Sonya Deville Announces Her Engagement

Congratulations are in order to WWE star Sonya Deville. As first reported by People, Deville proposed to her girlfriend Toni Cassano on February 15 in New Jersey. Their special night at a wine cellar cave turned out to be even more eventful as Cassano had a ring of her own and had been waiting for Deville to pop the question first.


Cassano said, "It truly was the biggest blur ever. All I remember is both of us shaking so bad." Deville elaborated, "I could go on for days about the way I feel about this woman, I never knew love could feel so happy and safe all at the same time. I found my best friend, my soul mate and my life partner all in one incredible human. She is the epitome of my ride or die. To be able to show her and her two daughters how much they all mean to me was what this proposal was all about. They are my world and now we are one family forever together."

Deville revealed that she spent months designing the ring and made sure that Cassnano's daughters were included in the proposal but also surprised at the same time. The happy couple met last April and had a unique first date. Deville reserved Cassano a front row seat at a WWE event and saw her in person for the first time while making her entrance. They missed their dinner reservations and ended up chatting in a dive bar until the next morning. Deville concluded it was love at first sight.


The 29-year-old "SmackDown" star publicly came out in 2015 while trying out for "WWE Tough Enough." As of late, Deville was involved in a brief feud with "SmackDown" Women's Champion Charlotte Flair.