe fires back with a shoulder tackle, but as he tries to dive outside the ring Tony Nese and Ari Daivari pull him out and attack him as Mark Sterling distracts the official. The Lucha Brothers hit the ring and fight them to the back, but Woods manages to hit a corkscrew suplex from the apron to the floor while his opponent is distracted.

Back inside the ring, Woods remains in control until the kung fu style of Briscoe changes things up, but yet again a distraction from Sterling changes this as Woods can hit a jawbreaker. Briscoe once again hits a few kung fu strikes and then a big boot which sends Woods to the floor. Briscoe then gets a chair and uses it as a launching pad to hit a cannonball on the outside to Woods. 

In the ring, Briscoe hits a powerbomb after lifting Woods from the top rope, but Woods avoids the J-Driller and he hits Pure Chaos, which Briscoe can kick out form. He follows it with a knee strike, but Briscoe then connects with an enziguri and the Death Valley Driver as he follows it with the Froggy Bow. 

Winner: Mark Briscoe

Let's Hear From MJF

Renee Paquette is then shown with Adam Cole and he says he has been great and couldn't be happier to be back on the road. He's a little discouraged as he can see the ring, but he has learned to celebrate mini-victories like his eye not twitching or not feeling like he needs to throw up. Cole says there are so many chapters to his story that he hasn't explored that, but soon he will be able to. He looks at the roster and thinks it has never been better, and he knows he needs to be prepared when he does return. He has a few ideas of who he wants to step into the ring with, it will be good for AEW, and it will be good for Adam Cole. 

MJF then heads to the ring, and he says it pisses him off that the fans love Bryan Danielson as they once loved him not so long ago as they were Devil worshippers. He turned his back on the fans before they had the chance to do it to him, but he is honest about who he is, he's the devil, and Danielson is a worthless sack of trash. But he's not here to talk about Danielson being a horrible human, as he hates him because he has fans convinced that he's better than him. 

He questions why the fans think Danielson is the best in the world, but he says we get into this business for only one reason, and that is to be World Champion and last time he checked that is how you know you're the best in the world, which Danielson has never done in AEW. He knows Danielson will put on a great performance at Revolution and he will put him through the hardest match of his life. But, after the clock strikes zero it is him who will be victorious, because he is the best wrestler in the world and Danielson doesn't have the balls to do what it takes. 

MJF says maybe people will listen to a man who Danielson has listened to his whole career, and he brings out Christopher Daniels. The "Fallen Angel" says that MJF paid him an obscene amount of money to trash Danielson, and there was a time he'd have taken it and buried Danielson for hours, but that's not the man he is. Daniels says the truth is that Danielson will knock MJF's d*** in the dirt. 

He talks about how Danielson helped create ROH, and he points out how without ROH there might not be an AEW and there wouldn't be an MJF. Daniels says MJF hates Danielson because he is what MJF wishes he could be as he's the best in the world while MJF is a fraud. However, the champion has heard enough and he smashes the microphone out of his hands which leads to Daniels slapping him in the face, but MJF hits a low blow in response before locking in the Salt Of The Earth until Danielson hits the ring to chase off MJF.

Jungle Boy vs. Brian Cage

"Jungle Boy" Jack Perry comes out of the gate hot with a dropkick, but Brian Cage instantly responds by charging him into the corner only to be caught again as Perry dropkicks him out of the ring. Perry then hits two dives to the outside, but he goes one too many and on the third jump outside the ring he gets caught by Cage who throws him back-first onto the ring apron. 

Cage suplexes Perry back into the ring from the apron and he then just throws Perry into the turnbuckles, turning him inside out. Cage blocks a roundhouse kick, chopping Perry down to the mat, and he then hits an overhead throw by the head to show his strength. Perry begins throwing a few punches in, but they're not enough to take the bigger man down who drops him once again with a big boot. 

However, as Cage looks to hit the ropes he is taken down with a dropkick, but he then gets caught attempting a crossbody as Cage drops him onto his knee before lifting Perry up into the air to slam him back down to the ring, which gets a near fall. Perry is then thrown into the turnbuckles as he gets slammed back down to the mat, but the smaller wrestler can kick out once more. 

Cage looks to suplex him out of the ring but Perry kicks his knee which hangs him up on the top rope and Perry stomps down and follows with a diving splash, and this time it is Cage kicking out at the last second. Perry hits a Death Valley Driver but that fires up Cage only for Perry to respond with a crucifix bomb and an elbow to the back of the head as the roll-up after proves effective. 

