Mick Foley Says There Is Nothing Vince McMahon Wouldn't Do To Get A Pop

Vince McMahon has never shied away from creating shocking moments in WWE and, for better or worse, many of them have involved the other members of his immediate family. From affairs to forced marriages to outright humiliation, nothing has been off limits for McMahon and his family in WWE storylines. 

Mick Foley was a witness to a lot of this outrageousness and, on the latest episode of "Foley Is Pod," relayed one particular story that required him to insult Stephanie McMahon, Vince's daughter, for a segment. As Foley remembers it, he had some ideas on how things were going to go, but the patriarch of the McMahon family had his own designs on what Foley should say and a specific reason for why. 

"During one of those times, fireworks are going off, I'm writing down a couple of words on my hand," Foley recalled, "and Vince comes up to me and goes 'Hey Mick, don't forget when you're out there to call Stephanie a bottom-feeding trashbag hoe bucket sleaze.' He sees the look in my eyes," he continued, "and he goes 'Yes?' I said 'Vince, that's your daughter.' He looks at me, chuckles, and goes 'Ya know, Mick, there's nothing I wouldn't do to get a pop.'"

The WWE Hall of Famer even discussed the WrestleMania 2000 feud between Stephanie and her mother Linda, where each McMahon family member was in the corner of a different wrestler in the main event. Foley mentioned that Stephanie slapped her mom during the show and directly after the cameras were off, the two sat there "sobbing and holding each other." Foley described the experience as a "crazy element" because of their ability to say such horrible things about each other on during the pay-per-view and then cry with each other afterward.