Freddie Prinze Jr. Names Reigns Vs. Lesnar, Usos Vs. New Day As Great Modern Rivalries

As part of the promotion of the return of "WWE Rivals" on A&E, WESH-TV in Orlando, Florida posted an interview with actor and former WWE writer turned "Rivals" host Freddie Prinze Jr. For those who haven't seen it, "Rivals" is a roundtable look at a different classic WWE feud each week. Given that context, one of WESH producer Belal Jaber's questions for Prinze was one of the obvious ones: What modern feuds are at the level where they'd be fit to be featured on the show that he hosts?

"Roman [Reigns] and Brock [Lesnar] from the new generation is there," Prinze replies. "I will say this. Now, more than ever, both brands, all wrestling brands, are trying to lean into their knowledgeable audience members much, much more. They're showing you things that you haven't seen for a long time, but you've seen it. And they got away from that for a while. WWE, for whatever reason, would deny a lot of its history or not even acknowledge it. And lately, they've been bringing a lot of that back in."

Prinze used the similarities between Reigns being turned on by Sami Zayn and Reigns being turned on by Seth Rollins as an example before pivoting back to the topic at hand.

"As far as the newest ones, outside of New Day and The Usos, and Brock and Roman, which was told much more effectively, I think they're trying to, but they're not there yet."

"WWE Rivals" airs at 10 PM ET/PT on A&E. This Sunday's episode, airing opposite AEW's Revolution pay-per-view, focuses on The Rock's feud with John Cena that ran from 2011 to 2013.