WWE Elimination Chamber Results (2/18): Sami Zayn Challenges Roman Reigns, Two Chamber Matches, More

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Tonight's show will be headlined by Sami Zayn as he challenges the "Tribal Chief," Roman Reigns for the Undisputed WWE Universal Championship. After opting to go against his former leader at the Royal Rumble, Zayn has shed himself of the "Honorary Uce" nickname as he looks to take the titles away from The Bloodline member. Zayn has had the WWE Universe behind him as of late, and he has vowed to be the one who dethrones Reigns, with Cody Rhodes waiting in the wings for whoever comes out on top.

Elsewhere, there will be two matches taking place inside the iconic Elimination Chamber structure. Firstly, Austin Theory will be defending his United States Championship against Seth Rollins, Bronson Reed, Johnny Gargano, Montez Ford, and Damian Priest. Meanwhile, the other match has WrestleMania implications as the winner will earn a shot at the "WWE Raw" Women's Championship at WrestleMania 39. Either Asuka, Liv Morgan, Natalya, Raquel Rodriguez, Nikki Cross, or Carmella will earn a match against Bianca Belair at the end of this. 


Edge and Beth Phoenix will also be teaming up on this show as they compete against The Judgment Day's Rhea Ripley and Finn Balor. The Hall Of Fame couple have been trying to take down the group that Edge created throughout the majority of the past year, and they are now out for revenge due to how they were treated at Extreme Rules when Ripley hit a con-chair-to on Phoenix.

Finally, there will be a colossal singles match as Brock Lesnar competes against Bobby Lashley as the "Beast Incarnate" attempts to gain revenge for being eliminated in the men's Royal Rumble match by Lashley, with the two men currently boasting one victory over the other in previous singles encounters. 

Women's Elimination Chamber Match

Natalya and Liv Morgan kick things off going back and forth to start until Morgan launches her opponent face-first into the steel structure, bouncing her off the ropes to add more speed as she then kisses her to add to it. Morgan then pushes Natalya's head through the steel, but Natalya responds by sending Morgan into one of the pods repeatedly. Natalya then bounces Morgan's legs off the top rope as she throws her into the steel. 


Raquel Rodriguez enters. 

Rodriguez instantly throws forearm strikes to Natalya, taking her down with a shoulder tackle and then a big clothesline. She then throws both women into the corner and splashes into them before throwing them across the ring one after the other. Rodriguez crushes Natalya into the steel several times and then lifts Natalya on her back as she catches Morgan in mid-air as well. Despite the show of power, Natalya rolls down and hits a sunset flip which sends Rodriguez into the steel. Morgan then goes for Code Red but gets caught by Rodriguez who holds her for Natalya to deliver a neck breaker, and the Canadian then attacks Rodriguez straight after. 

Nikki Cross enters

Cross wastes no time charging into all three of the women until Rodriguez throws her into the turnbuckles, but as she charges back at her Cross avoids it and Rodriguez crashes into the post. She then sends both Morgan and Natalya to the outside and flips Morgan head-first into the pod. Cross then scales the structure and gets on top of a pod, hitting a crossbody to wipe everyone out below. 


Carmella enters

Carmella instantly tries to pin a couple of the women, but it doesn't work. She then goes and trash-talks Asuka in her pod, but Cross appears and chases her as Carmella gets back into her pod. Rodriguez then gets Cross and drives her through the pod! Carmella gets out just in time and opts to go hid in a different pod, meanwhile, Cross is pinned.

Raquel Rodriguez eliminates Nikki Cross

Rodriguez then gets hit with a Codebreaker from the second rope, and Morgan then starts climbing the structure while Rodriguez drives Natalya into the turnbuckle. Rodriguez fights Natalya in the corner, but as she bends Morgan dives from the top of the pod to hit a sunset flip on her! Carmella looks to pin Rodriguez, but she kicks out, and Asuka then comes in and chases her and slams Carmella repeatedly into the pod and steel. 

Asuka enters

Asuka unloads on her kicks and strikes, but Carmella then avoids one and Asuka kicks the pod itself, but she still recovers to hit a sliding kick to 'Mella's face. Rodriguez takes Asuka down with a shoulder tackle though, only for the "Empress Of Tomorrow" to lock in the Octopus Stretch, but she powers out only to be kicked in the head as Asuka turns around to a missile dropkick from Morgan. 


Morgan hits a Codebreaker to Natalya, but as she aims for Oblivion Carmella hits a superkick and that leads to Natalya locking in the Sharpshooter, while she fights against it Asuka then locks in a submission of her own and she fades out. 