Winner: Jack Perry

However, as he heads up the ramp Christian Cage appears and Perry charges at him which leads to the veteran spraying him in the eyes with something. Cage then shows that his arm is perfectly fine and that leads to the Killswitch on the ramp. 

Renee Paquette reveals that The Gunns will defend their titles at Revolution and the next two weeks will see battle royales take place to determine the opponents. The Acclaimed show up and say it will not be a three-way, it will be a four-way as they're invoking their rematch as it doesn't matter how many teams there are as they'll knock them down. 

Adam Page vs. Kip Sabian

Top Flight and AR Fox confront The Elite and suggest running things back, but Don Callis tells them they're at the back of the line. Darius Martin questions if they have any balls, and that leads to Kenny Omega accepting the challenge. 

"Hangman" Adam Page vs. Kip Sabian

Page attacks his opponent immediately, but Sabian responds well with a stunner and then a cannonball in the corner to gain an early advantage. However, his decision to mock Page leads to him being nailed with a big boot to the face as Page then hits several chops and a fallaway slam. Sabian escapes to the outside, but a distraction from Penelope Ford allows Sabian to slide out and kick Page in the face. 

The Englishman then springboards off the top rope backward to wipe out Page again on the floor, and when they get back into the ring Ford can choke Page while the official is distracted so Sabian remains in control, who then hits a stomp. However, as he goes for one from the top rope Page avoids it and clotheslines him out of the ring, and begins to launch Sabian into the barricade. 

Back inside the ring Page hits a powerbomb, but it isn't enough to get the win. He follows that with a lariat and then Deadeye for the win.

Winner: Adam Page

After the match, Jon Moxley, Wheeler Yuta, and Claudio Castagnoli hit the ring, and Moxley says they don't have unfinished business as a few weeks ago Page got pinned. He has gained respect for him, but he has zero fear as he has got Page's number and he says there is no chance in hell he will ever beat him again, so he should let it go. Page says he doesn't think things end with a roll-up, he thinks it ends when only one is left standing, and he thinks it ends at Revolution. 

Moxley says he was hoping that Page would want to go down this dark alley, and he hoped Page would have no friends to talk him out of it, and that leads to The Dark Order appearing. Evil Uno says they've had his back through and through, he says Page requested that he didn't do this, so Uno tells him they're not afraid of Moxley, and he shoves him in the face. Moxley tells Page – Revolution, Texas Death, as he looks past Evil Uno. 

The Jericho Appreciation Society are then shown backstage as Jericho says there will not be another match with Ricky Starks as he is beneath his level, as Daniel Garcia says he will prove that he is a fraud this Friday. 

It is then revealed that HOOK is suspended pending an investigation for attacking Stokely Hathaway.

Britt Baker vs. Toni Storm vs. Ruby Soho

Before the match starts Saraya and Toni Storm drag a fan with a Britt Baker sign over the barricade as they look to spray her until Ruby Soho's music hits. When the match begins Britt Baker immediately goes after Storm and she ends up being pushed into a punch from Soho. Storm then holds Baker wanting Soho to attack but she instead goes for a roll-up against her and it is clear that it's every woman for themselves. 

Baker gets thrown out of the ring while Soho drops Storm with a shoulder attack, and as Soho avoids the next move Storm hits the hip attack to Baker and then gets suplexed by Soho. She stands in the ring with Baker and Storm on one side and she doesn't decide as Baker returns and hits her with a forearm to send Soho out of the ring with Storm getting back in the ring to boot the former champion in the face. 

Soho comes back in to hit an enziguri to Storm as she then slams Baker into the turnbuckles, but Storm comes back with several kicks to her which Sohho demands more of. Storm begins chopping her in the corner and she throws her toward Baker who slams her into the turnbuckle and then hits a switchblade to Storm. Saraya then grabs the boot of Baker which allows Storm to hit a suplex and she looks for a hip attack but Soho trips her down until to be hit with a double under hook from Baker as Storm breaks up the pinfall attempt. 

Baker and Storm then go back and forth with forearm strikes, but it is the dentist who comes out on top with an elbow and then a neck breaker which almost gets her the win. Soho then trips Baker down to the mat, but as she leaps from the top turnbuckle she is met with a punch to the face from Storm who then sits into a Texas Cloverleaf as Baker then comes in to hit the Lockjaw. 

Saraya hits the ring and attacks, Baker, while Storm takes out Jamie Hayter outside the ring. Saraya then spray paints Storm's backside as she hits the hip attack to Baker's face, but she is launched out of the ring into Saraya and Soho steals the victory. 

Winner; Ruby Soho

Hayter and Saraya then both shout at Soho as they try to pull her to their side as the show draws to a close.