Natalya/Asuka eliminates Liv Morgan

Natalya then places her focus on Asuka, but as she is distracted Carmella nails a Superkick to Nattie and the field is down to three.

Carmella eliminates Natalya

Rodriguez is then targetted by both women as they nail her with a flurry of strikes and then they work together to pin her. 

Asuka/Carmella eliminates Raquel Rodriguez

Asuka is immediately hit with a Superkick, but Asuka kicks out in time. They then go back and forth on several pinning combinations, but Asuka manages to transition into the Asuka Lock!

Asuka eliminates Carmella 

Winner: Asuka (she will face Bianca Belair at WrestleMania 39 for the "WWE Raw" Women's Championship)

Brock Lesnar vs. Bobby Lashley

Brock Lesnar immediately drives Bobby Lashley into the corner of the ring, hitting him with several shoulder attacks before suplexing him across the ring and doing the same thing in the other corner. "The Beast" then clotheslines Lashley over the top rope, getting a little Royal Rumble payback as the fight continues outside the ring, but as they get back inside Lashley hits a Spear straight away, only for Lesnar to kick out of the following pinfall. 


Lashley follows it up with another Spear, but this time he doesn't go for the cover, instead, he tries to set in the Hurt Lock, but Lesnar gets out and immediately delivers an F5, and this time it is Lashley who has to kick out. Lesnar follows it with another F5, but Lashley kicks out again. Lesnar picks Lashlwy up for a third but instead, Lashley gets out and nails a third Spear, and this time he gets the Hurt Lock submission set in as Lesnar begins to fade. Lesnar is unable to get out of the move and so he hits a low blow, ending the match. 

Winner (via DQ): Bobby Lashley 

Lesnar then brings the referee to him and he F5's him, and Lesnar then delivers one to Lashley as well. He then kicks Lashley out of the ring and F5's him through the table to leave him laying! Lesnar then pulls the official out and F5's him onto the broken table!


WWE then airs the first 'WrestleMania goes Hollywood' trailer! Seth Rollins portrays the scene from "The Joker" as he dances on the steps to his own theme music, while he is grabbed by Becky Lynch who is playing a version of Batman. 

Edge & Beth Phoenix vs. Finn Balor & Rhea Ripley

Finn Balor drops Edge at the start as he then mocks Beth Phoenix, but that leads to Edge responding with fire, attacking Balor in the corner repeatedly as Phoenix then tags in and charges into Balor. She then sets up a table in the corner as Edge runs and dives off her back into him, channeling their inner-Hardy Boyz. Rhea Ripley then enters and the women lock up as Ripley then runs into a clothesline but it doesn't phase Ripley, and her responding clothesline also makes no impact. 


The two women then hit repeated clotheslines but neither budges as they then throw a few more punches toward each other. The women then engage in a test of strength and both women then end up teasing their finishers but don't connect until Phoenix drops Ripley with a clothesline. She is then goaded by Dominik Mysterio and Ripley aims for a cheap attack but it doesn't work and Phoenix launches her into the steel stairs. 

Back inside the ring, Balor tries to distract her but he gets attacked by Phoenix, but Balor then causes a commotion, and that allows Dominik to pull Phoenix from the top turnbuckle which sees her drop. While Edge chases him to the back, Ripley sets her opponent into the tree of woe as she then stomps away on her. The women continue to brawl as Phoenix knocks Balor off the apron, she then DDT's Ripley, but Balor crawls underneath the ring and takes Edge out to stop a tag from happening, and Ripley then hits a splash in the corner. 


Ripley then climbs to the second turnbuckle and pulls Phoenix up with her, but she fights her way back down and hits a series of chops at Ripley. She scales up and connects with a huge superplex, but once again Balor tries to deny the tag but Phoenix kicks Ripley into him and brings her husband back in. Edge charges in with some shoulder blocks, and he then ends up locking in the Edge-U-Cator, and Phoenix Spears Ripley when she tries to stop it. That leads to her locking in the submission as well as they seem to have things won. 

However, Dominik gets involved and he hands some brass knuckles across and Ripley nails Edge with them, but as Balor attempts to beat him, Edge manages to kick out! However, as Balor climbs to the top turnbuckle Phoenix throws Dominik onto the ropes to knock him off, only for Ripley to slam her onto the barricade. As the men brawl on the turnbuckles, the ladies get in and powerbomb their respective opponents before hitting a double clothesline as everyone goes down. 

Ripley then looks for the Con-Chair-To as Phoenix is trapped with her head on the steel stairs but she escapes and nails the Glam Slam while Edge takes out Balor in the ring and then dives out to Dominik. But as he returns to hit a Spear, Balor has it scouting and reverses. He then looks for the shotgun dropkick, but this time Edge nails the Spear! He then throws Balor up into the air and he crashes back down courtesy of Phoenix as they hit the Shatter Machine, with a nod to FTR. 


Winners: Edge & Beth Phoenix 

United States Championship Elimination Chamber Match

Johnny Gargano and Seth Rollins kick things off as they go back and forth with a lot of reversals and pinfalls early on. Gargano looks to dive through the ropes but Rollins grabs him and aims for a draped Pedigree until Gargano fights out, knocks Rollins over the top rope, and dives out with a Spear. 


Austin Theory enters. 

The champion walks out and hits Gargano with a big boot before throwing Rollins into the steel as Gargano then gets his mouth pushed into the steel links as the attack returns to Rollins. Theory sends him into the turnbuckle and drops him across his knee as he bounces back but he takes too long mocking him and he then gets ping-ponged between the two babyfaces as they punch him in the face. Theory then talks to Gargano and tries to get him to attack Rollins with him but he decides to attack Theory instead as he then runs and locks himself in his pod. However, there are two doors and Rollins opens the other as he gets in and drives him repeatedly into the pod. The two then get into the pod themselves and attack him. 


Damian Priest enters

Priest comes in and hits Gargano with a big boot as he hits a rolling elbow to Rollins as he then splashes into them both several times. Rollins hits a boot himself but Priest gets out of it and drives Rollins face-first to the mat as Gargano eats an elevated flat liner. Theory tries to get Priest to help him but he kicks the champion in his face as he then runs and flips over the top rope to land directly on Theory. A series of kicks then get hit by everyone involved, but it Priest who stands the tallest. Rollins comes in and hits his superplex/falcon arrow combination to Priest, but he kicks out of the pinfall attempt. 

Bronson Reed enters

Reed runs over the champion and then hits clotheslines to Rollins and Gargano as he then throws Gargano down onto Rollins as a weapon. He then gets both men up onto his shoulders as he drops down with a Falloway Slam, but it doesn't eliminate either. Reed then catches Priest and suplexes him back to the steel before running and splashing Priest onto the pod structure as he then dives from the top turnbuckle with a shoulder tackle to Theory who gets launched into the door as well. 

Montez Ford enters

Ford immediately slaps Reed and then hits an enziguri, lighting up the champion as he then hits a spinebuter. Ford then looks to channel his inner-Rock with a People's Elbow, but Reed charges in and clotheslines him to stop it. Reed then lifts up Gargano as Rollins clotheslines him off, but he hangs on and hits a poisonrana to Reed at the same time. Priest then lifts up Ford but he grabs the steel and climbs up instead, and he scales to the roof of the structure before splashing down on everyone below. Inside the ring, Reed gets hit with a trio of superkicks, and then Gargano, Rollins, and finally Ford all hit their finishers to get rid of him, with the Frog Splash doing the trick. 


Montez Ford eliminates Bronson Reed

Rollins and Gargano then end up climbing to the top of a pod as they begin to brawl with Gargano getting driven into the side of the structure. He then picks up Gargano and looks to powerbomb him off, but instead, he reverses and Rollins gets launched from the pod with a hurricanrana as they crash into everyone. Gargano uses the chamber for a tornado DDT to Priest and he hits a superkick as Ford tries to dive across to him. Gargano then hits One Final Beat outside the ring to Theory, but Priest then grabs him and hits the Razor's Edge. 

Damien Priest eliminates Johnny Gargano 

Rollins then lifts up Priest and that allows Ford to dive in and hit a blockbuster to eliminate him. 

Montez Ford eliminates Damian Priest

Rollins and Ford then go back and forth as Ford wins out and he then dives out of the ring on either side to take out both of his opponents. Theory then gets sent into Rollins and he nails both men, and he then pulls out a Rock Bottom to Miz. He looks for a Frog Slash but Theory reverses and that sets up a Stomp onto the outside section, which Theory capitalizes on. 

Montez Ford is eliminated by Austin Theory

WWE's medical team is then brought into the ring to help get Ford out, meanwhile, Rollins goes for a Stomp but misses. Despite that, he does hit a Pedigree, however, Logan Paul then arrives and nails a Buckshot Lariat, and before leaving he its a Stomp! He then slams the door shut and hangs onto the cage as Theory hits A-Town Down. 


Winner (and still United States Champion): Austin Theory

Roman Reigns (c) vs. Sami Zayn (Undisputed WWE Universal Championship Match)

Sami Zayn and Roman Reigns stare each other down after the bell while the rabid audience goes wild for the challenger to kick things off. The two men finally lock up and Reigns drops Zayn with a shoulder tackle straight away. The second lock-up sees Zayn get the best of the situation, but that doesn't last long as he gets dropped by an elbow from the champion. However, Zayn quickly turns things around by sending Reigns out of the ring as he dives over the ropes onto the "Tribal Chief," which is met with a big response. 


Back inside the ring, Zayn hammers down a series of punches before dropping down with an elbow drop from the top turnbuckle which gets a one-fall. However, Reigns then takes Zayn out of the ring and showcases his dominance again with a Drive By, but Zayn begins to fight back in the ring only to be dropped immediately with a big right hand. Reigns then talks trash to Zayn's wife at ringside as then hammers in clothesline strikes in the corner before dumping him to the floor to his family. 

Reigns talk more trash to Zayn's wife and family as he drops him with a headbutt. Reigns then throw Zayn into the ropes, but he springboards back from the bottom rope with a leapfrog and he then flattens the champion with a clothesline and begins throwing hands toward Reigns once again to build momentum, hitting another big clothesline as he then sends Reigns out of the ring. He then attacks Reigns in front of his family but the champion responds and they head to the top turnbuckle, but Zayn fights back and hits a sunset flip powerbomb which gets him a near fall. 


Reigns immediately hits several elbow strikes to regain control, following up with an urinagi, and this time it is Zayn who has to kick out at the last minute. Reigns looks for the attack in the corner but gets reversed as Zayn explodes him into the turnbuckles, but as he goes for the Helluva Kick, the champion reverses with a Superman Punch and almost gets the win. Reigns then looks for a Spear but Zayn leaps over him and as Reigns smashes into the turnbuckles he almost gets caught with a roll-up. 

While he kicks out Zayn then suplexes him into the turnbuckles and he then mocks Reigns and hits a Superman Punch of his own, following it up with the Helluva Kick which almost gets the win, but Reigns kicks out! Reigns rolls out from the ring to take a breather, and that leads to Zayn trying to dive through the turnbuckles but he gets caught with a punch to the face from the "Head of the Table."

Reigns then charges around the ring and looks for a Spear, but Zayn avoids it and Reigns crashes through the barricade. In the ring, Reigns misses with a Superman Punch as Zayn hits the Blue Thunder Bomb, but yet again Reigns kicks out! Reigns then drives Zayn back, but they crash into the official. While he is down Zayn hits another Helluva Kick and he has the title won, but there is nobody to count it! 


Jimmy Uso then appears and nails Zayn with a series of Superkicks as he follows it with the Splash. Jimmy covers him as a new official appears, but Zayn kicks out! Zayn keeps trying to fight, but he is met with a headbutt as Reigns trash-talks him. He then goes for a Superman Punch but Zayn avoids it and Roman nearly hits the new official but he doesn't! Zayn sends him out of the ring and knocks off Jimmy Uso with a Helluva Kick, but he turns around into a Spear. However, he kicks out again!

Reigns then gets slapped and the champion goes for a Superman Punch, but this time he hits the official! He goes down and Zayn hits the champion with a Superman Punch as Reigns fires back with one of his own and both men are down with no referee. Paul Heyman then pulls out a chair for the Tribal Chief, but Jey Uso then appears in the ring and Reigns hands him the chair. Jey teases hitting Reigns with the chair just as Sami did at the Rumble, but he doesn't and Reigns takes the chair from him and pushes Jey in the face. Zayn goes for a Spear but Reigns moves and he accidentally hits Jey! After that Reigns uses the weapon repeatedly to beat down Zayn and he then nails the Spear, and this time he can't kick out. 


Winner (and still Undisputed WWE Universal Champion): Roman Reigns 

After the match, Jimmy Uso begins attacking Zayn until Kevin Owens makes his return! KO begins brawling with Jimmy and he then hits the ring to take down Reigns as well, nailing him with a Stunner, and Jimmy then eats one as well! Owens continues the attack with a Pop-Up Powerbomb that sends Jimmy through the announce table. He grabs a chair but Heyman begins punching him in the back so he eats a Stunner as well. Owens then steps aside and that allows Zayn to hit Reigns with one more Helluva Kick.